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The views were beautiful the whole way and the cave at the end was fantastic! Watch out for snakes though!

1 day ago

Did this hike with my wife, kids, and puppy today. 5 year old did full loop by herself. Great local hike and easy to get to. Pretty busy hike and you never really get away from the traffic of the canyon.


boring and from spring through summer there is swarms of nats and wasps.

beautiful but easy and short.
A great place for picnics and just relaxing days by the lake. Not exactly a hiker's trail.

A good hike for most age groups. I frequently see young children on the trail as well as elderly couples. Take your time and enjoy the sights! Beautiful ending with the wind cave.

Definitely should be considered hard rather than moderate. I’m in pretty good shape and it kicked my ass. The views were decent but not worth the first two miles of steep incline. I feel like I destroyed myself for 3 hours only to come across so much snow that I turned around before reaching the very top.
I did like how desolate it was. Only ran into 2 bikers a mile out from the trailhead on the way back.

trail running
12 days ago

Pretty damn good trail. If you live in Logan this should be on your list.

12 days ago

This is one of the best Logan hikes. Although every time I hike it, it doesn't feel worth it until near the end. Great views. Should be called wind arch trail. Can be busy. Best times to hike are early summer and when the fall colors are prime.

I hiked this with my 11 year old son and my 10 year old niece. Great views. We hiked from Smithfield to Tony Grove and had a car pick us up and take us back home. Definitely would hike it again!

One of my favorite hikes! It’s pretty popular so you will have a lot of company if you use the trail on the weekend. I go every year in the Spring and it’s beautiful. You can almost expect to see wildlife on this hike. And the aspen meadows almost feel like a walk through Rivendale. :)

One of my absolute favorite hikes in Logan Canyon! As has been said, the beginning mile and last mile are both steep switchbacks. However, the middle of the hike is fairly level with gorgeous views, no matter the season. Whether you’re trail running, snowshoeing, or walking, this trail is a fun challenge for everyone!

23 days ago

Great trail to take a beginning backpacker. Its easy, beautiful and short. I like to do it at least once a year as a short fun weekend trip.

27 days ago

My husband and I hiked this trail on April 28, 2018. The difficulty of this trail made it seem longer than 5 miles. The steepness going up was tough but manageable; the steepness going down bordered on miserable. There were multiple times that my body was forced into running down stretches of trail, hoping for it to level off or for some natural barrier to stop me. Hiking poles would've been helpful.

That being said, the valley views are very beautiful and they become more and more impressive the higher you hike. And it was fun to complete the hike walking along the river.

My favorite trail to mtb as of 4/29/18 there is snow .1 mile into the wilderness

1 month ago

This hike kicked my butt (I’m not an active hiker) but it was well worth it. The view is absolutely beautiful!

Is very scenic and awesome to climb with friends ...but climb with caution , very steep hill sides

1 month ago

Failed hike
4/20/18 The road leading up in the shadow of the hill had snow on the road. The snow made 6-8" high speed bumps which, because of my clearance and the grade of the hill, my Honda Accord would not make it. We nearly got stuck after driving 3.5 hours to get to that point from Idaho Falls, Idaho.
The road conditions past where we were did not get any better. I got out to see if it would be worth getting stuck, but sheets of ice and ruts of snow greater than 8" high was enough to make the choice for me.
We could have probably walked 5 mi up the road (from the overlook at 41.876205, -111.572547) to the trail head, but we ended up going to the Wind Cave closer to Logan which was pretty great and doable with the remaining daylight.

1 month ago

Did not have to walk in the water in the first 10 minutes.
No snow on 4/20/18, a slight breeze, very pleasant weather! I suggest you start at least mid day, that way the wind cave wont be in the shadow of the hill its on. Better lighting for better pictures. This is a unique, natural formation; it is a nice reward for the hike.
This is very doable, don't let the elevation gain per mile scare you off. We saw parents with kids and a dog, old people trail running, and some parents packing a baby up. This is great for anyone. If I lived in Logan, I would be here quite a bit.

Perfect family balance

Beautiful hike and the caves are amazing. So cool with great views.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I love green canyon. Don’t know why people complain about other people using it. My only complaint is off leash dogs. Please take your dogs out on this bike but please keep them on leash!

1 month ago

Written from inside the cave.

Up here in the wind caves, if you sit inside, it's like you’re sitting in a big ear. You sit and listen with more power than normal human hearing because the rock interior gathers a large quantity of sound and funnels it down toward you.You hear the hum of the valley. Mostly the hum of humans. An airplane up overhead, a semi truck on the highway far below. But overall the sound that you hear is the wind... and the water; the forces that created these strange rock formations and this valley. You’re reminded that while humans are a force, nature is a much more powerful force. Out here you feel like just another living thing among the living things. You feel small.Your wants and worries feel insignificant. All you need is food, water, and shelter. You don’t hear people clamoring for an iPhone X or a new pair of Jordans. You don’t hear people moving to an affluent neighborhood or networking. You don't hear the "ding!" of a notification on your phone. You don’t hear people stunting on one another. A mountain lion could remove you from this life in the next twenty minutes. You’re listening for his silent footsteps through the brush. There isn’t time to dwell on much of anything. There’s only time to feel the rawness and realness of being just a human.

1 month ago

Long time favorite. Shame to see so many people up there now though.

What a great hike! Beautiful scenery all around.

Good hike, but not really too pretty. I’m sure in the fall it would be more beautiful.

1 month ago

Good leg burner to start the Spring with.

1 month ago

There are 2 trails. One that is wide and one that is more for hiking. They both go back a good ways. I only saw 3 bikers today and they were respectful of hikers. It was an enjoyable hike. Not too hard. I would definitely do it again.

Hiked this on the morning of March 3 after a decent snow shower the night before. My husband and I had microspikes but you could probably make it up with just decent hiking shoes. The sky threatened more snow, but the dry weather held out.

The terrain on this hike was so interesting. The limestone made interesting landforms. There were also some springs coming out of the mountain.

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