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8 hours ago

One word: Stunning!
Challenging Hike to the tower. Incredible scenery and geological diversity.
We started the hike at 5:45pm and returned for a beautiful sunset at 8:15.
Highly recommend this hike!
Can't wait for the next opportunity.

Great view! Was perfect for my small dog. Definitely worth a visit after Arches.

1 day ago

Awesome hike for a hot day with a great destination. The stream is cold and refreshing. There are small fish and a few crawdads in living in the stream as well. Make sure to take time to try and catch some! It's a blast.

Excellent and part shade was a bonus!!

really cool but you have to climb up to see the dinosaur tracks. there is a sign and a rock that has the tracks but it is up on this overlook. kinda steep. Cool tho!

Amazing views from above. Sad story about Dead Horse and how the history started. Enjoyed this quick leg stretch on our way to Moab.

Great trail and scenery. Our favorite trail in Moab.

mountain biking
8 days ago

For MTBers, it's a moderate ride if you don't plan on getting very far off the access road. If you plan to try to go deeper in on the trail be ready for sand, sand, and more sand. We started the loop counter clockwise and enjoyed the climb and views but once it flattened out we encountered a quarter mile stretch of deep fine sand. We should have turned back but one said it can't get much worse...i feel like I pushed more than road until we got back to the road for a rather gravelly ride back to the car. Unlike most rides out here, nobody said they'd do any part of that ride again. NOT A WORTHWHILE MTB TRAIL. (yes that ended with a period)

9 days ago

We went about 30 minutes in and had a nice time. We liked that we could bring our dog, but parts of the trail were overgrown. It was dry enough that we did not get wet, but we could get close enough for our dog to drink from the stream. About half the time we were in shade and it was a nice walk.

Really enjoyed running this trail. Got to the trailhead at 6am and only one car was in the lot. Unfortunately, I was a little under the weather but wasn’t going to miss an opp to get this run in.
Although billed as a mountain bike trail the slickrock was a joy to run on. I’ve run Gooseberry Mesa and it reminded me of that but without any other terrain.
Early is better as the rock will grab the heat and make it a tough go if you sleep in. Also, I had the trail to myself for about 7+ of the miles. I ran the main loop then added the practice loop to get just over 10 total. No other runners but a few MTB’s towards the end.
I ran in my On Cloutventure’s since they are almost like road shoes with a little grip.
The views are amazing and worth a few stops to grab some photos.
Don’t miss this trail if you’re in town.

11 days ago

Great hike. I skipped the last mile. I’d recommend people treat it as a 2 mile up and back and try to do it in under 2 hours. The first half mile is the only hard bit and it’s not bad. If you do that part late enough in the day it’ll be in the shade. Unfortunately the actual valley part is usually in the sun since the valley isn’t too deep. Great views.

11 days ago

Loved this hike. One of the most puppy friendly ones I’ve done. Lots of places for the dog to cool off. Pretty interesting views along the way.

Really great views throughout the whole hike. The side trails to viewpoints are well worth it. We saw almost no one on trail once we got away from the visitors center. Bring lots of sunscreen!

One of my favorite trails in the area- possibly ever! Very easy to follow and you follow a stream for most of the hike. Diverse ecology yields many different beautiful aromas in the canyon. I try to go every time I go to Moab!

off road driving
13 days ago

Made it about half was before we had to turn around due to our time constraints. We will definitely be back!

15 days ago

Beautiful hike! Thank goodness for the breeze.

After hiking Arches and Canyonlands, this may be my favorite all around hike in Moab. It has a little of everything; open, wide trail, several stream crossings, and some rock scrambling. The payoff at the end is more than just the bridge, the entire cavern is impressive too!

19 days ago

Straight forward trail with amazing views everywhere you look. After reading about dogs and the ladder in most of the reviews, I now 'get it'. That ladder will definitely pose a challenge if you bring your pup but even if it does, the hike is still stunning, you just turn back before others have to.

Great views, the towers are impressive and the drive to and from the trail is worth the trip itself. You can't go wrong with this one.

This was a great hike. Not too long or too hard, but enough to feel like you deserve your snack :-) Beautiful arch at the end and lots of shade.

20 days ago

very enjoyable! great hike on a hot day. cool spot at the Arch at the end.
Don't pass up a dip in the creek.

Amazing views and easy hike! Highly recommend!

25 days ago

I found this to be a surprisingly enjoyable hike, but would recommend doing it as part of a canyoneering trip (a lot of the places in Moab offer a Morning Glory route that drops you right on the trail). There are great views of the canyon, and a number of creek crossings that make it a little more fun than a standard hike.

Note for hikers with dogs - there's a ladder that you have to go up or down depending on the direction. Unless you can carry your dog, I recommend hiking up well behind the ladder and then crossing down in the slot behind the ladder. This is doable and safe for you and your pup.

29 days ago

I loved this hike. As others have said, it is steep at first and then a nice easy walk through the beautiful Hidden Valley. At the far end of the valley you have a choice – you can head up to the right through the rocks to get a very cool view of the entire valley (see posted pic) or you can continue straight and meet up with the Moab Rim Trail. I did both. Once at the Rim Trail, rather than heading left towards the Colorado River I went right towards the dead end/overlook. What an amazing view of the entire Moab valley. It was only about an additional mile and well worth it. Panorama posted.

29 days ago

Super steep to start, but if you can stick with it, the valley at the top is awesome. Not much shade. This was a great, lightly trafficked trail, off the beaten path in Moab.

29 days ago

Nice trail, some nice shady areas, but lots of poison ivy. Trail can be hard to follow at times. Wish i had worn chacos to walk through the water! Lots of dogs!

29 days ago

Such a lovely trail. And if you’re coming from Moab, the drive to the trailhead is stunning. As for the trail itself, well marked and great views. The end point made for a nice picnic spot with incredible 360 degree views.

1 month ago

Conveniently close to highway 128 campgrounds. Great hike with a spectacular view of morning glory arch at the end. Follows a river with lots of poison ivy growing, but as long as you can identify it it’s not hard to avoid. We used a preventative lotion before and poison ivy wash after just to be safe.

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