Flat hike, more of a walk, along the canyon ridge with regular lookouts. Easy and relaxing.

Stunning rim views, reminds me of Grand Canyon a little bit.

Nice day hike. We completed May 22, 2020 and combined Greens Lake. Wildflowers in bloom. Hiking sticks not needed. Awesome views from a number of lookout points.

It was absolutely beautiful today and it wasn’t to busy. If you’re a “beginner” hiker you’ll enjoy this trail for sure.

8 months ago

Beautiful trail! Some rocky parts but totally amazing views!

Easy trail to a beautiful location. Great for a quick overnight out and back backpacking trip.

great views! flat and easy! limited shade.

Love this hike. To the Southwest of Chipeta always plan on walking through a meadow area that is covered with 12-18 inches of water. You can do this barefoot to save your boots but please be mindful of rocks and sticks. Plan on having mosquito repellent as they are horrendous through this area. I have always seen a moose or a few at lower Reader Lake. When you come to the fork in the trail the Cairns can be difficult to spot and the vegetation is overgrown. I like to add a rock tot he Cairns as I pass by to help others with finding them. Plenty of water to filter along the way. Fishing is great at Chipeta and the day use area does get busy from Thursday - Sunday so if you want quite plan for a Monday hike.

This is a moderate walk in nature rather than a big strenuous hike. There’s a starting place for this hike within a campground with nice overlook benches. There are beautiful views and decent shade. My hike was cut short by a group of mountain goats on the trail that didn’t seem to be moving anytime soon.

off trail
10 months ago

Simply Amazing!!!! I documented the whole trip and will post a series of videos on Youtube to highlight the trip. This trip was one of the hardest but most rewarding backpacking trips that I have ever been on. The trail was beautiful in many ways and has something to offer for just about everyone. It took plenty of endurance and willpower to complete the trip in the 5 days and 4 nights that I spent on the trail. This is not a trail for a first time backpacker or somebody that is not in shape. When I do this trip again I will spend extra time on the trail to shorten your miles per day and enjoy more of the scenery, wildlife, and fishing that this trail offers. Due to limited battery power on my phone, Garmin GPS InReach Explorer+, and my battery bank, I had to shut off the Alltrails record option. This was due to the length of the trip and the battery drain that was happening to my phone in record mode. The most rewarding views were the view of Fox Lake from North Pole Pass and the view of Dead Horse Lake from Red Knob Pass. Absolutely stunning!!! The fishing at Kidney Lakes was also amazing!! Great trip and I highly recommend it. Just be careful on the trail ascending and descending the many passes. Depending on the snow conditions these can prove treacherous as they were for me this early in the year. Enjoy and be safe! Video will be posted here when uploaded and available https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLur7Nx5I7sMMPt9u-gqsiIXQfCKaq8CpM

This we did on the way to Bear lake, it's a quick nice hike. Camping at the lake was nice. Really good first time trip. Enjoy

11 months ago

Great hike, wear ankle support boots for this trail, bring a pole. we caught a couple hybrid trout at the lake. be careful not to park on the campground property, the campground manager is extremely rude.

This was a great easy trail, perfect for all experience levels. The views were spectacular! Turn in where a brown sign advertises the Red Canyon Lodge and just leep going to the end of the paved roar, near the visitor center. Then you can hike along the rim as far as you choose to go.

Sun Sep 23 2018

Very rocky trail around lakes

Wed Sep 12 2018

Out on a 3 day trip to Kings. Enjoying the area.

A nice easy walk and an excellent way to see the canyon.

Short easy hike but rocky trail as you get closer to lakes. We caught a couple good sized Tiger Trout at the end of August in Tamarack lake.

Mon Jul 23 2018

Absolutely stunning trail and spectacular views. We will be doing this hike again soon.

Sat Jun 09 2018

I backpacked this with a scout troop this week (6/9/18). The hike was snow free (except for a couple tiny patches, relatively easy (the last few hundred feet is steep), and beautiful. The fishing was slow for me but one of our scouts did very well. We saw moose and deer. Excellent hike.

Thu May 31 2018

I really liked this trail! I’d say the rating of moderate is accurate. It’s rocky so wear something with an ankle support. The lake is beautiful and we were treated to some elk coming to drink across the lake. We pitched camp back in the trees and had a wonderful time before continuing on our adventure.

I love Tamarack . Easy trail.

Fri Jul 28 2017

Great hike to the lake. A little rocky and wet but not bad. Got a small blow up out on Tamarack well worth it!

Took my boys and we loved this hike !

Sun Jun 11 2017

This is a good trail! There is a lot rocks, so make sure you have something with good ankle support. The upper creeks are blown out due to snow melt, so the crossing are a bit sketchy. Overall a very good hike that gives you a good workout!

Mon May 22 2017

I love Tepee Lake !!! The hike isn't that bad .I am out of shape and I made it. I caught some great Brooke trout . I hiked in June. Great time !!! The trail is a bit rough to follow in spots .

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