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4 days ago

This hike Information on AllTrails needs to be updated for this trail. This is a fantastic hike but is not easy. This was a treacherous 5+ mile hike that dropped 1200’ which of course you have to return from (back up). You should be prepared for super rocky terrain and steep drop offs. The trail map is not accurate with the actual trail being much longer and not matching the path indicated on AllTrails. (Look at the map recordings of those who hiked it). This really could have gotten us into trouble had we started much later due to the extra time it took. As a father, this is NOT a trail for kids under 13 years old; it’s just too dangerous. That being said, the hike was beautiful and was a great experience; especially getting back up to the rim alive!!! Lol

You should plan accordingly on this one and allow a minimum of 4-5 hours; more if you want to spend time down at the river.

off road driving
1 month ago

Easy scenic drive. 4WD not needed if road is dry.

This is a great easy hike to some amazing ruins. Beautiful hike through the canyon.

3 months ago

Would love to do it if I was younger! Once hiked by Garmisch-Partenkirche in Southern Germany by the Zugspitze in Germany! I visited Goosenecks in July 2018 simply beautiful! I am a retired German/Russian high school teacher and taught at North Bergen HS in New Jersey! Look me up!

3 months ago

I had a little trouble finding the right turn off to it, but it was an easy hike and big reward in the quality of ruins.

Several Pictographs, stayed at the campground, which was ok.

3 months ago

A five for high quality pictographs. Nice canyon views. short hike, easily accessible.

Incredible drive. From Bluff you can find your way into Bears Ear, Valley of the Gods, Monument Valley, The Four Corners, Canyon de Chelly, or Natural Bridges. Just an unbelievable area to see.

5 months ago

Spectacular. Be patient once you drop down to the first rim, work your way to second rim then continue around point. Cairns disappear.
The land bridge is fun.

You don’t need 4 wheel drive for this one. Lots of people doing the drive in rental cars. Very scenic throughout. Great campsites along the way. Remote.

Beautiful and unusual detailed rock art! Short hike but not well mapped. Keep to the left when dropping over from the trailhead level and stay on the rock ledge. Do not be tempted to drop down to the silt terrace level. Keep left and the panel will be about 50 yards further.

on Citadel Ruins

6 months ago

Did this in April 2018. The park service discourage this hike and will only give info if you specifically ask for directions to the Citadel. There is no trailhead sign. Directions are sketchy. We took trail on rim overlooking Road Canyon. Relatively easy level hike with awesome vista / at one point a ruin visible in cliff of Road Canyon. Once you get to the peninsula where the Citadel is there is no easy access to the “bridge” to proceed. We backtracked some but eventually worked our way down over slick rock. There were a few cairns here. It is a challenge. Once we got to the bridge we were able to make good time. We eventually scrambled up slick rock to ruins. They are in great shape with fantastic vista. On way back we followed rim of Lime Canyon until we spotted more ruins. We again had to continue / then back track until we could scramble down going thro a tight crevice. Again lovely vista hiking back over slick rock canyon wall to ruins. All in all a great hike / a challenge combined.

6 months ago

This a great hike, but I would not call it family friendly or easy. There are quite a few areas with drop off exposure and when you have 1200+ feet of elevation gain/loss, it’s not going to be easy. We made it down and back up, but not without considerable effort helping the kids. I would also not do this mid day as it has constant sun exposure.

7 months ago

Wonderful, a must do! Amazing panel and cliff dwellings

Great panel. Very short hike. Wall Art in excellent condition.

Amazing hike. Great for kids. Long drive in but worth it in the end

8 months ago

Found amazing color and design of native paintings.
you must explore.

wondrous, you can almost hear the activity of the village.

easy, steady amazing

Please explore explore explore this side of the combs is FULL of sites

easy walk great panels great start to your day.

9 months ago

The road to the trailhead was better than expected... some of the road was graded rock and other area gravel or dirt on bedrock. We drove in in a Volvo station wagon... lower profile cars can be difficult. Be careful with the bushes on the side of the road that can scratch your car! I tried to upload pictures here, but it’s not rendering. Check my profile. The ruins are amazing!

The AllTrails map is good. One blog suggested to go up the slick rock and climb into the ravine. Not sure how to do that. We initially tried that - which is not the AllTrails map, then turned around..

Note, after finishing the hike I’ve read a few blogs. The blogs say there’s another ruin in the cliff above the one on the ground...we missed that (maybe one can see this better if walking up the slick rock hill?). Those blogs say there’s also hand tools, Mano, petroglyphs and corn cobs in or near the site. We missed seeing any of those in the ruin. Maybe they’ve been moved? The pictures of the ruins in some of those blogs from 2013 or so looks a little different than what we saw. Maybe they are restoring? But the ruins all look like they have only window entrances .... no doors....

Note it is on BLM Land. There was a sign in station but we didn’t see a pay station.

off road driving
10 months ago

Spent Thanksgiving night camping under the stars. Stunning! Easy drive when dry although there are a few sections of bad washboarding (the road gets a lot of use). The better camping spots are along the eastern half of the road.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Off road and great scenery

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Beautiful area!

scenic driving
Monday, October 31, 2016

Very beautiful drive.

scenic driving
Monday, May 11, 2015

Beautiful drive

scenic driving
Saturday, February 15, 2014

Drove this route on a trip with my family. Beautiful.

scenic driving
Thursday, August 29, 2013

We did this trail late in the evening, starting off US163- Mexican Hat-Bluff; and came out on SH261 just south of the Moki Dugway. Very Scenic!

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