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21 hours ago

It was nice and short with some great views and pretty wild flowers, but there were a lot of people and mosquitos. My friend went on a week day and it was warmer, we went on a cooler day on the weekend. I recommend doing that if you want the place to your self and fewer bugs.

off road driving
1 day ago

Beautiful scenery with a few fun spots to maneuver on the trail

I wouldn’t classify this as an easy trail, though it’s certainly doable for inexperienced hikers. Make sure to go in the morning. The lake draws a lot of swimmers.

Wonderful time! Get there early to avoid crowds and traffic! Looked like people camp there too.

3 days ago

Easy hike with beautiful scenery. Watch out fo dog poop and doggie bags all over. There was plenty of trash at the trailhead too. Please clean up after yourselves and your dogs.

Beautiful weather. Beautiful trail. We enjoyed this hike with our kids. The rope swing into the lake was refreshing!

6 days ago

I found a hat and sunglasses up near the top of Guardsman Pass on Sunday 7/8. If they are yours message me describing your items and I can get them back to you.

6 days ago

Mosquito central bring spray

8 days ago

Trail is called Willow Hollow.
Short hike. of .75 miles from the Alpine Loop Road to the main trail head of several other trails at high elevation.
The trail begins and seems very narrow like a bike route. After about 10 yards it opens up into a good hiking trail. Though short it is about half shaded. Leading into Quaking Aspen Groves with butterflies, wildflowers, and great views of the surrounding mountains.
there is some road noise, because you never really get far away from the Loop Road. Whoever left all of the beer bottles and devastation at an improvised campsite should definitely be arrested.
The parking areas to pull off large enough for two cars or one large truck with a trailer.

10 days ago

Nice, short hike to a lake which is great for anyone ( kids, novice hikers, visitors not used to altitude) to get to (did this w my 6 year old flat lander nephew with no problem). Flowers have been gorgeous this past week. Could make this a longer hike by extending it beyond first lake. Plan ahead for what type of hike: if nature and quiet go in lower traffic hours - weekdays and/ or early morning, if you don’t mind a crowd w plenty of dogs, people, and activity you can go any time.

10 days ago

Easy, paved trail. Lots of signs with trail directions. Very pretty.

Beware! This place has now become Grand Central Station for families with young kids and teenagers partying. It’s not a backwoods hike at all anymore. It used to be one of our favorites - we would take the dogs for them to go swimming. That was back when it was private property and people didn’t know about it. But now it has become discovered – you know it’s bad when the forest district has put Porta potty‘s at the trailhead. If you’re looking for loud music, kids screaming on a rope swing, and an incessant flow of idiots hiking in flip-flops and swimsuits, then this is your trail! If you’re looking for an actual nature experience avoid this at all costs. There are so many better places to go. And if you do take your dogs, per the other comments here, please clean up after them and be a responsible dog owner.

16 days ago

Did this one last month. Pretty views of Midway.

as of early May, trail closed to vehicles. So sad.

The lake was beautiful. The wildflowers are in bloom. The mosquitoes are thick - be prepared with some bug spray!! Took 8 kids under the age of 8, they all did great but the 8 year olds lead us down the wrong trail and it was a little steep and slippery. We watched a few other groups come in on the wrong trail too.

Easy hike with amazing views. Wildflowers are blooming now!

Lots of trails/service roads in the area, numerous routes to these destinations.

Easy great reward with the lake very pretty .

the lake was a wonderful treat!!

Great for kids - our 5 and 6 year old did it without too much trouble, and a beautiful view at the beginning and the end.

I saw people hauling the trash out, and the trail and lake were clean and pristine!

Perfect family trail - great for kids - extraordinary views. Parking can get a little crazy - go early on the weekends for best experience!

1 month ago

beautiful, great for strolling and leisurely enjoying nature

I’ve seen leaches in the water before. So be careful.

Short and easy. Passed many bags of dog poop left from the day before. How hard is it to pick up? Pretty lake.

We've taken the kids a couple of times. Nice easy little nature walk.

This is a fun place to go but if your going up for the rope swing you’ll wana know A few things 1. There’s a weight limit I wana say anyone over 220 pounds better be able to hold them selfs up and grab the rope from higher up because the branch dips a lot more then you think it will 2 it’s on a steep hill with cut down trees that look like spears so keep your feet up 3 try to get as far out into the lake when swinging there’s like a huge rock so make sure you clear it my brother didn’t and said he crumbled when he landed like a tin can 4 not for kids 5 it’s pretty freaking sweet swinging on some mildly dangerous rope swing into a pretty lake it’s amazing and fun af we set up hammocks brought out a canoe and had a blast I’m not sure about camping there but I’ve seen people camping there enjoy the lake guys

Loved this trail. Brought a cousin of mine from NYC and she enjoyed it. A pretty easy hike despite the steepness towards the end. Will return with my dog next time and maybe come back to fish.

Simple, paved - the dogs loved it.

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