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A well worn trail for rugged pace really it needs to be developed with camp sites.

i think people get lost because of all the trail splits here lol

trail running
1 day ago

Great place to run off the pavement. Nice not to have to worry about traffic. Pretty level. I'll go back for sure. I only had time to run 2 miles in today.

this started out as a very easy trail and you could run it until the last 3/4th mile where it goes from graded dirt to almost river bed like conditions of tons of basketball sized loose rocks and slippery boulders. route finding can be difficult at times but stick to the main trail and it's a fun hike.

It was a bit of a challenge since I had not hiked in 2 years. I loved the challenges though. the views made it all worth while. We wet our faces in the waterfall.

It's very steep steep towards the top which can be a challenge. Overall great trail though!

crazy elevation... coming from Phoenix AZ...loved it.

great trail with rewarding view

on Indian Trail

5 days ago

Great hike! I would suggest having two vehicles. One at 22nd Street and one at the canyon trailhead.

Did approximately 3 1/2 miles round trip. Nice climb

Beautiful scenery and views.

9 days ago

Love this Hike I like to go up there from 22nd Street and look at the beautiful scenery.

This is awesome and was a demanding hike which I will not forget

Great quick and easy hike to a beautiful waterfall . Not much water this time but still pretty .

Love this trail!

Loved this hike!

This was a really pleasant hike. Utah has been so dry this year that, unfortunately, it wasn't the most beautiful hike (everything was brown and dead once the early morning light had gone away), but it was still a fun hike. I'd agree with other reviewers: it's not really a difficult hike -- especially not going up Sardine and down Ogden Outlook: if you're looking for a slightly more challenging (but still comfortable) hike, I'd start up Ogden Outlook and then come back down Sardine. I would have liked this hike more if there weren't some aggressive mountain bikers. I don't mind sharing the trail, but I get bothered when mountain bikers go flying around turns too quickly and are acerbic. Most bikers were fine, but there were a few who were too aggressive. We also saw a moose, and we heard a rattlesnake near the top, so do be mindful of wildlife in the area.

Not a bad hike. This was only my 2nd time hiking after a 20 hyadisis. Won't do it again tomorrow but will do it again.

17 days ago

I thought I would take this trail to see how my dog would do on the trail for the first time and being that it is close to my kids school I dropped them off and Courtney (dog) and I hit the trail. When pulling up to the trail head there are signs that remind you to hide your stuff and they have cameras on the parking lot which tells me they have a lot of people stealing stuff. When we started the trail there were no markings for this trail thought there might me some a little ways up and there were not. In the first mile of the trail I had to look at my phone 5 times to find out where the trail was. There are forks about ever 50 yards it seems like. So after about a mile we headed up to the Bonneville shoreline trail to head back. I would not call this a trail at best it a trail to get you to the other trails in the area. If you do want to try the trail I would say go up the Bonneville shore line trail first that way all you need to do on the way back is head north and you shouldn’t get lost.

17 days ago

Super mellow hike, barely any elevation gain at all. Lots of trees and shady areas. A good hike for those that just want to be in nature without all the huffing and puffing. I created a short video showcasing parts of this hike, both from the ground and from the air:

18 days ago

Love this trail. It is great for a longer hike, with some elevation gain.

19 days ago

Loved the waterfall!

Beautiful hike. Good workout with great views.

19 days ago

Dangerous! This loop trail should not even be on All Trails. There are cliffs and the trail connecting the waterfall and Malan’s peak is NON-EXISTENT.

We used this route to go get a beer at blues brews and BBQ at snow basin! Great hike♥️

My favorite! It pushes you without killing you♥️

great hike for the experienced. Steep, relentless incline to AMAZING view points. Very good work out, hike up and run down. **MAKE SURE to fill your water at the spring about a mile in!! It's delicious and cold!!

23 days ago

One of my favorite hikes but I have seen rattlesnakes all summer on this trail.

mountain biking
23 days ago

For the ogden and surrounding areas this is one of the best trails you can take on for mountain biking or for a shorter hike. A lot of shade, nice views, and smooth singletrack makes for an enjoyable ride. Just watch out for corners and blind spots where some bikers/runners seem to think they always have the right of way

this is a really beautiful hike. the fern forest is kind of amazing. the flowers were mostly spent, but still pretty. trail is pretty tight in some areas, but well worth the work when you take in the views. would definitely do again.

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