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I may be biased because it overlooks my hometown and childhood, but what a great hike! The last assent to the peak is probably the hardest part, but the view well worth it!

it's a really hard hike. I have done it twice. steep grade to the lake/puddle then really steep to the peek. in late evening I ran in to moose on my way down. great views.

This is a hard hike in my opinion. It really is up hill pretty much the entire way, and the further up you go, the more rocky and unmarked the trail becomes. There are times that I have wondered if I was still on the right path. Not a trail I would take my kids on until they were a little older and had some good practice to build endurance.

The views are great once you hit the lake (or puddle, depending on the year and season). I've never gone all the way to the peak marker, I just stop at the lake. Next time I'll go all the way.

Despite the difficulty, I've done this trail several times and I'm always glad I did.

This hike is uphill the entire time with few exceptions. After mapping it out in detail it is 5.3 miles to the top, however, its a tedious 5.3 miles. Harder than timp in my opinion. Very pretty though all the way up and you go through forests, lakes and wildflower meadows.

Consistently steep and rocky the whole way, but was well worth the effort. Beautiful views of the Valley, Spanish Fork canyon, Diamond Fork, etc.
The wildflowers were literally EVERYWHERE. Very nice to look at, but when I say everywhere I mean even spilling into the trail. In many parts we had to walk through foliage as tall as me (I'm 6 feet tall) that would almost completely cover the trail.
We camped at the lake on a flat, grassy spot (the only good place we could find to pitch a tent).
It does get a bit confusing after the lake. A large tree had fallen over the trail which has led a lot of hikers to form their own trail leading only to a snow field (very small when we were there). When you come back down you can see where the trail should be.
I would rate this as harder than Timp even though it is shorter, but still well worth the effort.

5 months ago

Like everyone else has said, it's steep and rocky the whole way. It's also very overgrown at parts. The views and wildflowers are AMAZING and make it totally worth it. I hiked it today (July 20) and there was no snow.
As a side note, I think the trail may be slightly longer than advertised. Two separate distance trackers got it closer to 12 miles than 10.7. Could be wrong though.

I did this trail a week ago. We started at 2:20am and went at a decent speed with a fairly athletic group and got to the saddle a little before 6a. From there I caught the sunrise and the other half of the group found a way around the snow to the summit. The last climb to the saddle was pretty scketchy with the snow, but otherwise a great hike. Pretty steep and consistently rocky the whole way. Views and wildflowers made it worth it!

the hubby said let's go for a hike. I figured since him and the boys did it on mother's day I should be ok... lol!! I'm a little more out of shape then I thought. we made it just over 3 miles up but it was getting late because we started later in the day. beautiful!! going up and up and up I was ok, just needed to stop now and then. going back down is when my knee finally said enough! recommend some kinda pole or hiking stick! also when the hubby and kids went up they did see a bear. so please be safe. take water and goodies to keep your energy up. (only 4 stars because the wrong name on here, we call it Maple mountain) 6-24-17

Wonderful trail! All the other reviews are spot on: it's steep, relentless up, it 's beautiful, sharp rocks, poles highly recommended (and for me, close to home). Being mostly on the east side of the mountain it is cooler but gets darker sooner. I have not actually been to the top, rather I use it as my training trail. With a full pack I start out at the top of the campground and go as high as I can in 2 hours, then turn around and come back down. Last year I made it about 1/4 mile from the 'pond'. I also think the sharp rocks helped wear out my hikers so fast after about 12 trips. After that kind of training, I'm ready for my week long trips in the Uintas - that's how good it is. Believe it or not, while heading up once, I actually met some mountain bikers coming down!
This year I plan to take a day pack and go clear to the top - after I'm in shape again.
If you see a solo hiker with a pack going up or down that trail, it's probably me - so say hi.

It was sooo fun we went up on the 4th of July and got to see fireworks at the top!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Great views, cool forests, and one of the greenest hikes in this area! Lots of fir trees, so it smells awesome. Did it today and the fall colors and weather were perfect, the trail wasn't slippery at all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We hiked this trail in mid-late September and the variety of foliage was absolutely breathtaking, truly some of the most beautiful I've seen and you're hiking through a lovely forest. The weather was a perfect 75 degrees and everything was as we were warned: very rocky, relentlessly steep, and slippery (dust and pebbles on the slopes), some taller steps for anyone with knee issues, and be sure to catch the proper 007 trail at the bridge going right (we also thought we might have missed the trailhead - just go all the way to the end of the campground). Good shoes and enough water an absolute must (the "lake" was entirely dry). I took 5L of water and it was just enough.

