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Wonderful hike! Beautiful views! Great workout getting up to the waterfall. Can’t wait to do this again when the waterfall is frozen!

19 hours ago

This was a really nice hike. The majority of it is Bonniville Trail; Bear Loop is a very small offshoot but it’s still very pretty with a nice waterfall.

Bring lots of water; the trail is majority in the sun so sunscreen is essential too. It’s a busy trail but everyone is willing to give everyone else room to get by.

Moderate Hike with awesome view!!!

1 day ago

Pretty slippery at some parts. No shade. Nice sunset view of the city

Hiked last Saturday. Really nice at top. Can have a picnic if you don't mind the dirt. This is the 2nd time I have done this hike.

I’m not in the best shape but this is one of my favorite hikes. If you have bad knees I would not do the hike. But take your time the views and rock formations are amazing.

off road driving
3 days ago

Super fun! You drive though the creek a bunch, beautiful scenery. Easy to drive. I can’t believe it took me so long to experience onion Creek

Loved seeing the past. I found some entrances to the mines that are still open. Very tempting to go in.

4 days ago


Pretty easy going trail. I love coming to this trail via the BST, starting at Hidden Valley Park in Sandy. It makes for a good, long walk in. During the warmer months, it can be very busy with mountain biking traffic to watch out for.

Great hike for you and your dog! There is one small rung ladder that may prove to be difficult if you have a large or older dog, someone I talked with was able to navigate around the ladder but I wouldn't count on it. Breathtaking views and a well marked trail make for a wonderful hike!

3 bridges, a boulder tunnel, a waterfall, mountain and urban views, this trail has something for everyone!

This trail has a few different entry points from the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST). Actually, the BST is the only trail you really need to follow if you want to go on the suspension bridge shown in the title screen. However, if you want to see the waterfall and a smaller bridge, then an extra climb is needed.

The trailhead as shown on alltrails starts in Hidden Valley Park in Sandy (South of Salt Lake City), but when you get there, if you don't know the place, it can be a little tricky to find, mostly as you are not parking at a trailhead, but at the park itself. If you go to the far end of the parking lot toward the mountain (GPS marker is listed in the video), you will see a trail going up the hill, follow this paved path about .1 mile to the actual trailhead. This is the way started the trail. However, if you want to shorten it, go further down the paved path maybe .3-.4 mile til you can see a wide gravel path going up a hill, this will shorten your trail by about .5 mile probably. Walk up this hill, take a right at a set of steps and go down over a bridge, follow the BST Trail to a fenced area. If you go into this fenced area this is actually the Bear Canyon Loop which requires a climb up a few hundred feet incline then down over a bridge, where a small waterfall can be seen. However, if you are there with a dog, or just want to see the suspension bridge, then walk past the wooden gate to the Bear Canyon Loop, go straight and get to the bridge in a jiffy! There are map screen shots in the video trail guide that will help you with this hike.

There are other ways to get to this bridge- other trail entries from nearby neighborhoods, or maybe even if you are walking from the opposite direction on the BST.

Keep in mind there is a good chance to see mountain bikers as well as hikers on this trail.

This trail is also popular with families with small children as well as tourists and trail runners.

See photo/video collage here: https://youtu.be/aabCnXQX3VM

6 days ago

Really lovely, more isolated trail. Dogs are not allowed (as numerous signs remind you). We went up 2 miles, to the ridge crossing back into Big Willow. Further on there was more snow than we wanted to deal with on the N facing slope. It is very steep, but mostly the footing (at least one that bottom half) is pretty good.

The first part up (going clockwise from the Alltrails start position) is a great hike. You can actually start way up where the street stops, rather than walking through the neighborhood. At the tight curve, there's a heavy downhill part, then the "bobsled trail" which is actually a mountain biking trail. This is a great biking trail, but not so good for hiking or dogs.

A bit rough and very steep in some spots. This is more a difficult than moderate trail if you're not a hiker. Plenty spots to stop and take a breather if needed. Lots of dogs on the trail and owners don't pick up after them, that was disappointing the smell and the mess. Overall an okay hike.

Great morning hike. Pretty heavy foot traffic until you pass The Living Room. After that the trail narrows and gets muddy. The view at the top is well worth checking out.

7 days ago

As the map shows, there are basically an infinite selection of ways to do this on various trails. Some choices are probably more arduous than others in terms of the grade. This is not a wilderness experience, given the location, but it's not too shabby considering how accessible this is from anywhere around the University of Utah. There were a few other folks out this overcast morning, many with their dogs, but it's way less crowded than the Living Room trail.

fun little hike, and great views of the city!

8 days ago

So we did this one 4/9 on a perfect Spring evening. The trail was nice and dry, had good views, winds through trees, passes over Strong Creek, and has some fun parks at the end (though the park is at the beginning if you follow the AllTrails directions). We started at the 29th Street trailhead and hiked to the park. Then my teenage girls watched my boys play there as I completed the loop back up to the trailhead to grab the van. It wouldn’t have been hard for the kids to walk up to the trailhead, but it is always nice to have a fun destination when hiking with kids. Also, its actual name is Gib’s Loop if you’re wanting to look it up on other sites.

Great loop trail if you take 29th to Taylor and up through the park. Beautiful and not strenuous. Elevation is really about 150' that you do a couple of times.

trail running
10 days ago

Did 4 miles on the system last night! Made a comment to my partner we could run here multiple times and run a different trail every time! FUN and beautiful views. Lot's of unleashed dogs and mtn bikers!

12 days ago

Short but semi steep trail. Very popular. Great spot to watch sunset over SL valley. Trail was dry. Dog friendly trail, with many friendly dogs. Street parking at trail head with 3 hour limit. Should be plenty of time for this trail.

12 days ago

Very cool hike with many different viewpoints and a great picnic spot at the top

Beautiful trails and views! I love the many options to choose from.

Great views across The Valley. Well used and maintained trails. Good for trail running accessibility.
Lots of dogs around the red butte area.

14 days ago

Hiking with my two dogs. 4.3.18 we are from Las Vegas and just moved here 4.1.18 and my dogs had such a great time hiking. We love the weather, the bridge totally awesome but don’t see the water falls due to the sign said no dogs allowed. But we definitely gonna keep coming back here.

Great ride! Very crowded. Did hells gate with ease but didn’t try the escalator. Rzr xp4 turbo on 32s. Worth the $5 fee.

Hiked in the rain. Nice and easy. The dog loved it. Recommend dry months, you walk in a river bed for a minute

18 days ago

Amazing views

Nice gradual hike with amazing views. lots of bikers on this trail which they make you move out of the way for. They do tell you if they are the last. Trail was dry on this day. It was also cloudy. If it wasn't you would be hiking in full sun. Be sure to bring water for those days. I had my dog and his poop bag the whole way. There aren't any trash cans that I saw until the trailhead and also toilets.

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