This is one of my favorite mtb trails. It has a southern exposure which means that on warm sunny days I always fill up the water pack. I have ridden the trail loop clockwise and counterclockwise. I prefer clockwise. I now ride with tubeless tires, but even before I had tubless tires I found the climb to not be as foreboding as it appears from the parking lot. I like to deflate my rear tire so that there is just a touch of give. The first third of the ascent is gradual with good traction. The second third is steeper and exposed with some rocky terrain to impede the climb. The rewards are great views of Snow Basin to the right and after a short ride great views to the west. The final third is less rocky and better traction to the saddle on the the summit.

I like to reinflate my tires back up to 50 psi, drop my seat a bit, and do a quick assessment my bike before the descent. The downhill ride is a hoot! It seems like I'm riding downhill forever. With very few rocks, banked turns, easy switchback turns and long descents. After getting down to the bottom I wanted to do it again. Follow the trail over the bridges traveling clockwise until you hit the gravel path. Make a left to the parking lot. Or hang a right and do it again.