Just want to clarify some directions because we got a little confused finding this. Turn left as if you are going to Zion Ponderosa Ranch, turn left on Twin Knolls Road, and where the check in is, you keep going straight. There's a sign there that says Trailheads. After that, you will get to a dirt road and see signs that guide you to Observation Point. If you get to a dirt road before seeing a sign for Trailheads, you missed the turn.
Prepare yourself if you are going in the summer heat! There is not a lot of coverage, bring sunscreen and at least 3 liters of water per person. We passed a handful of people who had run out and they didn't even make it to the end yet. I would suggest taking this trail as early as possible to avoid the heat. There is no water and no bathrooms.
As far as the trail, it was easy across the Mesa, then downhill for about a mile to Observation Point. The only hard part was going back up on the return. Overall, it was a pretty boring hike for kids, made it feel like forever. I think I might prefer the strenuous route just for the change of scenery. Also, this was a total of 7.2 miles, not 6.7 (or 6 on some other sites). There are nearby cliffs but you can't see them because they are blocked by brush and trees. Once you get to Observation Point, it's really beautiful. Overlooks Zion and you can see Angel's Landing, which was pretty cool.