13 days ago

Hiked Mahogany Hill trail (FS trail #'s 093 and 120) on October 19th 2018. I started in the Ponderosa campground then ended at the normal trailhead and parking lot. Trail goes through some Ponderosa Pines, up the side of a meadow, then through lots of scrub oak and some aspens. Trail is moderately sloped and fairly worn down with deep rutting from cows in some spots. Not extremely well marked on SW side of Mahogany Hill, but I was able to find my way. Just north of Mahogany Hill I saw a herd of elk with two bull elk bugling then as I was holding still watching for several minutes I saw a black bear through the trees about a hundred yards from me. Both were at dusk. Headed down quickly! if you start at the trail head there is one stream crossing over Salt Creek. The trail does not go to the summit of Mahogany Hill but I pushed through the oak brush and made it to the top. Kind of fun view from the top but not something I would probably do again. Other than the SW corner of the loop route (trail?) around Mahogany Hill, the FS trails 093 and 120 up to the hill and back down is decent.