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my son took me on this hike. It was a work out for me but I really enjoyed the scenery.

2 days ago

Nice falls, was on all fours toward the end.

Hiked this mid July and started around noon. Start of trail you are more exposed. Then shade for majority of trail. With a 1 and 2y/o we took our time due to heat. Scenery beautiful and would have appreciated a few more signs.

This is a favorite hike for our family. The waterfall is impressive. Try it in the winter if you haven’t! It’s a good workout and a fair climb but my young kids have all been able to do it.

Beautiful hike! If you go in the morning you can avoid the afternoon/weekend rush, as well as the heat. The trail has plenty of shade half way up.

Good if you want something easy for small children. Well shaded and short.

Great trail but a little too busy for my liking...

17 days ago

streams. rocks. snakes. bees. wild berries. shade. waterfall. what's not to love?

road biking
17 days ago

I looked up the trail for road biking. The TH start is all gravel and dirt for about a mile then it hits pavement. So if you only have a street bike don’t start here. Other than that he trail was a nice. I got on about 0800 and there were some runners and bikers but not enough to bog the trail.

nature trips
17 days ago

I took my 5 and 2 year old on this little hike and they loved it. We even did the loop a couple times. We have gone back and I’m sure we will again. Great for younger kids!

A trail maintained mainly by peoples feet, gets pretty overgrown after the first bridge and you have to take a left off the main trail before the second bridge. Also may want to wear jeans or long sleeve for the hike.

Pretty good workout. Went today 6/29 around noon with my sister and got caught between some rattlesnakes! One I went past but my sister saw, so with it being a pretty narrow trail and the snake being on the edge of the trail near the river, I went up and around the brush to go around it. Later we saw another one that was just too close, so we took a break to give it some time to get comfortable, then said a quick prayer and snuck past it as it slept. Nice hike!

Love this hike. I guess if you are a very mild hiker it is “hard”. It’s a workout but I would have rated it moderate.

This was an easy trail to follow and I love that you can choose to go around the pond or follow the river, definitely a short walk so it would be easy for kids

19 days ago

this was ok, fairly short but peaceful. there is an area that is iffy for smaller kids so I would hold tight to them.

21 days ago

My husband and I completed this hike on June 19 with Scout dog.

This trail was mostly shaded, and had a moderately steep incline the entire way.

At one point, we might have taken a wrong turn, because we never made it to a waterfall or an overlook. According to the app, we were still on the trail, and we made it to the "end," but it was just a random clearing in the middle of the canyon. So maybe we should've kept going?

Oh well. A decent, but not spectacular, hike.

Had a pretty good time on this trail was a bit tougher then I expected at the beginning but once I hit the rocky area it got a lot easier for me!

This has always been one of my favorite hikes. Even though the trail is not terribly long, it is a pretty steady incline up to the waterfall. It is well shaded, making it a perfect hike for any time of day, and the falls at the top are nice and cool and absolutely lovely. The farther you go, the rockier and steeper the path gets, but with decent shoes or hiking sandals, it can be done within about two hours.

road biking
24 days ago

I hit the trail early in the morning (0630) the wind was blowing pretty well coming from the east like it does most days. It is paved all the way and is marked for the most part. I got off trail one time because I missed the sign for the trail (the orange arrows on the ground) they don’t say they are for the trail but they are. There are more arrows with different colors for other trails. I read in the reviews there were a lot of homeless around. I only saw 2 or 3 and they were closer to the Washington st. There are a lot of places to stop and enjoy the river and cool off. Over all the trail is a nice ride if you want to get the family out and riding.

on Quail Trail Loop

24 days ago

This is a decent trail if you’re looking for something leisurely to do for a morning walk, but don’t hit this trail in search of a hike. It’s very shaded most of the way.

I love this hike. Trail is pretty easy to follow. Good workout. Lovely view. Towards the ends you have to deal with lots of rocks.

29 days ago

Decent hike, great view

first part is intense uphill and you can hear traffic. after about a half mile the sound of water downs out the traffic and it becomes nice. not a whole lot of people, but you are surrounded by trees for the most part so you don't see a whole lot of grand views.

Beautiful hike! Me and my 11 yo and 8 yo did it with me. The 2nd half is steep but the waterfall is so worth it.

We hiked this on a very hot summer day. We believe if we had done this in the early morning, we would feel differently. A beautiful waterfall at the end, but for us, in the middle of July, it was hot and dusty but enjoyed the falls.

Super fun hike! My kids, ages 4 and 5 made the hike without any help but it was definitely challenging!

Beautiful hike with great scenery!!! Pretty steep trail! My legs were screaming at me by the time we made it to the falls!!!

Hot, bring water.

Loved this trail. It was a bit difficult at times but the scenery was amazing and the waterfall was better than I expected, gorgeous! My nine year old and I made the journey in about an hour and a half.

1 month ago

My husband and I completed this hike on June 7.

Everything started out great. The trailhead is in a nice area and is easy to find. The trailer had lush green trees and vegetation, providing good shade as we walked along next to the creek.

About ten minutes in, the trail started to become incredibly overgrown. We had to look at the app multiple times to make sure we were on the right path (constantly checking my phone is obviously not something I want to do when I'm out trying to enjoy nature!). The brush we had to walk through gave us dozens of small scratches on our legs. And, since we literally could not see the trail under us, we would stumble over big roots and rocks that we couldn't see or anticipate.

All of this made for a pretty stressful experience. It was such a bummer because visually, the area is so pretty and it could've been such a nice hike, but the condition of the trail made it miserable.

Maybe in the winter, when there's no plant growth, this would be a better hike? It's definitely not one I would recommend for summer.

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