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13 days ago

Amazing views and the fall colors were breathtaking. We had an amazing day.

We went to perfect timing with fall leaves and weather. At the top (waterfall) , it can get cold so we were glad we had a good jacket (next time I will bring gloves for my kids hand). Good thing we had a friend who knew exactly where to find the location, it can get little tricky off HWY 89. We started to hike around 3:30pm and were able to catch the sunset by 7pm. It is dog friendly but little kids may need help to go all the way. Even if you don’t go all the way, it is fun to bring family there. I was told every season this hike is different. Probably not in mid summer where it can get really hot (unless hiking in the early morning). Can’t wait to return back again.

21 days ago

Beautiful Fall hike. Loved the parts along the creek.

trail running
21 days ago

I came across the cabin and used the trail as part of my descent from Thurston Peak. I decided to make a detour and see the cabin while I was in the area.
My thoughts on the cabin? Meh. I would definitely not have made the trek up this trail just to see it, but that’s just me. I didn’t look inside of it, nor did I care to. As for the trail - I only descended it but man was it unenjoyable. Scrub oak impeded the trail the whole time, loose rocks, sandy, washed out in some areas. I wouldn’t even say the views would be worth the effort, but I didn’t look up from the trail for fear of tripping over roots or rocks. It’s uphill the entire way so if you want a workout, here it is.
The real problem is that not enough people use the trail to keep the oak cleared away. I wouldn’t recommend this route as you will get beat up by the terrain.

I decided to do this route based on the elevation gain and wanting to cross Thurston Peak off my list. I ascended via Great Western and after a couple of miles succumbed to power hiking the uphills and running any flats I came across. I enjoyed the ascent quite a bit, beautiful fall colors and scenic views once you get up a few thousand feet. There is a bit of a scramble to reach the actual peak, there isn’t much of a defined trail but it’s obvious where the peak is. Great view and well worth the scramble to get to the top.
Here’s the con to the whole route, the descent via Thurston Peak Trail and Adams Cabin Trail is complete and utter garbage. The trail evaporated at least a dozen times and I found myself stopping and getting my phone out to find the trail at least every 200 feet. Nobody uses the trail apparently, not even game. I got lost for a half hour trying to find the trail in some rough scrub oak (my legs are wrecked). Once back on the trail it was so overgrown that I couldn’t really move at a fast pace. I think it took me just as long to get back down the mountain as it did to get up.
Long story short, ascend and descend via Great Western, don’t bother with the other “trail”. I also logged 13ish miles rather than 12.1 according to Garmin.

26 days ago

Bring a change of socks if you don't want squish foot. This is worth the climb.

Wonderful hike. A little technical in some places.

27 days ago

amazing trail if you need something to kick your butt. the first little section is a bit awful just because of the dust and switchbacks but once you're past those, it's all beautiful and shady! dogs are free to roam off the leash and mine loves all the water along the way.

its uphill the whole way good times beautiful waterfall. beginners were at that are we there yet about 3/4 way. lolz. so worth it. well worn trail.

Lovely hike to a beautiful waterfall. i enjoyed hiking by the stream and seeing all the beautiful little cascades of water and mini waterfalls. We started early but I can imagine when it is hot the first part would be a beast! The information we read said dogs were welcome if on a leash...I saw lots of dogs and none of them were on a leash! The dog poop along the trail left by inconsiderate dog owners was a real distraction to this beautiful trail! Come on dog owners pick up after your dogs or don't use this trail!

Great hike to a beautiful waterfall.

trail running
1 month ago

Great hike / trail run. 3.9 miles from the Parking lot, 1.5 hours. Good workout

1 month ago

There are three parts to this hike.
Part 1: Walking up switchbacks on sand (!) with a city view behind you (also Bonneville Shoreline Trail)
Part 2: Very nice hike along Adams Creek in shade on dirt-and-rock path
Part 3: Do-able scramble up large rocks

It is about 2 miles from the parking lot to the falls and took 1 hour. (We are average 20-something Utah transplants and it was a lovely fall morning.) So in total, about 4 miles or 2-2.5 hours. It is incline the whole way in and decline the whole way out.

The reviews here that say 3.4 miles total I believe stopped at the first little waterfall that kind of runs through a couple large boulders. When we got to that, my watch said exactly 1.7 mi. — The others that include pictures at the base of an actual waterfall did the 1/2 mile or so large rock scramble that comes after that initial falls.

Our dog loved this trail. Going in the morning was awesome because it was the perfect temperature before it started getting hot, and the trail was noticeably busier on the way back. Everyone on the trail was super courteous and friendly.

The parking lot is really uneven and rocky, but was very nice to have and more than enough space for the 8am to 10am crowd.

