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off road driving
15 hours ago

Amazing drive.. very rocky but a stock SUV can make it. Air down your tires.. Lots of OHV traffic. The views can’t be beat.

off road driving
1 day ago

Awesome trail with great views. There are a couple of spots that require good tire placement but otherwise enjoy the view

off road driving
2 days ago

On pavement a good chunk of the way. A good bit of washboarding later on. Generally, pretty easy. Took a right onto the Burr Trail to Boulder. Much more interesting.

2 days ago

Great trail overall. Very sandy and steep at parts but my 3 year olds did it like champs.. Make sure to do early AM or evening and take lots of water, no shade. We did it at dark after a day at Dinosaur National Monument and it was great. Don't follow google maps. Dirt road is easy to miss will try to add a screenshot of the longitude and latitude for the turn off. Follow blue metal signs to "parking area" Always go right at the forks and download the map ahead of time as their are some ATV trails at the beginning that could be confusing.

Did this after doing the fins and had a great time...

off road driving
3 days ago

first time driving a razor and had a blast!!!

Took our RZR through here and up to Old Ephraims Grave. There was mild utv traffic, otherwise smooth trail.

Love this trail! The views are AMAZING!

This is the most scenic park of the Squaw Peak 50 mile trail race. Race day is early June, so if you plan to do it just after then, it will be groomed and flagged.

off road driving
7 days ago

Amazing view of the mine and other areas. We did however see a mountain lion

scenic driving
7 days ago

So amazing and worth it, however took the 43 mile loop as posted at the trailhead. Took probably close to 2 hrs because I couldn’t help but stop for pictures every quarter mile

off road driving
7 days ago

We took the trail going through the Hurrah pass trailing the very edge of the clifs and it was wonderful. the top has breathtaking views and the trail isn't too difficult to the top. Going down on the other side to get to the Chicken Trail is a tad bit more difficult but still not too bad.

off road driving
13 days ago

Decent trail for off roading. There were a few hills where I felt like my Truck got some good exercise. The view up at the top is amazing!

Thelma and Louise was filmed here!

off road driving
16 days ago

Drove this from my house in Alpine, UT over to a Cafe in Midway for my wife and my 20th anniversary. Beautiful view everywhere. Easy trail in a Polaris RZR.

A Moab must!

on Big Elk Lake Trail

17 days ago

didn't actually make it to Big Elk Lake. Rating 3-stars b/c is currently the average review.

Went up 35 in a Subaru Tribeca based on reports of Outbacks at the top. Great example of the deep fried shirt: 'i didn't say he couldn't, I said *you* shouldn't.' Quit about a mile from the top. Hiked with the kids for the last mile of the road, but it was getting too late to attempt the trail to Big Elk Lake. The kids enjoyed it and there are some small ponds and overlooks that are nice in that stretch.

On the way down, my left front skidded off a rock and the sidewall got punctured. amazingly, the spare made it down. Great adventure, but I don't recommend it to others. Bring a serious vehicle. I'm newly considering such a purchase.

Did it November 2016 in an '04 4runner. Completely stock except for the 2" lift and Icon suspension. 2nd trail I had ever done. Terrifying! So many chances to roll and destroy your rig and yourself. I did celebratory donuts when we made it out in one piece. I learned a lot that day.

The trail begins 100 feet past mile marker 359.

Hard to find. Watch for the dirt road right after the Steinaker state park sign on the left on the curve of the road. After the washout take the wide dirt road to left to the trail head. In the trailhead stay to the right. Its an easy hike and very beautiful.

21 days ago

Did the trail from Potash to Canyonland today, 7-25-18, and it was amazing. We drove a stock JK and had no problems at all. Be ready for the last few miles straight up a 1000 foot wall of rock before you get to the main road in Canyonland.

Incredible view of the Colorado River cliffs. IF YOU HAVE A FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLE , you should experience Toroweep at least once in your life!

off road driving
23 days ago

Took the road less traveled for sure. Need 4 wheel drive and patience. Bring water and hopefully you have a/c. Temps reached 103 mid ride.

Closed until fire in Tooele is out! Today is July 27th, 2018.

Boyfriend and I got lost half way through and had to bushwhack our way to a road which eventually led to the grave. We were kindly 4 wheeled out as the sunset beamed. Was a good hike.

off road driving
29 days ago

Amazing place. Camp overnight

off road driving
29 days ago

great drive the thing I believe that makes this hard is a bypass trail that leads to the mountain ridge and the steep incline. my wife and I were able to complete the bypass trail in a stock Xterra with AT tires. 9 inches of clearance was enough for all of the obstacles but 4 low was a necessity, lockers would be nice but not needed. this is a single lane trail so go slow and watch for traffic.
great view of utah lake once you get up to the radio towers.

Really fun trail, enjoyed the drive up to the trailhead

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