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1 day ago

Great hike today. Surprisingly cool weather, and gorgeous wildflowers. Now is the PERFECT time to see the flowers. We spotted many columbines, forget-me-nots, wild rose, fireweed, penstemon, bluebells, golden aster, indian paintbrush, yarrow, geraniums. Also a bluebird, a golden finch, a doe, and hundreds of butterflies. The peak is rewarding, and the journey itself is worth it.

The wildflowers on this trail are beautiful! The lake itself is a great payoff from this fairly short and sweet hike. This trail is one of the gems of Logan Canyon!

Shady, paved, easy walk with nice views of the river and golf course.

This is a great hike for the family. Not too difficult and some cool caves at the end.

Great trail but it's pretty difficult! it's totally worth the challenge!

This is a Goldilocks Trail - just the right distance, hard but not too hard, and a great mix of sun and shade. But most of all it was the wildflowers. Oh the wildflowers. Just breathtaking.

6 days ago

Beautiful views at the top.

Great hike to bring the kids on. Make sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen as much of the trail is not shaded.

Awesome quick day hike/run on our way from SLC to bear lake and beyond. The wild flowers are beautiful! Reminded us of Alta meets the Tusher mountains. Saw some families back packing would be a great long day/over night trip for kids. We were pleased with this adventure it was Beautiful!

This was a great over night for us. My 5 and 2 year old girls loved it. Flowers of all colors everywhere. Peaks above lake are awesome. Not a lot of bugs. I’d give it a 4 if the lake was one you wanted to jump into after a hike and if the trail was less busy. When we hiked in at 6 pm it wasn’t bad but the campground was busy and hiking out the trail was very busy. Still probably my favorite hike in logan canyon.

8 days ago

This is a great hike for families. Our 8 & 6 year olds did it no problem. Easy trail and amazing scenery. Definitely one of our favorites.

8 days ago

Awesome trail. $7 to park at Tony Grove Lake, but well worth the 90 minute hike to White Pine Lake. Our Fitbits had us at about 4.05 miles from parking lot to white pine lake.

The trail wasn’t busy at all, white pine has a handful of dispersed camping sites near the lake. Seemed like a great place to hike out, set up camp and enjoy some peace and quite for a weekend, or however long!

9 days ago

Well maintained. Not too crowded. Beautiful views.

10 days ago

Great hike! If you want to avoid snow you definitely can. FYI if you “send it” and slide down snow hills you will end up bloody. Other than that it is a great hike with great views!

11 days ago

This is a fine hike. Not hard, small incline and your at a few formed arches and caves. I can see some marking this as a 5 star, then coming back and making it a 2 or 3 as they experience better hikes. A lot of locals seem to do this as it is easy and popular.

11 days ago

It’s very pretty and very doable hike.

11 days ago

Nice area coming out of Tony Grove. We went in July when the flowers were all over. However, to me the apex of the hike was a let down. You get to the top and you see sort of a bad side of Cache. The views from the Wellsvilles is a lot better. For a local hike this is a fine hike, but if I was in charge of planning a hike that would impress someone from out of state this would not be on my list.

12 days ago

Excellent hike taking about 90 minutes in and a little more out. The steepness of the back portion of the hike is a little challenge but overall it is a beautiful experience.

12 days ago

Beautiful views and worth doing in different seasons.

Excellent for kids. Took my 8YO, wished that I had my 6YO as well. You give up a fair amount of elevation over the last 1.5-ish miles, which means on the hike back out you start with a pretty good climb.

The fee at the trailhead is $7/day and on a weekend they are there collecting.

If you go on a summer Friday or Saturday plan on sharing the trail with multiple scout troops and horse parties.

mountain biking
18 days ago

The trail weaves back and forth across a rough rocky "road". At the end of the road the trail continues, which I rode another couple of miles on. Turns out that goes into a wilderness area, but it is not marked. I rode it on a weekday very little vehicle traffic or bicycle traffic.

The views are amazing! My husband and I hike with our 2 kids 10 and 11. This hike was a bit harder than expected. Mostly because everyone we talked to said it was about the same as White pine but it's not. the hard part on white pine last 30 min and this hike is mostly like that the whole way. We finished and will do again just not as often as some of the others. the elevation gain was 1,919 according to my GPS and we totaled 7.3 miles with very little walking around at the top.

Great hike for the family. My four year old little girl was able to make it to the caves so that might give you an idea of the difficulty.

One of best hikes I have ever done in Utah

One of my favorite trails in Logan

So close to being ready for summer! Had a great great hike on the trail, but definitely dropped in the snow to my upper thigh a couple times so be careful and bring a friend just in case.
Unparalleled views of the valley at the top.

26 days ago

I always seemed to hike crimson on hot days in the heat of the day, but I went at sunrise today and loved it. The switch backs will get ya, but after it's smooth sailing and some of the best views of the canyon. Truly beautiful trail.
Be careful with dogs on leashes - I've seen multiple rattlesnakes and elk here in the last couple years and they have bear signs up at the trailhead.

27 days ago

If you are an experienced hiker you will find this a pretty easy hike. The only significant elevation is at the beginning and then as you descend to the lake then ascend back. My GPS tracked exactly 4 miles to the lake with a little campground exploration. The views are stunning, birds singing everywhere, but really, if you lived in a place like this, you'd sing too!
We back packed in and it took 2 hours with several stops for pictures, a blister first aid, and drinks. Busy trail but except for the horse poop, it's very pristine. Hikers are taking care to keep it clean. If you come later in the evening on a weekend you might have a hard time finding a camp spot. We arrived at 6:30 and there were several to choose from. We saw only two other groups. But by dusk the place was packed.
Really no firewood unless you go hunt for it and even then a hatchet will be your friend. We found plenty, but it took four of us to go search away from the area both night and morning.
Hardly any bugs, that may change as the summer progresses.
Honestly doesn't get much better than this.
Pack out whatever you pack in!

road biking
29 days ago

Loved it for biking about 2 miles in and 2 miles back

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