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When I posted my other review this was listed as a 1 mile trail and that’s all we did.

I didn’t actually hike this, but for all of you planning trips out here, the TRAIL IS CLOSED until further notice due to a landslide that happened July 11th, 2018. Call the park prior to your trip if you’re hoping to do this hike!

Easy and short hike with an incredible view!

Hiked this three days ago and loved it. We hiked it in the evening and was saved by the clouds. My 14,12, and 9 year old kids really enjoyed it. Bring lots of water and try to hike it early or later in the evening if you have kids. The view at the top is worth it!

The views were breathtaking, and it’s definitely something to be proud to accomplish. However if you’re not a regular hiker, especially in the summer months, take extra precaution. The last stretch which is the part where you use the ropes to help you up the side of the mountain is almost all direct sunlight, and can take a toll on your body. Bring lots of water and salty snacks, and enjoy the view!

We really enjoyed this hike. Despite Big Cottonwood canyon being overrun on a Sunday, we were the only two people on this trail. It's a steep climb and there is still a lot of snow on the last mile. We had micro spikes which worked great on the steeper sections. The views from the saddle next to the Honey Comb Skis are incredible. Later in the year this would also make a great loop hike by continuing to Lake Mary and then descending into Brighton.
I highly recommend this the, esp on weekends.

16 hours ago

This is one of our favorites. Mosquitos are bad at the lake right now but manageable. Wildflowers are beautiful. An easy hike for me and my 5 year old to walk himself. Don't forget $6 if you want to park at Catherine's or cecret parking lots!

17 hours ago

This was a great hike! I have done lower falls about 25 times with my kids, but never without them. I finally had a chance without kids to do this. We started on the trailhead around 7:25 ish, and finished at 10pm. It was 1.97 Miles to the waterfall, and ended up being a little less than 4 Miles total. The 3.4 Miles is deceiving, and once you hit 1.7 Miles the rest of the way to the waterfall is difficult and the path isn’t clear. It got dark before we got out of the canyon and n d d the help of a flashlight to see the rocks and path.

If you haven’t done it, do it! The waterfall is stunning and worth it. This hike is equivalent to waterfall canyon trail in my opinion. My kids (4 & 1) did waterfall canyon last year and it took 6 hours, I don’t think I will take them on this hike for another year.

This would definitely be a 5 star, but the hike and hot springs are overly popular now. Beautiful at sunset and fun at night with lanterns and some good music.

This was one of the best hikes I ever done! The views are beautiful, easy enough to tAke our 3 yr old in our back carrier.

I visited a few years ago. It's a fun climb to the tracks, and to the rock art a little higher up. Also, we found more dinosaur tracks on a stone slab to the left of the rock art. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else. Enjoy!

This hike was an absolute blast! I did this on Sunday afternoon/evening and only saw two other people past the upper lake and before the boulder ridge. It was challenging but the views were worth the aches. It’s probably not wise to attempt the Pfeifferhorn if you are afraid of heights, are uncomfortable scrambling rocks, or are not acclimated to the altitude. It took us about 6.5 hours round trip with a few stops along the way and some trail running on the way down.

Also, bring some bug spray & a buff to cover your mouth, as there is an abundance of flies and gnats near the lake.

Did this trail today with my Dad. It was a lot of fun. Wear a hat & bring more water than you think you’ll need. It’s not Mt. Olympus or anything, but still one that gets the heart rate pounding pretty high.

1 day ago

Nice and easy for the kids. The shade made for a nice outing in 95 degree weather.

Nothing new to say, but had to say it - WOW

Worthy of a visit. It's a very simple, well-worn trail to follow and there are some nice views at the falls. You won't be disappointed

This was a great hike, accurately described as moderate use. The wildflowers are starting to explode now.

It’s a great hike but extremely heavily trafficked with people that don’t know hiking etiquette. Get there early before the tourists get there with there beer and boom boxes. In the early morning you will have the trail to yourself. Plus you won’t have to worry about the heat. There is very little shade and everyone buds for it. But the view are amazing

one of the best

Great view of the Mine and some of the city. Trail isn’t hard but it’s bumpy and dusty. Lots of traffic on weekends. This is a “must do” for everyone who gets a new 4x4 in Salt Lake. Super easy

Nice short hike. Park map shows it has slot canyons, but I think that’s a stretch. It’s a steep short hike over rocks at the end. It’s always nice and cool up high, by the red rocks.

Short easy trail. Scrambling up the steep rock to the pioneer names is a blast! There are two points of entry onto the trail. The one where you can see the names from the road is shorter.

Super fun moderate hike. Water is plenty considering the river runs along most of the trail. The forest ranger had us move our campsite about twenty feet. He said every campsite needs to be "70 paces" from the lake. Also, fires need to be 1/4 mile from the lake. Stunning landscape and view as you ascend the trail towards the towering red castle. We saw three moose and a bald eagle.

This is a steep hike, averaging 1000 feet of elevation gain per mile. It's a hike to a meadow, not to a peak. You should know the meadow when you get there, it's beautiful. I could have sat up there for hours, but had to come down to get to work. While strenuous, definitely recommend.

1 day ago

The road to get to the trails is easy to miss. I came during mudslide season. The road is currently damaged, and signs warn that this road is impassable when wet. Emergency response is slow. Plan your trip outside of the rainy season, know the weather, and know this area is proceed at your own risk.

An amazing park for the family. We fish, bbq, paddle board, kayak, and play on the playground.

Backpacked from Kolob Arch side down to the camping spots (a mile from Kolob Arch) then backpacked back up the same direction. There’s running water for filtering. It was so pretty. My first backpacking trip.

Gorgeous view. A bit difficult to find without a map but once we found the base it was well worth it. Our kids hiked it to the top with us ages 3-14.

This trail is great with lots of many loops and has shade. Great climbing points as well. Great hike for little kids since it’s very short.

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