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Mount Carmel Junction, Utah Map

This is a good trail for an introduction to canyoneering. The hike in is not very interesting. None of the obstacles required technical skills. A short rope and hand over hand is all that is required. The canyon is spring fed and not very cold. Hiking out via the Narrows was exhausting after the long hike just to get there. The strong current, large rocks and multiple river crossings require lots of effort. Overall a good hike but not spectacular.

Great hike, awesome views ;)

Views as far as the eyes can see!!!

Read reviews first! We made the mistake of going into the park from the east entrance, it’s outside the park heading east. Look for NORTH FORK ROAD on the left hand side and turn there then follow the signs. For sure need all wheel drive, but the dirt road wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. After reading reviews I was prepared for much worse. More like 8 miles, but super easy hike. After hearing the east rim trail inside the park will be closed forever due to the severity of the rock slide, I’m so thankful observation point is still accessible via this trail!

Probably the best trail in Zion! The view from observation point is outstanding! Could be snowy and slippery during the winter.

beautiful hike. the trail head was closed due to rock slides from weeping rock so we started at the east Mesa trailhead. it was a really pretty hike I would say about half of it was shaded pretty flowers ,steep drop offs the last mile or so. the view takes your breathe away it is so beautiful and not busy at all

observation point takes your breath away it is SO beautiful. we saw maybe 20 people the entire trail. pretty easy trail partly shaded

A few little rappels and some pools to paddle through. It's great until the confluence....then the mass crowds in the Narrows.

Great way to see Observation Point. We did the regular route last year up the hill, which is much more exciting and scenic however the end result is still the same ... pure awe at Observation Point. Be careful on the right side viewing areas, as the drop is straight down hundreds of feet. Be sure to keep any children or dogs close by as 1 slip will end badly here. Trail itself is flat, not a whole lot to see. If the other route up is open, I’d recommend that but this trail is still good for now.

our first day at zion we did this hike on a Thursday in June. the trail was flat until the last mile or so, then it was down hill, not a problem until coming back

Awesome trail. We took the east rim trail to observation point. Saw almost no one. The few people at the point came from the east Mesa trail. It took about 12 hours from the east rim trail to the point and back. Absolutely worth it. This was in June 2019.

Pretty flat hike up until the very end. This was a great way to get to observation point (the other route was closed due to fallen rocks). We didn’t love that the majority of the trail was walking through the forest, but it was still beautiful. We ended up seeing two condors while at observation point, which was awesome!

Great way to see Observation Point. Trail is nice and flat except for the end, but overall it’s not an issue. We saw lots of lizards and enjoyed the Zion forest.

Main route was closed, so I was thankful to be able to get this one in. Finding the trailhead was an issue, as cell signal isn't great on the east side of Zion. Program your GPS ahead of time! Once we found the trailhead, it was easy going from there. Straightforward hike through a forest of pines on fairly level terrain. Short descent to observation point, which was something to behold. Some bugs on the trail, so keep moving!

This Trail was awesome, fairly easy trail with some small up and down hills but nothing to crazy but if its been raining at all I could see some spots becoming very muddy. The first couple of miles is through a more wooded environment so that was a pleasant break from the desert trails in Zion. it leads you to Observation point which is well worth the hike. AllTrails says its about 6.7 miles but my Fitbit clocked closer to 8 miles. You have to Drive out of the East Entrance of Zion park about 15 miles to get to this trail but it was well worth it. I would highly recommend a vehicle with 4wd or AWD if it had been raining anytime recently as you have to travel along a few miles of dirt roads to access this trail and mud could definitely be a problem. but all in all an amazing trail and I'm glad I found it on this website!!

The view is totally awesome. Easy hike... mostly level. The road to the trailhead was fine until the last half mile or so. There wasn't much mud... but the road has very deep ruts. Easy to see the road would be basically impassable, in a car, after a good rain. My fitness watch tells me the out and back distance was just over 8 miles and we did it in 3.5 hours. There are several very nice views waiting for you at the end of the trail. Enjoy. (did this hike the afternoon of June 1st)

You don’t know what peace is until you’re sitting at Observation Point looking out and all you hear is the wind blowing. Perfection

We did this hike to observation point since we heard how great the view was, but this was the only trail open. It’s somewhat uneventful until you get to the final view, but I’d say the view makes up for it. We had to walk. That extra half mile there and back because of the muddy road, but it seemed like everyone was in the same boat. We did this trail as our first hike in Zion, and I’d recommend doing others first and this as your last since you aren’t coming from the canyon floor so you don’t get the whole experience of being up so high. Overall, great view and would definitely make the trek if you want to check out observation point.

Currently closed due to rock fall.

private property
1 month ago

Date Hiked: 5/20/19 This way to observation point is probably not as scenic/cool as getting there from the inner canyon but it is a way to observation point none the less. We went during the crap ton of rain so the roads were impossible to get anywhere close to the trail head parking and from reading recent reviews, it looks like it is still that way. It only added 1 mile round trip so it wasn't bad. The hike was the muddiest hike I've ever done but not the worst mud I've ever been in. It is just present to whole freakin way. The trail is getting pretty trashed because of the foot traffic in this mud...But this does not take away from the spectacular views at the point. You could see the zoo of people at Angel's Landing which was cool. Lot's of chipmunks that will get in your packs looking for food. I think this route has become pretty aware to the public since the closures of other trails so I would expect to be with the rest of the world to be hiking with you if you don't get here early. If you are in Zion, I believe this one is a must do.

Did this one a few years ago. Awesome views with lots of switchbacks. A good pull up the mountain but well worth it.

road to front of trailhead was pretty muddy even on a sunny day. had a rav4 and was able to make it directly into the trailhead. park before road turns to sand/mud if concerned. To describe foot traffic saw 3 people coming down on my way up at 8am and 50+ on the way down at 12pm. this was the holiday weekend

Hiked on 5/20/19......muddy AF. Parked 0.5 mile from the trailhead. The view is incredible. If it was dry it would be a simple hike but the mud made it hard. Weeping rock was still closed

Beautiful view at the end but tricky to get there today--road in is very muddy, so we ended up parking on the side of Fir Road and walking to the trailhead. Did not see the parking area a half mile before the trailhead on the way in, but saw several cars parked in a muddy open area with a private property sign at corner of Fir Road and Beaver Road, so maybe that was it. Hike itself is mostly flat and very very muddy, slippery in parts. Took us about 3.5 hours in all. We had fun, but stressful getting there and I wouldn't try it on a rainy day.

We were directed by locals that we could park our car in the space at the intersection of Beaver and Fir but were sad to see new "No trespassing" signs everywhere there. We felt very uncertain about where to park, and in the end it was too muddy and snowy for us to do the hike. We hope to try again someday.

Did this hike a year ago and it still resonates how beautiful the view is. Not nearly as "dangerous" as Angel's Landing, but way more strenuous! If you can, and you have the car to do so if the road conditions are muddy, take the East Mesa Trail. You have to exit the park going East, but it's a way easier trail for the same view.

Great for an alternate route to Observation Point. Not as strenuous as the trail from the main park, but still gets you to the same viewpoint.

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