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I hope it opens back up soon. I hiked it in June of 2017. This is one of my favorite short hikes I’ve done.

All switchbacks. Those with a fear of heights may have difficulty at the top. Chains for the majority of the top, but a few spots where there are none, which makes for a more interesting time. Solid hike and not very far at all. Poles may have helped the knees on the descent.

We really enjoyed this trail, being that our 12 year old didn't want to make the climb from within the park. I didn't think it was hard to find at all. I googled East Mesa Trailhead in Springdale, and my phone took my right to the parking area.

For the reviews that say this is boring... I'm not sure what those people are looking for when they hike. If you look around while hiking this trail, there is so much beautiful nature to take in. It was quiet and not crowded until we got to the merger with East rim trail. From that point on, it was rather crowded. Now for the destination - So worth it! I didn't realize how great the views would be from this point. Looking down on Angel's Landing was a great view, and it looked so small from this point!

The trail is mostly slight uphill the whole way, until about a mile to the end, it is downhill to the observation point. That of course makes for some uphill walking to head back out if you are doing the out and back. We checked out some of the side trails towards the top - they go to some pretty amazing views as well.

This was such a great option for hikers that don’t want to climb the 2,000 foot elevation to make it to observation point.
Took us a little while to find it, half the time we were wondering if we were going the correct way.
I have a lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis and used supplemental oxygen during this hike. I could definitely tell the air was getting thinner as we went higher.
There was one spot on the way back that offered to be quite the challenge for me. There is a pretty steep hill before this trail meets up with the East Rim trail. I’m not going to lie, having to climb up it on the way back wore me out!

Beautiful views at the top. The first portion of the hike is relatively easy. There are some steep switchbacks up the mountain until you get to the flat forest-like portion at the top that leads to Observation Point. Only took us about 3.5 hours to do the whole hike, including our rest at the top for pictures and snacks. Worth going to check out Weeping Rock by the start either before or after your hike too.

Beautiful hike that takes you up some steep switchbacks then you level off as you walk thru Echo Canyon which looks like you are on Mars! Once through Ech Canyon you travel back up a series of switchbacks that take you from the backside of Observation Point to the frontside before you reach a beautiful plateau where you finish this amazing hike with a 1/2 mile walk to the actual point that looks down on Angel’s Landing.

This trail is closed by the park service until further notice. There was a rockslide on August 28. The Ranger told me they would wait a week and reevaluate to see if it stabilized. I’ve only been to Zion twice and this stupid trail has been closed both times. It would also be nice to know this information before I fly 1500 miles out here to hike this. How are people posting that they hiked this yesterday? That leaves false information which misleads people that use this app.

Love this hike! It's great if you're looking to stay in the shade and like traversing unmaintained canyon crevice. The first 1/4 mile or so is maintained, beginning with steep switchbacks, followed by steel cables bolted into the rock walls to guide you along the face of the mountain. But once you're back into the "crevice" between the mountains, there is a sign that says the trail is unmaintained. Simply follow it as long as you'd like (there's no fear of getting lost since there's only one direction to go). We did not take it to the end since I think it gets kinda technical later on. There were also some large hiking groups ahead of us that created a sort of bottleneck. Mind your footing on this trail, especially when you're next to the steel cables. The sandstone rock is very slick with beach sand.

I loved this trail. I really hate switchbacks, but the ones in this hike are made worth it by the actual canyon part of the hike. It reminded me of an obstacle course. Sandstone was very slippery after all the loose sand tracked on it, but still awesome. 60 year old (fit) father was able to do it. Some of the obstacles ARE challenging. Climbing and scrambling is required. Wouldn't recommend for anyone shorter than 48in. I'm 5 feet even and had some trouble maneuvering over some of the sandy boulders. Highly recommend.

Good canyon overlook view up top. The cables add a little difficulty but it is well built.

Really interesting and cool Canyon with lots of good views to capture, steep at times.

Great trail with some shade early but more exposed closer to Observation Point. Flat until last .75 mile to cut over to the Observation Point trail where it's more vertically challenging and followed by relatively flat out/back Trail out to Observation Point. Extraordinary views from Observation Point much less so on the East Mesa trail to/from.

Spectacular hike! I would rate this hike moderate. The views of the Valley and Angels Landing were unforgettable. This was the best hike we did in Zion.

This trail is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Great views of the canyon and absolutely exhilarating with the large drop offs and hairpin switchbacks.

I did this hike on 7/20 and as of today, 7/21, I was informed by a ranger that the trail is CLOSED due to a rock fall.

Just want to clarify some directions because we got a little confused finding this. Turn left as if you are going to Zion Ponderosa Ranch, turn left on Twin Knolls Road, and where the check in is, you keep going straight. There's a sign there that says Trailheads. After that, you will get to a dirt road and see signs that guide you to Observation Point. If you get to a dirt road before seeing a sign for Trailheads, you missed the turn.
Prepare yourself if you are going in the summer heat! There is not a lot of coverage, bring sunscreen and at least 3 liters of water per person. We passed a handful of people who had run out and they didn't even make it to the end yet. I would suggest taking this trail as early as possible to avoid the heat. There is no water and no bathrooms.
As far as the trail, it was easy across the Mesa, then downhill for about a mile to Observation Point. The only hard part was going back up on the return. Overall, it was a pretty boring hike for kids, made it feel like forever. I think I might prefer the strenuous route just for the change of scenery. Also, this was a total of 7.2 miles, not 6.7 (or 6 on some other sites). There are nearby cliffs but you can't see them because they are blocked by brush and trees. Once you get to Observation Point, it's really beautiful. Overlooks Zion and you can see Angel's Landing, which was pretty cool.

