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I parked my car at the gravel parking lot near US-89. I walked about a mile down the sandy road and came across a Hyundai with all wheel drive that was stuck in the sand. I helped push them along with another guy and they were able to drive back up the road for maybe 0.2 miles. They got stuck in the sand again. The other guy helping was a local. He went home and got his pickup truck. He tried using a tow strap to pull the Hyundai. No luck. I walked back up to the parking lot. After eating some snacks and drinking some water I walked back down to where the stuck Hyundai was. The Hyundai and pickup truck were gone. I guess they made it out okay.

The trail was very narrow and it was definitely not meant for anything other than ATVs. We made it down in a Jeep Grand Cherokee but we came back with pin stripes down both sides. Pretty cool view at the end.!

1 month ago

A short but remarkable slot canyon. Beware, the 4 mile drive in is some of the deepest sand I have ever encountered. My FJ got us in and out without airing down but we passed 2 rental jeeps buried to the axles.

Worth the long and lonely hike. The view at the end is breath taking. Make sure you hike to the very end, usually you can see big horn sheep crawling through the rocks.

Difficult to navigate. Have to cross through private property and met a few dogs that weren’t happy to see me.

We took the Rover and side by sides to the opening of the trail. Really pretty walk, mostly flat so any fitness level could enjoy it. Just take a look at the photos from this trail, such an incredible natural beauty.

DO NOT WALK THIS TRAIL! We tried to walk from the parking lot, 2.5 miles in we were so tired that we had to turn back and walk 2.5 miles mostly uphill in deep sand. If you want to do this trail, be smart and rent some side by sides in Kanab to ride to the slot.

nice easy hike with green Meadows and ends with incredible views.

it was nice to hike on a trail and see ZERO PEOPLE after hiking in znp the day before. The trail actually ends in Zion, and the view at the end is awesome. Great little trail.

4 months ago

easy little short day hike. No issues, there are pallets and some ropes hung to help you over the boulder falls

The road in was almost impassable due to deep loose sand. We followed the app directions and they lead you to a private road on the animal sanctuary. The alternate route was rough even in a 4wd f150 with aggressive tires. It's doable but it's nasty.
If you've got enough water it would be better to walk dowb to the trailhead from the staging area on 89, though it will suck walking back out in the loose sand, uphill.

Enjoy with caution!

This is, by far, to me, the best view and vantage point for Zion. It is, to me, a pretty easy trail.
A few things to note.
First, you enter from the east and you do NOT enter the trail from the park. It is behind the Zion Ponderosa ranch.
Second, you will want to plan on taking a good downloaded Map.
Third, the hardest part of the trail is at the very beginning with the initial ascent and at the near end with another short ascent.

I have been to Observation point, and my son has been to both OP and Angels Landing. His opinion is as mine; best view in the park.

This is, indeed, a little traveled trail. I had it all to myself the entire morning. I also had the vantage point all to myself the entire time.

Here is a little advice on finding the viewpoint.

Pay attention at the last ascent. It goes up sharply and then back down thru some short switch backs. About the 1/2 way point down from the last short ascent up, look down and to what will be your right (north). You will notice a field of sorts with various clumps of short Oaks shrubbery. You simply need to navigate that terrain exactly due north and you will eventually end up at the view point. You will make a right turn at the bottom of this descent in the sandy area and begin making your way thru the oaks. You cannot miss the end.
When you have an almost 360 degree view of the Zion Canyon, you have arrived.
It is a better view than OP and less work. You travel the same distance without a 3000 foot ascent.
Good luck and prepare to be overwhelmed!

Hiked to the point at which this trail turned around. Was unable to get into the Canyon. Definitely start the hike from where this hike says to to avoid hiking 3 miles for practically nothing.

Completed this route via East Rim Trail, tagging on Cable Mountain - much of the hike was not that scenic, but the final views are epic. They look down on Zion Canyon, including an awesome view of Angels Landing. Much less crowded than any of the regular Zion Canyon routes - saw maybe a dozen people all day. Note the route from E Rim is ~20 miles round trip, ~23-24 if you add Cable Mountain.

