3 days ago

All the online guides say this is a must-do hike at Flaming Gorge. I'd suggest it a must-do get out and see the views but not really a hike. If you start at the visitors center and follow the trail until it enters the forest before turning around as some suggest, it's fine. However it's very near a road and campgrounds, and the view of the gorge only changes very subtly. I think there are better hikes in the area.

I'd suggest just getting out at the visitors center to see the views. Maybe drive to the lodge and head out on their access trail (past the cabins and it's clearly marked) to get the slightly different view. If you do want a loop, we hiked from the visitors center then turned onto to the path to Greens Lake then met back up with to the canyon rim trail for about 4.5 miles total. The lake portion is forested and away from the rim but we did see mule deer. Also stopped for lunch at the Lodge. Still this isn't really a hike, but rather a long walk with lots of people.