Everyone says that it gets less steep after the first 1.5 miles but we didn't notice any change except for brief respites until the basins in the lake area. The trail leading to the peak is well enough laid but the "shortcut" was not obvious (i.e. which is the one to take?) When you get to the top of the saddle and turn left after all the switchbacks, the "shortcut" veers just slightly left and looks like a cattle or goat trail along the edge. The "trail" goes slightly right and around the "front" side of the mountain with a spectacular view of Spanish Fork, Mapleton, and Springville and Utah Lake. It will feel like you're going off rather counterproductively but it meets up with the shortcut before the final brutal ascent (and frankly, it's a very nice, level trail and gives your legs a rest). The view at the top is unbelievable and worth every breathing break you had to take on the way up.

Observations: you definitely need good shoes with a thick sole and traction as the rocks are often sharper than river stones (I hiked in 5 Fingers which did not have enough sole on them), poles would be helpful on the downwards, there is less daylight in Fall than in Summer so that's the tradeoff for the heat. Between shoes and thigh muscles that weren't up to it (causing a knee injury in a fall) and coming down in the dark, it took us 14 hours. Be wiser than I was and have a great hike!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Great going up....harder going down but so worth it!

Friday, September 02, 2016

I'm a little late with this as I hiked the trail July 2nd of this year. Being a holiday weekend, I think there was more traffic than usual, but I still only saw 4 or 5 groups and one of them was a scout group.

The trail starts out very easy, but keep an eye out for the fork in the trail at the creek. It's easy to miss. It's right at the metal bench that will be on the left. Cross the creek and continue another quarter mile or so when you'll notice another branch to your left. Keep going straight here and the rest of the trail is easy to follow (minus the fallen trees across the trail).

As has been mentioned, the trail is relentlessly steep until you cross over the saddle at the top of the basin. The trail is shaded much of the way, and it is very pretty though. When I did it, there was no snow on the trail and the spring flowers were amazing.

Good shoes are definitely a must as my worn down hiking shoes were constantly slipping on the way down. I brought a water filter to top off at Maple "Lake". I ended up drinking 4 liters for this hike and would consider 3 liters a minimum with all the sweating I did on the steep hike up.

I don't know if links to outside websites are allowed, but here's my youtube view from the top. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFLBOMt8npQ

Overall, it's a tough hike, but very pretty and well worth it. I'll be doing this one again next year.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Yes it's a great hike with incredible 360 degree views at the top, but it's very tough. Hiked it yesterday with my three teenagers. Tougher than I remember from eight years ago. With hardly any break, the steady elevation gain is relentless. Fortunately the shady beginning and the beautiful views as you approach the bowl and ascend to the peak make it all worth it. On the way down the steepness makes it sketchy in many places; be sure to have good shoes, and poles would be helpful. Also, suggest not taking the short cut on the way down; it's very steep, and didn't seem to save that much time. Toughest part of the way down though is the end -- it seems to keep going and going before you finally reach the creek crossing. In short, suggest starting very early, taking lots of breaks, and with older kids at least, plan for 8 hours round trip, which was the time it took us.

Friday, July 22, 2016

This is a great hike. I don't know how anyone could give it less than five stars. I loved the beautiful groves of trees the whole way up and they definitely helped my two golden retrievers stay cooler on the way down. Great views from the top as well. It is pretty steep but it makes going back down easy. Took me 3 hours and 20 minutes to get to the top and 1 hour 40 minutes to get back. I can't believe so few people hike it. I didn't see a single person until I was almost done and they weren't going to the summit.

It's a great hike! Absolutely beautiful definitely worth the effort!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hard trail.. More for horses..I have done twice..steep narrow paths..softball size creek rocks a must to avoid.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Although a good hike, it is my least favorite of the Wasatch seven peaks. Nothing spectacular to view until you are near the summit and the lake is really a pond. But, any summit hike is good enough to experience.

it was absolutely beautiful . it was challenging but a great hike! definitely going to be a regular hike from now on!

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