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1 day ago

Beautiful hike. I went on my own in the morning. I saw a few people on the trail, it was a Tuesday morning. Coming up I came upon people trail running down. Go in the morning because the first part of the trail is completely exposed.

This was a great hike! I have done lower falls about 25 times with my kids, but never without them. I finally had a chance without kids to do this. We started on the trailhead around 7:25 ish, and finished at 10pm. It was 1.97 Miles to the waterfall, and ended up being a little less than 4 Miles total. The 3.4 Miles is deceiving, and once you hit 1.7 Miles the rest of the way to the waterfall is difficult and the path isn’t clear. It got dark before we got out of the canyon and n d d the help of a flashlight to see the rocks and path.

If you haven’t done it, do it! The waterfall is stunning and worth it. This hike is equivalent to waterfall canyon trail in my opinion. My kids (4 & 1) did waterfall canyon last year and it took 6 hours, I don’t think I will take them on this hike for another year.

nice trail but almost dead, because of mother nature is closing the trail...

Utah Conservation Corp is currently creating a dirt trail that T's in near the paved end at Hobbs Reservoir. They've cleared quite a distance already on the East side, plus putting in log stairs in spots. We were fortunate to talk with 5 of them and thank them for doing this. They said they will continue working on that section for a couple more weeks & the goal is to complete it around the reservoir next year. It was our first time hiking Kays Creek and that was a delightful discovery. Along that shaded dirt section it was fun to hear the bull frogs bleating loud & see the rope swing with the 'Beware of Octopus' sign. We accessed from Canyon View TH off Hwy 193. The paved section past that point was nearly level & had yummy ripe cherries & plums in easy reach. Another unexpected bonus... so after, went to a fruit stand and bought some great local cherries.

11 days ago

We hiked this trail all the way up to the waterfall last Sunday with our two dogs and 4 year old son. The first part with the switchbacks is just sand and not covered at all so our dogs definitely struggled through that on the way up and back. Once you drop into the canyon it is covered for the most part with fairly easy access to the water where our dogs cooled off. There are some areas that made us a little nervous with tow dogs and a child but everyone did great. We clocked it at right around 6 miles up and back, but we also took a wrong turn on the way back down. The waterfall was beautiful and our son had a blast playing in the water at the top. I would definitely say take snacks or a lunch and enjoy the waterfall while you rest. Also take water! We thought we had enough and definitely could have used more. We did encounter areas that had a substantial amount of wasps but walking right through them was no problem and they didn’t bother us. Also saw one rattle snake on the way up but he was off to the side and moving away from us with no issues.

I’ve done this hike several times and love it. Went today and there were quite a bit of wasps throughout the trail. Thought I’d leave a review for people who may have kids that are easily spooked. However, from my experience this is not the norm.

nice hike not to long not to short.

First part is straight up a sandy path, which has little cover on a hot sunny day. Once you enter the trees, majority of hike is covered minus a few spots. Fairly difficult second half with rocks and incline, depending on your fitness level. We went late in day and other reviews are accurate, fairly crowded. Top is a nice waterfall with some areas to sit. Also areas throughout trail to sit and rest. Saw quite a few families with young children doing the hike, as well as dogs.

Very nice hike to a beautiful waterfall but too many people

I love this hike with my whole heart! It’s kinda hard but absolutely WORTH IT! The waterfall is beautiful and the views are spectacular all along the way (once you get past the sandy switchbacks, of course) hIGHLY recommend. I went on a Tuesday afternoon and there was not that many people to pass, and no bikes passing either which is nice :)

16 days ago

Steep and Sandy switchbacks at the start of the trail, but once you're back into the trees this hike has some great sights.

awesome hike! plenty of shade and Beautiful scenery!!

I did this hike on Saturday (06/30). I was the hot guy I the blue shirt that said, "Virginia is for Lovers".

Great vibes on this trail. There's a good amount of ups and downs on this trail. Never give up, never surrender.

