4 days ago

This hike Information on AllTrails needs to be updated for this trail. This is a fantastic hike but is not easy. This was a treacherous 5+ mile hike that dropped 1200’ which of course you have to return from (back up). You should be prepared for super rocky terrain and steep drop offs. The trail map is not accurate with the actual trail being much longer and not matching the path indicated on AllTrails. (Look at the map recordings of those who hiked it). This really could have gotten us into trouble had we started much later due to the extra time it took. As a father, this is NOT a trail for kids under 13 years old; it’s just too dangerous. That being said, the hike was beautiful and was a great experience; especially getting back up to the rim alive!!! Lol

You should plan accordingly on this one and allow a minimum of 4-5 hours; more if you want to spend time down at the river.