This is a fun place to go but if your going up for the rope swing you’ll wana know A few things 1. There’s a weight limit I wana say anyone over 220 pounds better be able to hold them selfs up and grab the rope from higher up because the branch dips a lot more then you think it will 2 it’s on a steep hill with cut down trees that look like spears so keep your feet up 3 try to get as far out into the lake when swinging there’s like a huge rock so make sure you clear it my brother didn’t and said he crumbled when he landed like a tin can 4 not for kids 5 it’s pretty freaking sweet swinging on some mildly dangerous rope swing into a pretty lake it’s amazing and fun af we set up hammocks brought out a canoe and had a blast I’m not sure about camping there but I’ve seen people camping there enjoy the lake guys