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My husband and I completed this trail on July 7.

This trail is conveniently located, and easy to follow. Since it's paved, it's wheelchair friendly, but there is a steep descent at the beginning, so you'd need to be careful. We didn't see any spectacular wildlife, but it was a decent walk nonetheless. And afterwards, we ran through the splash pad that was right next to the parking lot.

Would recommend this hike for anyone looking for something easy and close by.

Fun hike! A great workout and fairly steep most of the way. The trail was busy on a Saturday morning so watch where you step, lots of dog poop on the trail. Not much water running either.

on Malan's Peak Trail

3 days ago

There is quite a dense network of trails in this area, especially at the bottom of the canyon, and it looks like you could do this in a couple of different ways. Parts of this trail are included in at least 3 other trail entries on AllTrails. I just started at the end of 27th street and followed the signs for the north side of Taylor Canyon, and then took the signed turn to Malan Peak. After you take that turn, it is as others have said, relentlessly steep uphill. You can pretty much get the idea from the benchmark lines on the map. I guess the thing is to go slow and maintain a cheery disposition. Almost no water in the creek, no snakes and very few bugs this early Sunday morning. After reaching the peak I went another .5 miles into Malan Basin, which was nice and a bit cooler, but I guess I turned around just short of reaching the old resort.

From the map it looks like you could do this as a loop using the Beus Canyon Trail, but other reviews warn that this is very difficult and requires bushwhacking. It's not clear if this refers to hooking up with Beus Canyon, Waterfall Canyon or Mount Ogden trails. I don't think I would ever have the energy for the option of winding all the way up to the top of Mount Ogden from this trail, especially when you can take a gondola most of the way up from Snowbasin.

Love this hike! It’s probably in my top top 3 in Ogden ❤️ it’s definitely a steep climb but the climb is worth the view!

Love this hike! Very steep! But the full hike is 7 miles not 4.4 ...

Great trail for families and for a quick jog. It is all asphalt and has restrooms, a park, and a splash pad. It also has a beautiful view of the mountains.

Nice views on top watch out for snakes

on Gibbs Trail

8 days ago

Fun family hike with mostly shade and some sun. Nice views and a great little break at a wild cherry tree.

Good if you want something easy for small children. Well shaded and short.

Great hike, suggest you start out early to avoid the heat while maximizing nature moments

12 days ago

Hiked this trail with my 9 year old and my parents. It was an uphill journey. Had to stop quite a bit near the top. I’m in moderate shape. It was an awesome workout with a beautiful view at the summit! Good amounts of shade along the way to help make steep trail manageable!

Love this hike, but we ran into a rattlesnake this morning (July 6) so we ended up turning around. It’s also possible it was a gopher snake. It was only 7:00am so we totally thought we were going early enough. Just be careful on the warm summer mornings.

My husband and I completed this hike on July 4.

This was an awesome hike! Yes, it's steep, but there was way more shade than we expected, so it wasn't too miserable.

The views st the top were great, and everyone we encountered on the trail was friendly. Great hike to celebrate the 4th of July!

Would really recommend this hike to those who are up for the challenge!

A hard hike especially if you are overweight and out of shape but definitely worth it! The view is amazing! I would like to see dogs on leashes though.

Really nice hike! pretty steep all the way up but definitely worth it. watch for rattlers!!!

16 days ago

As a hike, it was spectacular but there were A LOT of mountain bikers so stay on the lookout. If you’re a mountain biker, I’d recommend a bell for your bike so that we know you’re coming.

18 days ago

Nice trail near Ogden, UT. Some parts are overgrown, but elevation climb is pretty good.

nature trips
18 days ago

I took my 5 and 2 year old on this little hike and they loved it. We even did the loop a couple times. We have gone back and I’m sure we will again. Great for younger kids!

Pretty good workout. Went today 6/29 around noon with my sister and got caught between some rattlesnakes! One I went past but my sister saw, so with it being a pretty narrow trail and the snake being on the edge of the trail near the river, I went up and around the brush to go around it. Later we saw another one that was just too close, so we took a break to give it some time to get comfortable, then said a quick prayer and snuck past it as it slept. Nice hike!

Love this hike. I guess if you are a very mild hiker it is “hard”. It’s a workout but I would have rated it moderate.

20 days ago

this was ok, fairly short but peaceful. there is an area that is iffy for smaller kids so I would hold tight to them.

Beautiful but lots of bikes. I almost got hit by one.

22 days ago

My husband and I completed this hike on June 19 with Scout dog.

This trail was mostly shaded, and had a moderately steep incline the entire way.

At one point, we might have taken a wrong turn, because we never made it to a waterfall or an overlook. According to the app, we were still on the trail, and we made it to the "end," but it was just a random clearing in the middle of the canyon. So maybe we should've kept going?

Oh well. A decent, but not spectacular, hike.

I would say this hike is a bit more on the harder side of moderate.
There wasn’t much shade, so definitely wear sunscreen! We saw LOTS of lizards, butterflies, dragonflies and a couple of hawks.

Great hike! Beautiful views and and really good workout. A group of people coming down before us saw a rattler, so be careful.

Was very confusing, really narrow parts and areas that crossed through the golf course. We started on 26th street is where we were directed from here. Was nice and shaded most of it, but there is so many forks and splits we didn’t complete it.

This may be my favorite hike in the Ogden area. I disagree with the rating on this trail and would categorize it as moderate. It’s long, but the elevation gain is gradual for most of the trail. After you reach the saddle, that’s where the toughest part begins. The trail up to the summit can be steep in parts, but it’s not a long distance and the payoff at the top is well worth the effort - you won’t be disappointed.

on Quail Trail Loop

24 days ago

This is a decent trail if you’re looking for something leisurely to do for a morning walk, but don’t hit this trail in search of a hike. It’s very shaded most of the way.

on Right Fork Trail

24 days ago

This is a nice trail for a quick hike. It can be quite hot in the afternoon for the first half of the trail, which is completely exposed, but the last half is through an area with lots of tree cover, making it nice, even on hot days. The last 1/3 mile or so is very steep. I would suggest trekking poles, otherwise you’ll end up like me, grabbing random shrubs and trees to make it up to the top. It was about four miles round trip and took about 50 minutes to reach the top.

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