Great trip. We hiked in to dollar lake area (difficult to identify which lake was what) and found a good spot to set up for the night. Did not get super cold (maybe low 50's). Set out at 6 am the next morning towards gunsight pass and took the shortcut around. Lots of rocks to climb and walk over. We made it to the summit by 11. Descent was easier but still difficult due to the rocks. We took a left coming off the trail to the peak down what we were told was called 'the Devil's Chute' (because who can pass something with that kind of a name up?). First half was walking down steep rocks, the second half was skiing down rocks with hiking boots. We wandered back to the main trail and found the camp by 2. Broke it down and walked out leaving the trail at 630.

Would 3 days have been more pleasant? Probably - with a more relaxed start time might have dealt with more sun but there would be more time to come down and recover before making the hike out. All in all - ~20 miles is a lot for one day.