mountain biking
2 days ago

Like Providence Canyon, I call this a Blue because of the climb. There really isn't anything technical about this trail. While it may not be a big test of your riding skills, it is a test of your aerobic fitness. There are really no breaks on the climb other than the stops you make yourself. The constant five mile climb is rewarded with a very fun and fast downhill. Be cautious in getting too rowdy as there are hikers, equestrians, and other bikers coming uphill sometimes. While I wouldn't take a total noob on this trail, a beginner with several rides behind them and a reasonable level of fitness will be fine. There are some small rock gardens on the trail, but minimal line choice skills are fine. When you get to the loop where you have the choice to ride the "Scenic Route" or the Shady Route", I recommend finishing the uphill on the "Scenic Route" and starting your descent on the "Shady Route." It is smooth and fast.