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Ogden, Utah Map

My husband and I did this hike with my little sister on March 4. There was a decent amount of snow, but my little sister made it without spikes or snowshoes. We only went in about 1.5 miles before turning around.

It was an easy trail and well kept even during the winter months. Just needs to have access to drinking water but understandable that it was winter time.

I took this trail for a quick midday hike on my lunch break. Was not disappointed. The frozen waterfall was beautiful and melting a bit. I got to see some nice sized chucks of ice break off during my stop. It was still pretty snow/slush packed so I’m glad I brought my boot chains and poles.

Our favorite place to escape. The kids love it

15 days ago

no matter the season this is always an amazing worthwhile hike

So pretty. The frozen waterfall was gorgeous! Wear spikes for sure.

Short but sweet hike, moderate uphill the majority of the way but worth it for the waterfall.

Hiked this on 23 Feb after 6" fresh snow. Crampons were a must. Frozen waterfall even prettier than expected.

Cute. Best for small children or dog walking.

It’s nice because you’re in a canyon most of the way in the trees and passing some springs, and then you pop out at the big view of Ogden and the GSL. Pretty nice grade the whole way.

Did this with my three year old. She loved the frozen waterfall. She thought it was Elsa's castle.

on Waterfall Canyon Trail

27 days ago

Great hike up the mountain. Gets a little icy and rocky toward the top, but the frozen waterfall was amazing!!

If you go during winter, wear your Yaktrax. Beautiful hike with great views.

Beautiful but the waterfall was pretty insignificant on the trail. Nothing like Adam’s canyon or waterfall canyon.

Great hike. the frozen waterfall was awesome.

1 month ago

Good hike. Will try again in the Spring.

The trail is dry right now. No mud or snow.

Don’t be fooled by the first part of this hike, the second half is quite difficult. What makes it difficult is the terrain, steepness, and the lack of a defined trail. Watch out for poison oak and cacti on the actual path, I had to go off the designated trail to avoid these in some places. When I was avoiding those factors or I couldn’t find the trail I hiked up the creek bed. Be sure to have steady feet and the will/ability to hike a hard terrain if you want to do this hike.

My dog loved the hike and wore her out pretty good. Bring water for sure for your dog. This hike is completely exposed and will be extremely hot in the summer.

Gave this hike a 4 stars because it was a great/hard hike up with some great views. Almost gave it 3 stars because the view at the top was just okay. But sometimes it is the journey and not the destination that makes a trip, right?

1 month ago

Great easy little trail! Perfect trail when you don’t have a ton of time/energy but you want to get outside. Brought my dog and she loved it, especially getting a drink in the little streams.

A little muddy in some spots. But overall in good condition.

1 month ago

My siblings and I did this not to long ago, loved it! It was amazing and the frozen waterfall was one of the coolest things I've seen. Make sure to wear good shoes with lots of grip still plenty of snow.

1 month ago

It was definitely a challenge! But that's because I was dumb... I misread the map and climbed the wrong mountain. Finally found the cave though and climbed inside a bit. I have to definitely agree with everyone saying bring gloves cause there is an abundance of poop. Walmart sells flashlights that are a dollar which work decent in the cave. It has a bunch of little cracks so I won't worry if I drop a flashlight or two down their by accident cause they're so cheap. The coordinates below were taken while I was sitting in the mouth of the cave, but might be off by about 20 feet or so. They should be fairly close though! I would definitely bring at least one other person if you are going to explore, along with some hard hats and rope, as there wasn't much left in the cave when I went in. Enjoy!

41.2816604, -111.9365691

1 month ago

Fun for the kids. Decently strenuous

Nice easy trail to walk the dog.

trail running
1 month ago

Fun little short hike. Hardly any ice. The trail was pretty well snow packed. You will want Yak Tracks. The frozen waterfall is gorgeous!

I did this hike on Jan 13. It was clear trail up to the first bridge then the trail was covered in ice from there on up.
I did the whole hike up to the top of the waterfall with out spikes on my shoes, definitely would of been helpful, and if you have them they are recommended. But like I said I didn't and I did just fine. Slipped a couple time coming down but luckily nothing bad.

Always a perfect and fairly easy hike, all seasons of the year!

Amazing view of Ogden and the waterfall is beautiful!! Steeper than I thought it would be especially close to the top, spikes highly recommended!

2 months ago

I just moved to the area. I borrowed my friends Yaktrax and they were a must have for the trail! Took about 2 hours roundtrip.

Hiked this on Jan. 13. Started a bit after 11 am at the 29th street trailhead. The trail was pretty clear up until the first bridge, then after that you NEED SPIKES on your shoes to safely go up and come down the trail.

My 1 1/2 year old lab came with me. I put “musher’s mush” on her paws when it got icy to help with the cold ice. She did great going up, but coming down was a bit harder for her (with no spikes), but as long as she went on the side of the trail she was okay for the most part. Also there is running water in the stream for pups to drink out of. I brought her water and she never drank any of it.

Pretty moderate hike. Not too easy, but not too difficult. I would definitely recommend SPIKES to do this trail - some folks had just the chains and said it was pretty hard to do with those.

it's a nice hiking trail for the family and friends

2 months ago

I love this trail! Indescribably beautiful in the winter and not a soul in sight! ❤️

2 months ago

Did this hike today, January 6. It's not too long, and the view of the frozen waterfall at the end is definitely worth it!

We were grateful that we brought our snowshoes.... not the ideal gear to have on such a rocky trail, but it was way better than nothing. We couldn't have made it up without them!

Our dog made it up with us as well. There were a few slippery spots for her but she was a champ!

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