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13 days ago

Super casual walk, no incline. A lot of people around paddle boarding and fishing.

This was a nice, easy, and beautiful paved trail. It’s less of a hike and more of a leisure walk for the whole family to take in the sights and enjoy. Plenty of benches and picnic tables, so be sure to pack a lunch!

Did a herb walk at peak flower season.
Most excellent.

so great for family day, beautifully floral time.
dogs love it...kids love it.

26 days ago

I loved this hike. Nice, easy hike. Felt like much less than the 2.8 miles. My son kept telling me that it's not a hike, it's a walk. Beautiful scenery ... mountains, lake, flowers, trees, birds. And fresh pine scent.

This is very similar to Bloomington Lake, but the road is paved all the way up to the lake. The drive is gorgeous. There were many, including us, taking our kayaks into the water, and many fishermen. It was very quiet and serene. The air is so fresh and crisp with smells of foliage. The Cliffs next to the mountain lake is gorgeous. We went in July and the wildflowers are all in bloom of a rainbow of colors, all around the lake. On one end we found a large, gorgeous beaver dam with a beaver residing in it and coming out late in the day. There was a young male moose near there at the edge of the water. Many people were swimming, the water is very full of plant life and fish and bugs on the water, we did not desire to swim, but wade and kayak and take a quiet break just looking. On the opposite end is a thick wooded forest with tall evergreens perfect for hiding from the heat of the day and putting up hammocks to take a nap and read. Beyond there is a beautiful campground. It is worth going and enjoying for all ages. There is a path around the lake. On one side it is well worn and cleared that a stroller or wheelchair can even make it around to the forested end. This is a a gorgeous hidden away spot we fell in love with.

1 month ago

A very well maintained paved walking path around the lake. The best time to be up there is in the fall. The colors are incredible. We were there on a weekday and had the lake to ourselves. The path is pretty much flat and can be done with a stroller or wheelchair.

1 month ago

The trail was excellent for young children. Incredible drive and beautiful views! Highly recommend.

Attempted this today, most was gated off and cows on the other side. Not a single other human was in sight! We didn’t get to do much because the no trespassing and gated areas. Also on here says dogs ok on leash, but there was many no dogs signs posted. All the birds and fowl was amazing! We loved it! We hope to go back on a cooler day. Was nice and flat so my kids LOVED it and loved the huge variety of fowl.

2 months ago

beautiful. we camped at one the campsites nearby and strolled the lake during the evening. it was a lovely weekend. bugs weren't too bad, thankfully, and it was nice to get away from the hubbub of the city... will definitely consider going back!!

We didn't enjoy this at all. It wasnt hard in fact it was really easy. You can't see the lake the whole time due to trees which is ok except you are rarely in the shade. It is a good beginner walk for young kids.

nature trips
2 months ago

Great family friendly trail! Our 5yo loves it. I would rate it at moderate on some parts as clamoring over roxks is required.

You CANNOT do this loop from April to September. It is the opposite of what the descriptions says. It is a waterfowl area and it is nesting season during this time. They don't want you back in there. Also, this is a full-on dirt road, not a trail just f.y.i.

The trail was fine... nothing super special but I enjoyed the mountains views.

this hike was absolutely beautiful around the lake. Although the snow is still heavy there was a lot of places where it was a little difficult to Traverse, mostly because I didn't have the right shoes on but still very doable. It was a gorgeous day and definitely worth the trip!

We have a cabin close to smith and Moore house we love it there. Not too crowded. We go in the mornings and fish. Multiple times our boys have caught around 10 fish in a little over an hour. There is a trail nearby that is fun for the kids with a beaver dam on the way. A lot of childhood memories have been made here!

So beautiful! Super easy it does get busy in the summer.

2 months ago

Couldn’t find where the 2nd loop was.

on Mantua Reservoir Trail

2 months ago

Nice scenery. Absolutely zero shade. I was expecting a lot of bugs but only came across butterflies. It’s a nice walk and my dog enjoyed it but I found it to be slightly boring. Going on a weekday there was hardly anyone there.

Trail was tough but rewarding and challenging

2 months ago

The lake is still frozen and surrounded by a couple feet of snow. Good if you want to relive winter in May! The views on the drive up are beautiful!

beautiful but easy and short.
A great place for picnics and just relaxing days by the lake. Not exactly a hiker's trail.

My husband and completed this hike on May 13, 2018. We live in Clinton, so we were actually able to bike there, chain our bikes, hike, then ride back.

The area itself was very interesting. We saw lots of wildlife.... frogs, a snake, and flocks of geese, cranes, and pelicans. The views were great as well... beautiful views of mountains on practically all sides.

The major drawback was the bugs. We were expecting them, and drenched ourselves in deet accordingly. It worked to some extent.... neither of us got bit. However, the bugs were still everywhere, congregating in swarms we could both see and hear. I sometimes had to put my jacket over my mouth and nose so that I wouldn't inhale them. Definitely made for a bit of stress!

This is a great path for families. I took my 3 kids (4,2,10 months) and I was able to push a stroller. There is no incline so it is extremely easy.

3 months ago

My fiancé and I walked the entire trail. The only problem is the gnats! There were section in the trail that you couldn’t walk through without hearing the buzzing sound or having them all over you. It’s a beautiful walk but beware the gnats. Spring time is probably not the best time to go.

3 months ago

pretty walk. Not really a hike. We took our 7 kids. I wouldn’t recommend for children prone to get close to water edge and fall in. We used a child leash to keep a toddler close but I still felt pretty stressed out a few times. The views were pretty but the bugs as you can imagine were awful. Big mosquitoes and quick to fill your car the moment you open the door. We had a good laugh trying to get kids in and out. Overall it was a great time and we plan to go back. With better bug repellent. Lol

Great place to really get away from it all. I had the fortune to travel here with a 4x4 crew and spent to weekend taking pics and having an awesome time. Views are incredible.

trail running
5 months ago

I really love to run around this reservoir. You can add on a little bit up the knoll to see the whole lake

paddle sports
6 months ago

Have rafted Westwater twice. Can be done in one long day or overnight. I've done both.

Easy to river to run, Rafts are available to rent nearby. Great for Families

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