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Clear path up to dollar lake, but climbing up to peak isn’t so well marked but still not bad. Was still an amazing hike!

super easy trail, great for older folks and little toddler legs

Great hike!

Beatiful sites along the trail. Difficult, but well worth the effort! Views from the top were unreal. There weren’t many wildflowers along the trail though. Started at 4 am and the parking lot was mostly full.

The hike has some beautiful views. It crosses under a chair lift twice. The trails are frequented by mountain bikers. It's a popular drop off point for mountain bike shuttles. We saw few hikers. The lake is not a fishing lake but still pleasant to reach. The first half does have signs. The signs we found after that seemed to assume a specific direction to the loop

The other reviews don't lie, this is a non-stop uphill battle from the start all the way to the lake. the trail is very shaded in the early morning but not very shaded in the afternoon. takes lots of water or a purifier to replenish. totally worth all the pain though!

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Delightful hike through the aspen trees.

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I hit the trail at 0600 this morning. It was perfect! last night's rain made everything smell fresh and kept the dust down. No issues with bugs either. 1hr 10min up and 30min down. It's a decent climb, 2000 ft gain. The beautiful views along the way and herds of Antelope make the lack of shade worth it. Take lots of water and go early. Watching the sunrise was so awesome!

Went for a quick morning hike, great trail, lake is beautiful! Paved road to nice parking lot.

This review is important.
We planned to camp at dollar lake and made it easily up there in about 4 hours, the next day we summited and got altitude sickness but made it in about 11 hours to get back to camp.
What we should’ve done, hike near a lake after gunsite pass and had a shorter summit the next because that is the hardest part of the hike because about 90% of that day is bouldering. Good luck on this very difficult hike

A simple hike, bike, or run for the whole family. Well maintained & well used. Set in a charming neighborhood these trails frame the local man made lake. It's a nice watering hole for migrating birds. A place where an ever growing family of ducks spend their whole year getting feed high calorie white bread from the locals. This trail has several areas to stop & read a book or cast a line in the water to tease fish with smelly bait or your wife's favorite shiny earring. There are several bridges to hike over (but not to jump from) adding to the thrill of hiking this trail. On the East side on the lake you will find a park that your kids can burn up a couple hours at. This is also where you will find a water fountain. If you frequent this trail throughout Spring and Summer on Thursday nights you will find the trail on the North Shore will take you right through Food Truck Heaven. On Friday & Saturday nights through the summer the South West edge of the trail will have bands playing. One of the new upgrades to this trail are the new sculptures located around the lake. Other than a few spots of lake smell that assaults your nose & an occasional swarm of nats that you may come across this is as very versatile trail giving you a lot of bang for your buck within a 3 mile loop.

Challenging but worth it.

One of the best hikes in Utah, or anywhere that I have ever been.

on White Pine Lake Trail

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The spectacular wildflowers and lovely lake at the end of the trail make this one a "must do". Went on a Saturday, and had lots of company. Low on solitude, but high on friendly people enjoying Mother Nature's gifts

This app is great

favorite hike so far!!!

we did 4 of the lakes, well worth it. saw a huge moose about 15 paces from us, as well as a lot of other wildlife. lake mary was moderately trafficked, but catherine and the smaller one we saw only had one or two others in sight. we only saw two other people on the actual loop (they worked for the watershed) but there seemed to be people both going to mary or catherine, just not via the loop.

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Great trail. Everything you can ask for.

longest .7 of my life...

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mosquitoes like I've never seen. no fishing either.

I love this trail! So many great views, wildlife, and scenery.

if you are doing this trail, then do the entire loop.

beautiful trail. one of my favorites!

Took our 2 year old on this hike and he made it about a quarter to a third of the way on his own before he got tired. Although that may have been because it was getting late. It was about 7 pm when we started the hike. Either way it was a great hike. Very fun and quick even with a two year old.

A fun little nature walk with our 2 year old. We actually didn't walk around the whole thing this time. Instead we decided to do the Lake Solitude hike to test out our little guy. He did wonderful on both this walk and the hike.

We started this hike at 12:30am so we could watch the sunrise and we were finally got back to our car at 11:30am so we were hiking a lot longer than expected! This is the hardest hike I’ve ever done, but it’s definitely possible and very rewarding and BEAUTIFUL at the top! I don’t think I’ll do this hike again for a long time since it’s SO difficult especially the last mile and a half (It took us an hour). But I still highly recommend this hike! It is absolutely FREEZING at the top so wear very very warm clothes! Also all trails says it’s 14 miles, but it’s definitely longer. My Apple Watch says it was 18 miles so keep that in mind!

I loved this hike!! It was great for me and my boys!! It was a good length and a mix of flat and a little steep!

Steep in some areas and very over grown but a great hike none the less. Don’t expect to swim in the lake, it’s just for the doggos :)

great hike a little difficult for a beginner like me had to stop quite a bit to catch my breath and i also forgot the bug spray if you hike this Trail you're definitely going to need bug spray for all the mosquitoes... But once we reach the lake it was all worth it so beautiful up there

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