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Great hike! Beautiful views and and really good workout. A group of people coming down before us saw a rattler, so be careful.

Was very confusing, really narrow parts and areas that crossed through the golf course. We started on 26th street is where we were directed from here. Was nice and shaded most of it, but there is so many forks and splits we didn’t complete it.

This may be my favorite hike in the Ogden area. I disagree with the rating on this trail and would categorize it as moderate. It’s long, but the elevation gain is gradual for most of the trail. After you reach the saddle, that’s where the toughest part begins. The trail up to the summit can be steep in parts, but it’s not a long distance and the payoff at the top is well worth the effort - you won’t be disappointed.

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1 day ago

I hit the trail early in the morning (0630) the wind was blowing pretty well coming from the east like it does most days. It is paved all the way and is marked for the most part. I got off trail one time because I missed the sign for the trail (the orange arrows on the ground) they don’t say they are for the trail but they are. There are more arrows with different colors for other trails. I read in the reviews there were a lot of homeless around. I only saw 2 or 3 and they were closer to the Washington st. There are a lot of places to stop and enjoy the river and cool off. Over all the trail is a nice ride if you want to get the family out and riding.

on Quail Trail Loop

1 day ago

This is a decent trail if you’re looking for something leisurely to do for a morning walk, but don’t hit this trail in search of a hike. It’s very shaded most of the way.

on Right Fork Trail

1 day ago

This is a nice trail for a quick hike. It can be quite hot in the afternoon for the first half of the trail, which is completely exposed, but the last half is through an area with lots of tree cover, making it nice, even on hot days. The last 1/3 mile or so is very steep. I would suggest trekking poles, otherwise you’ll end up like me, grabbing random shrubs and trees to make it up to the top. It was about four miles round trip and took about 50 minutes to reach the top.

2 days ago

Took longer than expected but worth the views. Bring water and snacks. Snowpack made some parts a little challenging.

Really good day hike if you go 1.6 miles and back really beautiful green. Remembes me of a jungle. After 1.6 miles it raps around and fallows The top all the way to Mount Ogden. Warning not much water after 1.6 miles recommend boiling or filtration.

I love this hike! It’s mostly shaded. It is a steep incline most of the way, but there are beautiful views at the halfway and the top! A great workout

I love this hike. Trail is pretty easy to follow. Good workout. Lovely view. Towards the ends you have to deal with lots of rocks.

5 days ago

Hiked this trail this morning, June 20, 2018, from 22nd Street via the lower Indian Trail connector, to the cairns overlooking Taylor Canyon. There are two cairns, one a little larger than the other, to each of which I added my rock. Fun hike, slightly strenuous, some loose and steep spots, but enjoyable. Passed through a couple of small meadows filled with wildflowers and dragonflies. Duration: 2:22:06, distance: 5.03 miles, elevation gain: 2,111 ft.

Perhaps I missed the trail, but between the waterfall and the Malan's Basin trail there is little to no trail. I found it dangerous climbing cliffs from the waterfall, and even when I was definitely on the trail approaching Malan's Basin it was extremely overgrown and littered with fallen trees. I'm leaving this review as a warning because I'm afraid someone following the path I just took could get seriously injured or killed.

Started at 22nd st trailhead to the other and back. Should have shuttled but only had one vehicle. Confusing part when past the emergency shelter, remember head left. Took 4 hours round trip.

6 days ago

Loved this hike, most of it is shaded so it’s great mid day! Amazing view points so plenty of pit stops if you need a break(: My dogs loved it, a river runs by at the half way point and a waterbowl is set up at the end; that was great! Worth trying just make sure to be prepared for a straight incline hike.

Awesome view at the top! Decent incline most of the way up- worth it though

Decent hike, great view

7 days ago

Incline the whole way...can be tough but the view is worth the cardio

first part is intense uphill and you can hear traffic. after about a half mile the sound of water downs out the traffic and it becomes nice. not a whole lot of people, but you are surrounded by trees for the most part so you don't see a whole lot of grand views.

Beautiful hike! Me and my 11 yo and 8 yo did it with me. The 2nd half is steep but the waterfall is so worth it.

on Malan's Basin Trail

8 days ago

This trails is over grown and route finding can be difficult. After reaching the plaque the trail becomes less defined and you will due a fare amount of bushwhacking. The views are amazing once you reach the top but the Beus Canyon trail would be a much better option to get the same result

9 days ago

Hiked Indian Trail this morning from 22nd Street to the trailhead in Ogden Canyon, then shuttled back to the start. Totally enjoyable, moderately challenging, great scenery. Will do this one again. Only problem was the dog owners who disregard the leash requirements. One of the members of our group had a dog, leashed, which was attacked by an unleashed dog from another group. Simply inexcusable on the part of the dog owner. Hiking time: 2:06:47, distance: 4.52 miles, elevation gain: 1,852 ft.

We hiked this on a very hot summer day. We believe if we had done this in the early morning, we would feel differently. A beautiful waterfall at the end, but for us, in the middle of July, it was hot and dusty but enjoyed the falls.

10 days ago

very nice easy hike. Lots of shade!

Amazing trail, very steep, but that's what we are looking for.

11 days ago

I finally completed this entire trail on my second try. Using this app on my cell was extremely helpful as I tend to occasionally find myself on an off-shoot of the trail I'm supposed to be on. This was quite the hike. Medium skill level maybe but I would say it more changes throughout varying skill levels. There is a little cabin (lookout) at about the halfway point. It's worth pushing yourself that far. This was about 1.5 to 2 hours in for me. (3 hours for the whole trail, 22nd Street Trailhead to trailhead in the Ogden Canyon). When you start to head down toward the river, you will find a campground that has a tee-pee type structure built next to the firepit. Very cool. Several more campgrounds, a little man-made waterfall and four bridges later, Eureka...I made it!

Super fun hike! My kids, ages 4 and 5 made the hike without any help but it was definitely challenging!

11 days ago

My husband and I completed this hike with our neighbor's dog on June 12.

We started around 5pm, after my husband got off work. This trail was easy and pleasant. It's ether flat or slightly inclined most of the way, with a few river crossings. This trail also intersected with several other trails as well as the golf course... fortunately there are plenty of signs that keep you on the correct path.

When we got to the end parking lot, we just turned around and took the trail back. If you want, at that point, you can just take the street back and it would be less mileage.

It was fun to have the dog with us..... he enjoyed being our leader!

Would recommend this easy hike to anyone!

11 days ago

Hiked this from 27th Street yesterday, June 12, 2018, to the plaque and the remnants of the old boiler, total of 6.1 miles up and back. As many have said, it is a pretty steep, but fun and satisfying hike. The climbing makes you appreciate the short intervals of relative flatness. Imagining a road all the way up to a resort and cabins is mind-boggling. Not sure how one would get 9.3 miles doing this hike, I must have missed something. Hiking time: 2:51:50, distance: 6.19 miles, elevation gain: 2,475 ft.

Beautiful hike with great scenery!!! Pretty steep trail! My legs were screaming at me by the time we made it to the falls!!!

Hot, bring water.

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