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As of 31 Aug 2018 the trail was closed due to a bear. On 9 Sep 2018 the closed sign was still there.

We love this trail. I hiked it with my dog 1 Sep 2018. We saw a sign that said not to picnic or camp up the canyon due to a bear sighting. When we got back, we saw the other sign that said the trail was closed due to the bear. Oops.

To get to the left fork of Maple Canyon, you start at the trail head at the top of Whiting Campground. It could be the bear has only been on Maple Canyon Right Fork which takes you to the top of Spanish Fork Peak, if it was on Right Fork, it's probably a risk on Left Fork too.
(see Spanish Fork Peak page where Sarah Judd's review indicated the trail was closed and a couple months prior to that Devin Christensen says he came across a bear and two cubs

This is a beautiful canyon, but I'm bringing my bear spray from now on even when they give us the all clear. With the stream, and thick forest, it seems like a perfect habitat for bear to this non-expert. I know others have seen moose on this trail too. Moose may be even more dangerous than bear from what I've heard.