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We tried. Road gate is still closed. Walked the road up to the TH- still lots of snow and ice.

mountain biking
2 months ago

One of my all time favorite alpine trails. It has some steep climbs and extremely fun downhill sections!

Start on ridge-157 and make your way back in the Elk Camp trail. It makes for the perfect loop that’s challenging and rewarding with some great views. Occasionally you might run into some wild like - deer, elk, and especially moose (see photos)

Less of a zoo than Blood Lake and more scenic in the bowl under Clayton peak. You can access it via peak 10420 and dropping down, or just continuing past bloods lake.

scenic driving
4 months ago

A few years ago this was a great trail. The Rock Crawlers have chewed it up so bad ATVs now get beaten up trying to get over the large boulders . Makes a good hiking trail but we (ATV'S) lost a good trail from misuse. It was to be a 40 inch only but managers didn't do a good job of management.

Did a loop up to the first peak then down around the lake. It was good.

Brought my pup and it was a great hike! Snow up there and great to walk around the lake!

Great quick hike to a peaceful lake .

Great, easy hike. My 2 year-old walked almost the whole way. It is super muddy and icy...but still fun! I will be doing this one again next summer with all three kids.

A lot tougher than expected... but amazing views at sunset!

7 months ago


From the Alpine Loop Summit parking area, start hiking on the Lame Horse Trail. You come to a trail junction quickly (.1 mile). Go left at the junction, taking the South Fork Little Deer Creek Trail 252 downhill in the aspens. The trail comes to a road and stop sign. Cross the road to the trail post. At .60 miles you come to the first of many meadows. The trail descends for 1.6 miles and crosses Deer Creek. Today this was really just wooden walkways with no water running underneath. The next landmark is the Cascade Scenic Drive Highway. The unmarked trail continues directly across the highway. From the highway, the trail starts up for the ridgeline in a sagebrush meadow. You leave the meadow for an aspen grove, then scrub oaks and finally conifers near the top. At 3 miles, the trail open up and smooths out to spectacular views of Mount Timpanogos. You arrive at the ridgeline and trail junction. Go left on Ridge Trail 157. Don't take the trail heading downhill. This section takes you to the highest point and the trail drops to the junction for Mud Springs. At this junction and all other junctions, stay to the left. Stay on Ridge Trail 157. The trail takes you back to the Summit parking area. Other users on the trail are mountain bikes and motorcycles. This is a beautiful loop hike with diverse terrain!

Directions: In Utah County, take Highway 92 (Alpine Loop Road) up American Fork Canyon or Sundance Canyon. Drive to the summit and park at the Summit trailhead.

Destination: Loop views
Difficulty: Moderate
Round trip: 6.5 miles
Hiking time: 2.5 hrs

7 months ago

This is a great hike to a beautiful lake that probably isn't visited often because of the degree of difficulty if you choose the route over and past peak 10420. You can also get to LL if you hike into Bloods Lake and go up the hill on the far side and then follow the power line to the right. Hiking over the boulder field close to the lake is a high point as well as the views when you get there. For those going the peak 10420 route, you may be able to bag Clayton Peak, as it is right in front of you before hanging a left down a steep slope to Lake Lackawaxen.

Easy out and back trail leading to the beautiful Bloods lake. Rocky trail descending to the lake. Went on a week day when it was not too crowded, and we found a shady spot to sit and dip our feet in the icy water of the lake. Would be a great picnic spot.

8 months ago

We started up the saddle to 10,420 peak, it's very steep, but with plenty of shade to catch your breath. We intended to go to Lackawaxen lake but could not determine which way to go at the first fork. The only reason I gave this hike 4 out of 5 stars is because there are no trail signs or markers of any kind. We asked other hikers along the way and nobody knew which way to Lackawaxen lake. We did come to two trail forks, and I realize now the first fork after you descend the peak, if you stay right you will reach the lake not far after that, but it's up another peak and you can't see the lake from the fork. We stayed left and followed the power lines north (down) to bloods lake. Again, there was a fork in the trail right before bloods, unmarked and we stayed left. We got lucky and made the right choice. Next time I will know to take the first fork right to reach Lackawaxen. Hope this helps!