My wife and I did this as a sunrise hike. Since we were staying in Springdale we got in the car at 3:30 a.m. and made the ~50 min. drive to the trailhead. We headed out on the trail at 4:45 with headlamps. Even at that hour, sunlight was beginning to crest the eastern horizon. An easy nearly 3 mile hike before descending off the Mesa towards Observstion Point. We arrived at the point just in time for "magic" hour. We stayed for about a half hour taking in the glorious sunrise views of Zion value, snapping pics and videos. What really made our experience amazing was that we were the only ones out there with the weather was near perfect at 60-65 degrees F. And all during the height of the summer season in July. The hike back was also great because it was like a new hike being in the daylight this time. Highly highly recommend!

The begin is very steep but getting to the area where you hold on to chains and try to keep from slipping was very fun! Combined with observation point this trail is wonderful

3 months ago

This trail gives you a quick look at weeping rock and then a wall of switch backs. I would recommend going left onto observation point, or doing observation point and this the same day. Its a fun little canyon but a good climb to get to it.

Great hike close to the house. It pretty easy bring water as there is nothing around. The overlook is great!!!

This is a great trail to take, and if you want a good full day of hiking, you can do Weeping Rock, Hidden Canyon, and Observation Point all in one day. Hidden Canyon has some spots with good shade, so it's a good one to do on a hot day. There are a couple places where you have to shimmy along a cliff face holding onto chains - it can be nerve-racking and there isn't enough room to deal with traffic.

This is a nice hike to do. Wasn't to hard we did it with our 3 kids 5,7,10. They had no irritable doing it. We hiked all the way back to see the arch. It was pretty cool. You have to hike about 700 feet past the last sign that says end of trail turn back. I think it was worth the hike. Go early if you want to beat the crowd.

Great hike / views

Great way to spend a morning with kids!

4 months ago

Recommend this hike for those that want a little less traveled while visiting Zion. Very steep switchbacks on the climb up with sheer drop offs to one side as you hike. Some areas have chains to assist those afraid to walk freely (I recommend holding the chains, but that may be my fear of heights). Once to the canyon we almost turned back before reaching the end because we didn't realize there was a small free standing arch, and a sign that says end of trail but another hiker motivated us as he was going down. I would recommend this hike for the sure footed hiker as parts get a little sketchy along the way but it is completely work the trip.

4 months ago

This is like a baby angels landing. Still amazing hike and has fun rock climbing at the top. Arch is at beginning of the canyon.

4 months ago

Great view. Long drop offs, not for anyone fearful of heights.

This trail is easy to navigate and elevation changes are minimal. At this point we had 65 miles of hiking so we were ready to finish! Meandering path and wide trail. Zero water sources.

Once you get inside the canyon its cooler and narrow. Really get an up close feeling of the sheerness of the vertical rock walls. We got a frog symphony at a small pool. good reward for the uphill climb. There were just a few chains on the trail. Small arch on the right side of the canyon as you continue in.

You CAN'T miss out on observation point. One of the best views I've seen in my life.

This hike is incredibly easy and accessible for anyone. It's well trafficked and there's much less elevation gain or loss than the app says-- it's barely anything, and it's 90% flat. This is definitely the cheater way but it's still a good hike with the distance. Took us a little less than an hour and a half both ways. Leave yourself time to spend at observation point, you're going to want it.

The views throughout the hike are stellar, too. Don't let the reviews trick you into thinking it's boring. There's incredible little peeps of Zion on either side of the trail as you go along. Take a second to peek at all the side trails, they usually lead to fantastic lookouts. Keep your head up and look out sometimes or you might miss a view.

We ran into practically no one on this trail until the end when it tied in with the main trail most people take. It was quiet and wonderful. Lots of people must not know about this hike.

Getting there seems a little unorthodox, but don't let that scare you. It's a dirt road past cabins by the end. It definitely wouldn't be a good idea in the rain and I'd suggest having a truck. The weirdness at the end of the drive is totally worth not paying a fee to get into Zion.

Have fun!!

5 months ago

Great hike, really enjoyed the unmaintained trail to the arch as well. but it is a tier below the "big name" hikes of zion

5 months ago

We did this trail after coming down from Observation Point on East Rim Trail (once you're above the early nasty East Rim switchbacks, you may as well maximize your fun). We hadn't yet done Angels Landing, so the few sections on Hidden Canyon with chains at the exposed sections were a fun warm up for that. Some nice views on the way up. We didn't go way into the Canyon itself - only scrambled over a few rock obstacles, so we didn't see the arch. We were more interesting in seeing what an exposed face with a grab chain was like.

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