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13 hours ago

We love this trail. But about three weeks ago my dog got suddenly sick and passed away after hiking in the same spot on this trail two days in a row. I am wondering if anyone else had a similar experience?

Moderately steep! A nice upper glute burner through a cool ponderosa pine forest with long traverses. A very nice trail run/hike. There's a stream with a gradual water fall on the shared trail with Taylor's Canyon. After crossing the second bridge the trail continues to the right. It's a bit steep at first but the grade becomes less severe the rest of the way up. There is butte with a view a third of the way up. At the rocky top peak or butte is exposed with great views of the valley below and Mount Ogden behind. The descent had a few rocky turns, but it wasn't bad. Just watch your step.

Great for trail running. Perfect breaks between hills. Not scenic though.

These two 65 YOA flatlanders from Kansas enjoyed the hike. It had some beautiful views.

Beautiful falls

this was a great trail.

on Birdsong Trail

6 days ago

Love this trail! Easy for the littles and shady in most spots.

on Indian Trail

6 days ago

Beautiful trail, take your time and really enjoy the views.

Always a favorite of mine!

This was a great hike. It is correctly labeled as "hard," but only because of the distance. The trail is a steady climb up switchbacks for a few miles, and then several miles of ridge-walking, before a strenuous climb to the summit that lasts approximately one mile. By the time that I was done, my joints were aching and I was very tired, but only because I had hiked 17 miles, and not because of any particularly difficult section.

We saw moose and mountain goats, and we signed our names in the log book at the summit. It was a great day.

12 days ago

one of my favorites especially in the fall. beautiful colors and views. I start at 27th or 22nd.

This trail takes you through beautiful pine forest. The view from the top is also nice.

Loved this hike! We took the fork to the left at the end and connected to Hidden Valley to make a big loop! Will definitely be doing this again!

15 days ago

Not a bad hike, definitely worth the views. Cold and windy at the top, great way to spend the day in the mountains. Took 6 hrs 40 mins with spending about 30 mins at the peak.

trail running
17 days ago

October is a pleasant time to trail run or hike this moderate to easy trail. The entire trail was carpeted with the fallen mable and oak brush leaves. I recorded 1.7 miles to the distination which is a grove of trees. I guess it could be called the trail to nowhere. Which was not a bad thing because I really enjoyed the quiet stillness and solitude.

I use this trail all year round for hiking, mountain biking and snow shoeing. Of the three, it's best for snow shoeing after a heavy snowfall.

Great hike

21 days ago

This hike is always a fun short hike to do! It gets you out of the house and gets some cardio in with the incline. Plus at the end you can see over the Ogden valley and not to mention the waterfall! The best time to go is once the snow is melting because the rub off makes the waterfall huge! It’s beautiful! You’ll enjoy it for sure!

Even in the fall there is actually an impressive waterfall at the end of the trail. Definitely a hiking trail. The last half is shaded. Great trail over a lunch break or just after work.

Too many people are leaving their dog shit in small plastic bags along the trail. Come on people! Do you think that the city hires someone to cleanup after you and your k9?

Good hard trail to hike. Beautiful views!

22 days ago

Good hike for kids. We took them during sunset and it was beautiful. Leaves are starting to change colors. Recommend this hike in the Fall.

23 days ago

The pond and little creek are beautiful. It is in an area where it closes at dusk. Love walking around the pond.

24 days ago

Starting at the Cold Water Canyon trailhead for this hike there was a large congregation of wasps blocking the trail about 0.75 miles in. They were attracted to the water that flowed over the trail and there wasn't a good way around them. We decided to turn around and hike a different trail in the canyon instead.

28 days ago

Very nice hike!

Great time of year to hike (late September), some shade, autumn colors, cooler temps.

the should put in more trails here around the frisby course

A well worn trail for rugged pace really it needs to be developed with camp sites.

i think people get lost because of all the trail splits here lol

29 days ago

Short surprising walk with antique trails, old foliage, and beautiful secrets every direction. Worthy in every way.

this started out as a very easy trail and you could run it until the last 3/4th mile where it goes from graded dirt to almost river bed like conditions of tons of basketball sized loose rocks and slippery boulders. route finding can be difficult at times but stick to the main trail and it's a fun hike.

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