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Perfect morning hike before it gets too hot midday. Definitely worth the slightly rocky terrain once you get to the falls. Will definitely do this hike again

it’s a subtle burner on your legs at first then increases dramatically. a beautiful hike with a gorgeous overlook of the weber state campus and the rest of the ogden valley.

3 days ago

Great hike for a late spring day. Elevation gain is 1259 feet, but the waterfall at the end of the trail is worth the climb. Saw lots of dogs and people of all ages on the trail.

We started Gibs Loop at 29th St and then followed the signs to Waterfall Canyon instead of going down around the west side of the golf course. We did not go all the way up to the Waterfall but it was an awesome hike. A lot of the trail was along the riverside and shaded. Really a beautiful hike. Going this way does take you in an actual loop right back down to 29th St.

5 days ago

Fun hike! Lots of shade :) Our fitness tracker calculated a mile more than the distance it shows. Very steep after the first half but worth it for the view!

great trail for beginners or just getting back in shape after the winter!

10 days ago

Beautiful, popular trail. It gets a little steep/rocky for the last third before the waterfall. I’d recommend going earlier in the day or week night to avoid large groups of people.

d do this at least once a year fun for all ages changes every year waterfall is always impressive

mountain biking
11 days ago

Very fun my first trail so far perfect for a family ride

Beautiful trail, gives variety of path from easy to a bit challenging. Goes along the ridge opening up new views along the way. Beautiful wild flowers and a view of waterfall from afar. You will encounter view of great salt lake and snowy tips of the summits.
Would hardly recommend to anyone

Nice steep uphill trail leading to impressive waterfall. Would suggest wearing hiking boots for safety. Hiking up along the water stream, gives perception of cool breeze

Great workout and beautiful waterfall

Boring but a decent workout

Hiked with family. Did not get to the top, but beautiful canyon with shade and stream!

I hiked this trail with my sister, brother-in-law and daughter. We went a couple of miles, but had to turn back to go to massage appointment. Beautiful views of valley and canyon!

15 days ago

Great trail. Although they refer to it as a loop, its not a loop. It ends in the parking lot and to finish the loop, you have to walk on the street.
Mount Ogden Park parking lot is very interesting meeting spot for people, loud music from the car, some people just sit in the car, smoke and hang out. There was nobody on the trail today, but the parking lot was full and loud.

Awesome ride with great views. Soil drains well but try and stay off after a heavy rain or until snow is melted. Please remember this is a Dirt Bike-accessible trail hikers be polite and let riders pass. Riders keep the speeds down!

18 days ago

My wife and I are out of shape, but were still able to do the loop. It was nice for the most part. Could still hear a lot of traffic. Good markings for the most part, but the northwest corner on the high part of the trail isn't marked. I would recommend this for novices.

19 days ago

Beautiful, secluded trail! There is an official end of trail sign near the wooden bridge....that’s not the end at all! Keep going! There are several good overlook spots, and all of the trail runs alongside the creek in the shade. Some parts of the trail are hard to find when it crosses the creek (five or six times total), so we scrambled through some brush and rocks before we found the trail again. The trail eventually just ends, with no real overlook or waterfall. Regardless, it’s a beautifully wooded and shaded hike. We only saw a few people near the “end of trail” beginning. Took us about 4 hours in and out from the Beus Drive trailhead, with a few breaks and time spent re-finding the trail.

Great for kids. By far our favorite trail. There’s a cute little waterfall about 2/3 of the way through (if you start at Rainbow Gardens) and a bench to sit on.

Amazing hike. We started at the Gibbs Loop trail head off of 36th and went from there on up to the falls. My husband and I with our 4 kids (10,8,6,4). It was shaded almost the entire hike with just a few sections that were exposed. And with following along the water for the majority of the hike, it makes it all the more beautiful.
There were a few steep/rocky sections where holding the 4yr old’s hand was required. But for the most part he was able to do it all.

20 days ago

Great hiking! Started from 22nd street trail head. First 2 miles are steep up hill and little hard, but we enjoyed the amazing view and nice breeze coming through the canyon! We did about 4 miles today, and definitely would like to finish the whole trail next time.

I love this hike.

21 days ago

One of my favorite hikes. If you’re looking for a good workout with a good view at the end of it then go this trail. Went up today and encountered a rattlesnake so keep an eye out. Passed by a couple hikers and a biker but the trail wasn’t traveled much. No snow or muddy spots and the backside of the trail where you connect with Taylor trail was clear as well.
Definitely worth the time.

22 days ago

The trail isn’t marked well and there wasn’t any signs or warnings saying that the snow basin trail, which is part of this loop, was snowed out. There was also a tree that had fallen it was difficult to climb over.

23 days ago

Was a very easy hike. Did it on Tuesday morning around 10am. The day was beautiful and the waterfall looked amazing. There was more people then I expected on a Tuesday. About 10 cars parked at the entrance.

23 days ago

Easy to follow trail, overgrown and rougher terrain after the crossing around mile 2. The saddle is 2 miles further than shown, but significant snow fields make the trail invisible for now.

24 days ago

Amazing view at the top. Super steep, I was dying all the way to the top, but it was worth it.

I loved this hike! You do change elevation quickly, there are a couple of strenuous parts where it is steep and if you aren't in shape is difficult, but doable. The waterfall at the top is beautiful, and you can take a nice dip in it to cool off! It's a great hike that overlooks Ogden.

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