Pretty hike once you get passed the switch backs, downside is it’s always pretty crowded!

19 days ago

The first 1/2 mile or so of the hike is just switchbacks in the direct sunlight, with sand under your feet. Once you hit the canyon, the hike is gorgeous! Lots of shade. Small elevation gain, so most people should be comfortable with this trail, if you’ve been on a few hikes already. There were plenty of families and kids on this trail, but it wasn’t overly busy. The waterfall at the end is very rewarding. I climbed all the way up and around, so I could stand at the top of the waterfall, right at the edge and look directly down it. So cool! It was a slight technical climb, so I doubt most people will do this. However, if you have any rock climbing experience, or are somewhat athletic, I recommend it. At the edge of the waterfall there are straps anchored into the rock, so you could rappel down if you brought a rope. Unfortunately I didn’t know it was there, so didn’t have my rope with me. We tried throwing a small one up to me, but it failed. So I climbed back down without rappelling down the waterfall. Though, I will be back later this summer to rappel down. Anyway, highly recommend this hike to anyone!

20 days ago

A lot of climbing but plenty of shade. It was a fun trail.

20 days ago

fun trail and shaded, pretty waterfall

Its a great trail. The end is very rewarding and nice to see.

on Adams Canyon Trail

25 days ago

Went on 6-23-18 at 6:30am and there was hardly anyone there. It is a moderate to hard hike with all the inclines. Waterfall and hike are absolutely gorgeous with lots of shade. Brought my dog and she loved it. We passed about 30-45 people on the way back. I’d highly recommend going as early as possible to miss the rush.

Did this trail yesterday. It was the second time I've done it. 1000' / mile. It took 2 hours up and 50 mins down. It's a hard climb but very worth it.

Easy Trail

1 month ago

I love this trail, it was very fun and adventures throughout. me and my partner made it to the end where there is a very beautiful waterfall at the end much rewarding. my first this year 2018.

Great little hicking trail. very rocky by my 4 kids made it just fine ages 8, 6, 4 and 2 in a baby backpack.

1 month ago

This is a great hike if you want a quick escape. However, there are a lot of people, so be prepared for that. I've gone in the early spring before and that was kind of fun... made it a little more exciting with the ice and mud :)

Beautiful hike, totally worth it. I got 4.5 miles total though on my Apple Watch and on the recording from this app so it’s more than what it says. It’s wasn’t bad at all after you got past the first part. There is dog poop because apparently people can’t pickup after their dogs, but it was still worth it!

I tripped down this hike about 8 times, but other than that beautiful hike!

1 month ago

great hike and waterfall is nice at the end, lots of cool spots to climb rocks and get better views of the waterfall or scenic forest tops if you like to free climb. Annoying part is people leave there dog poop everywhere, and when they do use a doggie poop bag, they just leave the poop there on the ground in the bag. Some pretty inconsiderate people thats for sure.

1 month ago

Great hike nothing to complain about on the trail. Always nice to get to the shaded area and the waterfall is still awesome

I have not made it to the waterfall yet but love this trail. If you’re new to hiking at this altitude I would take it easy at the beginning during the switchbacks.

This trail was awesome!! It was also 3.0+ mi up and 3.0+ miles back. This trail is 6 miles long to reach the big waterfall with ~1,700 elevation gain (according to strava). The trail is not well shaded for the first 1 mi, and it’s all uphill. Once you hit the stream it’s mostly shaded. Bring an extra jacket, water proof/resistant once you reach the top. The trail is also more moderate/hard once you hit the bigger stream/falls (~last 1.5 mi up), so no strollers. It is a difficult climb up for the last 1 mi, and not great for people who are clumsy, not paying attention, or those who are used to lower elevations. Overall- dog friendly, moderate/hard, wear good hiking shoes that you can get wet. We brought a 9 and 6 year old and they were struggling to hike uphill so much, on uneven terrain. Remember *yield to uphill traffic *. Thanks for reading!!

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