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Great trail to take the kids and dogs. Get there early!

2 days ago

My son and I started out the hike around 6:00 pm with the cabin as our goal. We really thought we could could do an out and back before it got dark. We only had the t-shirts and shorts we were wearing and a couple of granola bars for food. We ended up getting to the cabin, but by that time it was getting dark and a storm was coming in. We were soaked with sweat, and we made the decision to just go ahead and stay in the cabin for the night instead of facing the dark and cold wind of the incoming storm. Needless to say we made the best of the situation and gathered up some firewood, made us a nice fire to warm up with and to dry out our clothes. We shared the granola bars for dinner and we explored our shelter for the night. We found a gas stove with propane to heat up water or cook some food. We also found a flash light which helped to light up the cabin, and a battery operated set of Christmas lights we turned on that really set the mood. The sleeping bags were great, and my son picked the warmer flannel one. He quickly found out that a family of spiders had made their home in it after crawling in to get warm. It was great fun seeing him scramble out of the bag as the family of spiders started coming out to investigate the intruder. He shook it out real well to get them all out. The wind blew all night, and a branch from a tree kept scraping on the metal roof which sounded like an animal scratching and trying to get in. We finally got warm and our clothes were drying out by the fire, so we climbed into our bags and tried to get some sleep. It was a long sleepless night, but we got up at 5:30, got dressed, and started back down the trail as the sun began to come up. This will be a great memory I will reflect on in the coming years and just smile!


3 days ago

This trail is a beast! My Apple Watch tracked ~ 3.4 miles up from the parking lot at the bottom of the switchbacks (the trailhead for the Adams canyon trail as well). This difference threw my dad and I off in terms of timing and we spent a night in the cabin. The fireplace vents great and there are sleeping bags left for anyone to use. Lucky our destination was a cabin. The views are incredible. Highly recommend this hike for anyone with good experience.

The first part of this hike is difficult due to the steep switch backs, then you get into the green and it is beautiful at every turn! It is steep in some areas with lose rocks, so go slow, and coming down was a bit scary. However I was doing this packing my 6 month old, so it’s possible. I’m a moderately in-shape person. Would not recommend this for young kids. It took my friend and I about 2.5 hours out and back while staying at the falls for a while.

Beautiful trail! Lots of trees to shade the trail. The creek runs along the trail the whole way. Great for dogs. The waterfall was the perfect end to this trail. If you want to go to the shoreline trail from there it is not accessible for dogs, it’s a steep rock climb up from the waterfall.

6 days ago

Beautiful scenery! Great hike!

8 days ago

Great hike. Decently difficult, so come prepared. Really pretty views of the valley. Busier than I expected, but not too bad. I'll definitely be going again!

fun hike. longer than anticipated but worth it !

Love this hike.

10 days ago

Great hike, amazing waterfall at the end but my shoes did get wet to see it.

Amazing hike! Beautiful the whole way to the water fall. I would definitely rate it as hard though. A lot of uphill scrambling over rocks and cliff like areas.

So pretty! Go early in the morning on weekday and you’ll have no problems with too many people.

This is a great hike with a gorgeous waterfall! Very popular with hikers.

14 days ago

Great trail. Almost need pants for upper parts as the branches are overgrown. Nice cabin. The water set up was the best. Somebody knows something about survival. Definitely a climb. Be prepared to climb, on the trail, 5+ steep mountain peaks.

15 days ago

Great hike. We got to see an awesome sunset on the way back down.

This trail is amazing- but SO heavily trafficked. There were so many people on the trail- we had to walk single file for so much of it just because we were passing people constantly. There were many dogs off-leash and dog poop everywhere!! In addition there were many mountain bikers tearing around like crazy. I’d go again, but very early on a weekday and without any children.

17 days ago

One of my very favorite hikes! It was perfect!

grew up hiking this trail it is heavily trafficked now but I still love it !

17 days ago

Loved every minute! Thought I had hiking shoes but slippery going down. Getting hiking shoes and doing it again!! This Texas girl doesn’t have anything like this!! I’ll be back soon!

on Adams Canyon Trail

18 days ago


This trail is absolutely AMAZING...but everyone else thinks so too. We got there on a Saturday morning around 8:30 and there were maybe 30 cars. By the time we left a few hours later there were probably 150!

This trail starts of with tons of sandy switchbacks and it is challenging. I probably wouldn’t take my 6yo, but it quickly gets shaded and is a real treat the entire way.

Great hike and beautiful waterfall! Only downside was how many people were on the trail.. it was quite crowded.

18 days ago

Convenient hike for Davis County residents. Pretty. Good workout but lots of traffic - go early in the am.

mountain biking
18 days ago

Great local trail but also a favorite for hikers so early morning is the best time to avoid the crowds

19 days ago

This is one of my favorite hikes. The beginning where the switchbacks are is the hardest part. The hike gets easier after that. I would not recommend bringing upping children. I need one water bottle up and down. It takes about 2-2 1/2 hours to hike. Depending on how long you stay at the waterfall.

One of the best hikes in the Uintah/Weber County area. It's gorgeous once you're past the beginning switchbacks. If you're in good shape, it can be completed in about an hour + or - 30mins. This should not be rated hard. Malans Peak is rated moderate and it is much more strenuous. Great reward at the top. Water proof Hiking shoes to cross the creek is recommended.

24 days ago

Once you get past the sandy switchbacks - it doesn’t get much better than this.

Love this trail pretty heavily trafficked but still beautiful and worth the hike

Really beautiful trail. Nostalgic.

25 days ago

The switchbacks at the beginning are rough but once you get past them it’s such an amazing hike. There is little to no littering and the streams are nice to cool off and enjoy. Everyone on the trail is always super nice and there are lots of dogs. It’s a really nice hike.

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