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on Big Mountain Trail

23 days ago

This is a very nice hike along the Great Western trail, easily accessible from Salt Lake City. It starts across the street from the large Big Mountain Pass parking area, surrounded by telecommunications towers. The first 0.7 miles are quite steep and then it pretty much levels off. The views are beautiful in all directions and after you climb the initial part, it is very mellow.

The track shown here is from someone who was walking along the Great Western trail and then just decided to take a sharp right turn and climb up through the grass and scrub brush to the top of Big Mountain. I walked a little bit further and hooked up with an ATV road that goes right up and over the summit. There are ATV trails all along the ridge, but I did not see anyone using them this morning. The GWT continues on quite a ways, I think eventually getting you to Grandview Peak. I have no idea where all the ATV trails go.