6 months ago

Cool slot canyon tucked in a hillside. We only made it to the first set of ropes and turned back because our bodies were fatigued from a full day of hiking in Zion, but it seems like the canyon continued up much further on climbing rope systems. Wish we had the time/energy to make it further. Someone has propped a pallet beside the first major boulder in the canyon to help with getting over it, so you shouldn’t need a buddy-lift.

We went up 102L and dropped in the canyon from the NW side and headed east; wasn't technical getting down but required some definite scrambling. FYI the entire area is basically a big sandbox; more suited for ATVs or 4WD as opposed to hiking in on foot which is what we did and I definitely don't recommend it :/

the canyon itself was fine, but what we had no idea that about .75 mi from the east exit there is a 20+ foot boulder obstacle that stops you - as in repelling gear required. We had to backtrack up canyon to the west a bit and climb out of the canyon to go around on 102L. We dropped back down the east side on the ATV trails and came in through Kanab Creek. As it turned out that first half mile or so in the east side up to the boulder obstacle is by far the prettiest part of the canyon.

Fabulous trail. Short and easy. We took our Jeep right up the canyon to the trail head of peek a boo. Make sure you have 4 wheel drive or you will get stuck. Such fabulous photos!

A slightly challenging 2.3mi (one way) walk across soft desert sand from parking lot to SE entry to the Slot Canyon.. Canyon itself was fully choked about 1/2mi from the end of the road/where the slot canyon begins. What we did experience was beautiful but realize you can not travel the full length of the canyon, huge boulders and logs create a roof/canopy 20’ above you stopping your path. We are tempted to start from the NW side next time to see how far you can go.. also an ATV or 4x4 to travel up Kanab creek is a better way to get to the SE entry.. enjoy

After the zoo of Zion’s more poplar trails, this was utter joy: not one other person on the trail at the end of October. The hike is not especially strenuous and if the views along the way were not jaw-dropping, the terrain really is lovely and the vista at the end was so spectacular I could not stop laughing.

Took us about 4/5 hrs total hiking in from the parking lot, enjoying/exploring the slot canyon and then back out. It was tiring hiking in the sand but worth it! The slot canyon was beautiful and so were the views during the hike.

My favorite hike out of the ten trails I hiked in Zion National Park. Didn't see anything except about forty deer and magnificent views. Highly recommend.

I really enjoyed this trail and it's awesome views. Word of warning: going on foot the whole way from the lot can be very taxing as the sand is fine and often deep. Once in a while you get lucky and the sand is very compacted or only a couple inches deep before rock, and you can pick up the pace. Often though, it takes much more effort than a standard beach.

We started hiking from the lot and it's not too bad since you're going mostly downhill. The return can really zap your energy though, but well worth it even ignoring the canyon: from the mountains in the distance to the cool and unique sand color against the vegetation.

The canyon itself is so unique, especially if you've never been in a slot-canyon like this before. Also, if you're a photographer, bringing a monopod (at the least) would be a good idea since it can get pretty dark in there. I had to go down to 1/20sec frequently at f5.6

Fun trail. Road in is a Sandy mess and 4wd is a must. Once you get there it is awesome!

Saturday, September 09, 2017

I had to park and walk to the slot. Totally worth it! But try not to go on a hot day, no shade.

so beautiful.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Of the many trails that I have hiked in Zions east rim, this nu far is three most beautiful and majestic of them all. Except for the length perhaps this trail is technically easy with no climbing. That's not to say that the views to the north, to the south, and into Zion s Canyon are not breathtaking - they are! This may be my favorite hike ever. As stated in previous recordings the actual trail deviates from what is shown on the map but is easy to follow. I ran in to Senegal groups during the hike, but it was a mostly overcast day so the temperature was great for an August day. You won't want to miss this one.

We turned down the gravel road to this trail and we were immediately confronted by a cranky man and his dog asking why we were on private property. We followed the directions on the map exactly. I couldn't tell if he had a gun so we apologized and left. You also have to drive through a creek with water or hike though it. There is a really awesome hike a few miles up the highway with nicer neighbors. Suggest you try that one.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Awesome and well worth it.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Started at sunrise. This is a gravel road until you get to the Gulch. Wow! What a view! The trail is easy to navigate since it is also an ATV trail. Didn't see the sun until I got back to the trailhead. Not a lot to see along the way but I did see a wild turkey and a couple of mule deer. The view is worth the walk though.

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