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trail running
2 months ago

This is a remote trail in the NW corner of the high Uintas. It begins at Gardners Fork trailhead which gets light traffic. You'll probably have the trail all to yourself. However, the trail appears to get enough traffic that it's seldom overgrown, even in late summer. The trail starts out steep and rough, then descends briefly on moderate terrain to the 1st river crossing. Between the 1st and 2nd crossing is relatively smooth single track for the middle third of the trail. At the large cairn (see photos), take a left at the obvious fork in the trail. This marks the start of the Abes Lake side trail. You'll then immediately make the third and final river crossing, which marks the beginning of the steep and rocky climb to Abes Lake. It's rarely loose, with good footing, but makes for a challenging technical descent for runners. The three river crossings had many logs and large rocks for relatively easy crossing without getting wet. You should definitely have no problem at the end of summer (late July/Aug/Sept), though it might be a problematic in spring or early summer with lots of snowmelt. The trail is clearly defined except for a few sections on the steep climb up to Abes Lake. Wander a little to the left and right if you seem to lose your way, keep an eye out for the numerous small cairns, and you'll be able to find your way with a little basic route-finding.