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I really loved this trail! Before you even get to the trailhead you have a rocky road and then a stream or two to drive through. Then it’s about a 39 degree incline over a mostly boulder covered trail. Great views all the way up. Once you reach the top it’s well worth it. We hiked this in early June and didn’t see a single person while on the actual trail. It was slightly chilly once we reached the very top but not terrible. I wish we had had more time to climb up the boulder hill and check things out a bit more once at the lake. I will definitely be going back to stay the night sometime. Take a hammock and a small dingy to float around in once up there.

We took this route and it was pretty challenging: From the trailhead keep right to hike up towards 10420 Peak, hike back down towards Lackawaxen Lake, then follow the power lines (keep left at the 2nd fork) towards Bloods Lake. Highly recommend bringing your dog!

I saw people hauling the trash out, and the trail and lake were clean and pristine!

Follows a service road to the top of the Jupiter Ski Lift

12 days ago

This is one of the most beautiful I know of. The hike is a stair stepper but the pay off at the end is so worth it. It you hike up to the ridges above the lake you are looking down on the back side of snowbird. I can’t recommend this hike enough. Typically we hammock when we camp up here. Camping spots are limited.

Perfect family trail - great for kids - extraordinary views. Parking can get a little crazy - go early on the weekends for best experience!

beautiful, great for strolling and leisurely enjoying nature

I’ve seen leaches in the water before. So be careful.

Short and easy. Passed many bags of dog poop left from the day before. How hard is it to pick up? Pretty lake.

16 days ago

Recommend practicing for this hike on a stair master, well worth the effort.

We've taken the kids a couple of times. Nice easy little nature walk.

I would say this is more on the moderate/hard side with the huge increase in elevation during this hike on the way in and way out. So worth it!!!

23 days ago

Still pretty snowy towards the top of 420 peak. Lackawaxen Lake was surrounded by snow so I decided to head towards bloods instead.

24 days ago

I highly suggest this route- I started at Guardsman's Pass saddle to park and then hiked up Clayton's peak-pretty rocky and very steep but short and the peak views are amazing then you keep hiking straight to go down the other side to Lackawaxen Lake then you can back track a little bit and instead of going back up the way you came there's a trail that is off to the right- keep going to Blood's Lake to make it a loop back up to Guardsman's Pass parking lot. I brought my dog and set up my hammock at Lackawaxen and then jumped in at Bloods Lake which also has a rope swing and its a popular watering hole in the summer. Very fun day!

This is a fun place to go but if your going up for the rope swing you’ll wana know A few things 1. There’s a weight limit I wana say anyone over 220 pounds better be able to hold them selfs up and grab the rope from higher up because the branch dips a lot more then you think it will 2 it’s on a steep hill with cut down trees that look like spears so keep your feet up 3 try to get as far out into the lake when swinging there’s like a huge rock so make sure you clear it my brother didn’t and said he crumbled when he landed like a tin can 4 not for kids 5 it’s pretty freaking sweet swinging on some mildly dangerous rope swing into a pretty lake it’s amazing and fun af we set up hammocks brought out a canoe and had a blast I’m not sure about camping there but I’ve seen people camping there enjoy the lake guys

Loved this trail. Brought a cousin of mine from NYC and she enjoyed it. A pretty easy hike despite the steepness towards the end. Will return with my dog next time and maybe come back to fish.

Simple, paved - the dogs loved it.

We tried. Road gate is still closed. Walked the road up to the TH- still lots of snow and ice.

mountain biking
3 months ago

One of my all time favorite alpine trails. It has some steep climbs and extremely fun downhill sections!

Start on ridge-157 and make your way back in the Elk Camp trail. It makes for the perfect loop that’s challenging and rewarding with some great views. Occasionally you might run into some wild like - deer, elk, and especially moose (see photos)

Less of a zoo than Blood Lake and more scenic in the bowl under Clayton peak. You can access it via peak 10420 and dropping down, or just continuing past bloods lake.

Can see Heber Valley, Brighton ski resort from the top

scenic driving
5 months ago

A few years ago this was a great trail. The Rock Crawlers have chewed it up so bad ATVs now get beaten up trying to get over the large boulders . Makes a good hiking trail but we (ATV'S) lost a good trail from misuse. It was to be a 40 inch only but managers didn't do a good job of management.

Did a loop up to the first peak then down around the lake. It was good.

Hiked the trail today with the dog. Had the area to myself and was able to get it in before the rain. Great views and not too steep.

Brought my pup and it was a great hike! Snow up there and great to walk around the lake!

Very easy paved trail, my kids loved all the bridges. Went this past weekend, and while still pretty, the fall colors are mostly all gone. It wasn't very crowded when we went which was nice. It is quite a drive to get there and I'm not sure it was worth such a long drive.

Very pretty, also very short. We were done and back to our car in about 30 minutes.

Great quick hike to a peaceful lake .

Great, easy hike. My 2 year-old walked almost the whole way. It is super muddy and icy...but still fun! I will be doing this one again next summer with all three kids.

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