1 month ago

Pretty steep the way up. Gets to a tree line and then all shade walking by the river. Keep winding up to a horseshoe turn right eventually and you’ll find the waterfall.

1 month ago

This trail was ridiculous! It doesn't even look like a trail, just washout. It goes straight up the mountain and the first part after the sandy switchbacks, is completely exposed. Just rubble and small shrubs, no shade at all. You will need either a hiking stick or ski poles to make this hike, especially for the way down. It's very steep and very easy to trip or slide. I didn't even make it a mile before I was done, not a hike so much as a couple hours on a stair master.

1 month ago

Great trail. Saw frogs, a praying mantis and a deer rib cage. About half sun and half shade, great with kids.

Calling this trail "easy" is a bit of an understatement. I'd say easy for an adult...hard for a kid. Overall Moderate. Hiked it with my wife and 3 kids (ages 4, 6, & 9). My opinion is "easy" = an elementary school kid can do it and have fun. This is not the case.

I'll paint you a picture.

Park at the trailhead. No issues. Hike through some nice shade at the very beginning and cross a little creek. (standard mess of wasps that is everywhere in this state). Creek has a makeshift bridge to get across. So far so good.

We went right (lower loop). No shade, but pretty flat for the first mile. So far the easy rating is accurate.

Then we start going up the canyon and things change for the worse. I carry the 4-year old for the next 1.5 miles. Up the canyon. 6-year old is in tears. 9 year old is asking the wife to call search and rescue. Pretty steep going with lots of branches that veer off. No signs at all...make sure you bring your phone and have the app running so you don't take a wrong turn and end up in Nevada.

Finally get to the top of the hill at the 1.5 mile point. OK, now for a nice leisurely stroll on a gentle downhill back to the car. Or not.

Steep rocks, falling kids, and an unhappy wife are what awaits the walk back. It's slow going because it's steep. It's hot because there is no shade.

The trail is pretty with nice views of the city. Recommend doing this before 10:00 (and it gets hot) as there is hardly any shade. Also, I wouldn't recommend kids < 7ish or so unless you want to carry them. Twas a bit much for my 6 year old. Carried the 4 year old for most of the way.

You are warned.

1 month ago

Beautiful place!

Great out and back hike. Falls at top are beautiful.

This is one of THE best hikes I have been on. The scenery is amazing. A beautiful running creek flows alongside most of the trail. The reward of this hike only gets better as you reach the breath taking waterfall at the top.

1 month ago

My first hike in Utah! Definitely was a little bummed at first with the dust and switchbacks but after that it's beautiful! Shady and nice scenery. Get diversity of rocks and dirt trails and the waterfall at the end was pretty. Plenty of places to stop for a sip of water for both me and my pup!

This trail is a lot of fun. It's fairly shaded if you start early enough. A lot of the uphill is at the end, which there isn't exactly an end of the 4.2 mile hike (2.1 one way). The trail keeps going. you'll have to monitor your mileage to get the 4.2 and not go over (if you dont want to go longer).

Great trail. Some steep parts but very scenic and full of nice people.

The trail is beautiful and well maintained as described here. As you go further up, maintenance deteriorates. The rest of this review is about the upper section.
If you go all the way up towards Thurston Peak, expect to bushwhack about the last third of the climb and the whole way to Thurston peak (or Francis peak for the motivated). It lets up only briefly in a few sections. There is one sketchy rock scramble too. Erosion seems to have taken a toll there. Navigation isn't too challenging with the overgrowth as the trail is pretty straightforward.
If you want to do the upper section, make sure you have thick long pants, hiking poles, and the patience to bushwhack for miles. If you got that, it's a beautiful hike and you will likely have it to yourselves.

This trail was pretty over grown in places and got pretty steep. There were a few times we had to guess which way to go, but ended up making it to the end. We were a little disappointed with how it ended so we climbed up a little higher (made our own trail) and had a great view! Made it totally worth it!

This was a fun trail. I would recommend shoes with plenty of grip. There are plenty sections of the trail where it's loose dirt and it's easy to lose your footing. Moderate is a good rating. The trail has plenty of areas that will elevate your heartrate!

This was a very enjoyable hike. Not the best for the first half a mile but after that you follow the river most of the way and there are 4 water falls on this trail with the last one being the best. I'm ready to do this one again. one of my favorites.

great place to hike. many dogs off leash and very cool people. river runs along with trail for a lot of the hike and some great shade once you get into the trees. Beautiful and a lot of fun. My dog Shenzi had a wonderful time and I got a great work out. I would recommend it to anyone!!!

2 months ago

that was amazing,but it's just uphill

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