This is a hike to a beautiful and large lake, but the last .2 mile or so is really dangerous. I went down on the left trail and up on the right and both are terrible. Not safe for little children at all. They need to redo this trail so that it is safer. Switchbacks or something would be better than just going straight down and straight up.It's also really loud at the lake. Lots of people swimming, which I don't mind, but it's all the streaming and yelling and barking that bother me. Wish this was further off the road so that maybe not so many people would come.

8 months ago

I only gave this 3 stars because the "trail" is really just a service road and I'm sorry but that is very different from a trail. The view from the top is beautiful though. Parking is very limited because of Blood lake Trail across the street, which is very popular. Go early, this is a very exposed hike.

this trail is no longer private property and is now owned by the public after we raised $13 million to stop the industrialization of the area! strict NO TRASH rule

off road driving
9 months ago

This trail is misrepresented by All Trails. It's not easy, especially the first ~1/4 mile and it's pretty heavily trafficked, not moderately trafficked. Don't get me wrong; it's a blast though. Lake is fun. Kiddos like to catch salamanders there.

Love this trail! We picnicked down at the lake. It's very steep right before getting to the lake. I had a baby in an ergo and my husband had our toddler in a backpack and we had to hold hands while walking down the steep area just to ensure neither one of us slipped. I wouldn't let kids wear sandals walking down it. After the lake we ended up hiking up the mountain and over to lake lackawaxen (not sure if that is spelled right) and that is a TOUGH hike. Especially with baby/toddler.

Short hike to a beautiful lake. Tiny bit of a steep scramble right before the lake, but nothing too challenging. I've got a bum knee, and had a one year old on my back in a pack, and did not struggle at all. Scenery was beautiful.

nice short hike, plenty of gorgeous wildflowers.

9 months ago

We hiked up the ridge to reach lackawaxen then passed bloods lake on our way out. I was surprised the trail described here, which is the ridge, was rated as moderate. I definitely think it should be rated hard. The trail is very steep with loose rock the majority of the way. Beautiful views and the lake is great.

Great easy trail for the kids. Took my 5 and 7 year olds and they did just fine! Beautiful lake you can swim in. One of my favorites!

So fun. Just a short steep section that is a little difficult for little kids but a fun challenge for them too. Beautiful lake at the end.

9 months ago

Beautiful mountaintop view and a perfect lake at the end. Definitely worth the climb.
Unfortunately, some dog owners are not responsible enough to clean up after their fuzzy friends, and we saw many of their contributions around the otherwise pristine lake.
Maybe dogs should be restricted to Bloods Lake, which is a circus of kids and dogs anyway.

Breathtaking views right at the parking lot. It's not an easy trail, though -- it's short, but the steep descent over uneven ground right before the lake wasn't "easy" on the way back up...at least with a thirty pound pack, it wasn't easy for me! Beautiful wildflowers, great place for the kids to explore. There's a sharp drop off for the first 50 meters of the trail, then the rest I'd say is kid-friendly. Drive up was a bit scary, FYI. No shoulder, narrow two lane highway, sheer cliff!!

Very short, easy hike with a lot of people and dogs at the lake. The wildflowers alone make it worth it though, so beautiful. We plan on going back and hiking up to Lackawaxen next time!

10 months ago

Lackawaxen was so refreshing after passing Bloods. We saw 2 other hikers up there and they were on the other side of the lake. The hike out to Guardsmans trail was steep, but it is a short climb to the ridge. There is still snow in the shadows and a bit muddy in some places by the lake. Such a pretty setting.

10 months ago

Easy short hike for littles. Just make sure to bring the bug spray! We kept hiking past Bloods up to Lackawaxen. The flowers are so pretty right now.

10 months ago

The views on this trail are just fantastic! We had 9 kids ranging from 3-12 yrs old and they all did pretty well. It's steep and the loose dirt can cause slipping. We actually used this trail hiking back out from Lackawaxen so we went down the steep part. Most of the kids sat on their rears and slid down.

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