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I loved this hike! We started at 4am on 7/6 to catch the sunrise, didn't quite make it to the top on time but were pretty high up. It took the young adults who have done this hike a few times about 2 1/2 hrs (we sent them ahead about halfway up). It took us old adults about 3 hrs, maybe a little more to get to the top. It is very overgrown, so wear pants, and there's stinging nettle. We went early enough we didn't have too many bugs or snakes and it wasn't too hot, but if we would have gone later I could see that being a problem. The trail is NOT marked super great, but is always there. There was one spot near the beginning we had to figure out which way to go. We were a bit sore for a couple of days after, it's fairly steep, but the views up top are spectacular and the wildflowers and scenery along the way are amazing!