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1 day ago

It's a bit of a long drive for a short hike if the connecting Buckskin Gulch is full of water. Requires a $6 fee. Walk through wash to very cool slot canyon. Very easy except for an 8 foot drop which isn't the easiest to complete alone. Most people hike this Wire Pass trail which is short to get to Buckskin Gulch to hike downstream. I believe the Gulch many times requires bringing shoes good for trouncing through ankle deep, stagnant water. For more info and pics visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/10/21/hikes-near-kanab-utah/

6 days ago

Holy crap this hike was awesome! The lottery system keeps crowds down to 20 people per day, which you really appreciate when you arrive.

14 days ago

Absolutely fabulous. Now that I have been there, the route is easy. Caution if terrain navigating. 2nd largest slot canyon on NA very close.

17 days ago

This is the most unique place on the planet. You don’t even believe it’s Earth. It’s like staring into a prehistoric era. Unbelievable!!!

19 days ago

The most difficult backpacking I’ve ever done. The quicksand type mud is incredibly dangerous and not something that is forgiving. Make sure to do this with experienced and physically fit backpackers as It’s quite easy to get trapped in the quicksand mud and fall forward into chest deep water (that happened to me). It is not an easily trail. Do not take it lightly. I’ve backpacked all over (Narrows, Mt Whitney, Iceland etc) and this was by far the most dangerous one I’ve done.

27 days ago

People who are worried about getting to trailhead with a non 4x4 vehicle, don’t! I got there with my Toyota Sienna minivan and was fine if I drove slowly.

I lucked out and got a walk in permit the first time trying ON MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!! Got last # that was called out!

I started early (I stayed at the Stateline campground the night before so would have a quick drive) since I can’t handle high heat very well. It was nice and cool. Trail isn’t very well marked so follow the pictures in your booklet that the ranger gives you when you get your permit! I found a couple who got lost not doing that.

Most of hike is just exposed rock and sand. Saw some random wildflowers when I went through. The Wave portion itself (and if you go just a tad further will see similar formations some call the 2nd wave) is incredible.

I got out before noon since, by then, the heat was getting to me. Worth the hike!

a little off the beaten path... like 8 miles. But keep on going. it is worth it! Amazing hike and part of it is in a slot canyon.

1 month ago

A few days ago, we sucessfully backpacked buckskin gulch in utah, which is referred to as the longest slot canyon in the world and one of the most dangerous hikes in north america. We scored the last of the highly coveted overnight permits, and embarked on the most physically and psychologically demanding hike I have ever participated in.

The walls reached 400 feet above us, and at times we could touch the walls to either side of us. we waded through pools of freezing, chocolate milk colored muddy water up to our waists and chests. At one point, we had to gag our way through a seemingly endless stretch of neck deep, black, putrid, stagnant floodwaters full of dead animals and decaying plant matter. At other points, we couldnt touch the ground, and we had to swim with our packs.

There were multiple snakes and tarantulas. We also learned that quicksand is a real thing. Most of the trip felt like an episode of fear factor, but worse since once you're in, you dont have enough time or supplies to turn back.

Flash floods are the real danger here, as there is only one escape route halfway in. If you can't make it in time, or already passed it, you will have a hard time trying to survive. Our trip had 0% chance of rain and was supposed to not have a single cloud in the sky, but ominous clouds hung over the gulch for part of our trip, raising tension and reminding us that the gulch had total control.

What made matters worse is that our gps was 3 miles off. Cold, wet, and exhausted towards the end of day 1, we thought we had just 1.5- 2 miles left until our campsite, but we actully had over 5, leaving us to navigate pools of water in the dark, clear a boulder jam without rope, and accidentally miss our campsite and having to hike to the next one.

We're covered in mosquito bites, our bones are bruised, we still smell terrible, and I can barely walk, but the experience was once in a lifetime. Buckskin Gulch feels neverending, twisting your mind and body in ways we never could have imagined. While the views are beautiful, Buckskin Gulch is truly relentless.


Incredible experience. We went from Wire Pass to White House, roughly 20 miles total, over two days and one night.

Do not underestimate this hike... it is extremely demanding. With packs on it took us a full twelve hours to do those 13 miles of Buckskin. We waded through over 20 pools of waist-level depth. Despite starting early, we had to use our headlamps to finish the hike due to running out of sunlight! The hike out of Paria was less taxing but still difficult.

A few things: 1) be sure to have proper footwear. Water shoes and neoprene socks are highly recommended, 2) utilize a dry bag and a separate waterproof bag for your phone, as you’ll be taking lots of pictures, 3) stock up on water before you go through. You won’t have access to any spring water until right before the confluence, 4) I don’t recommend doing this one alone. I’m typically a solo hiker, but I’d be afraid to do this one without company. The trail is as psychologically onerous as it is physically.

Great experience!

The road was not bad at all, easily done without 4wd. it is a walk from the parking area to the actual slot canyon, but once you get into it it is amazing! we had waist deep water in some parts, and a lot of mud, but nothing extreme.

Would definitely suggest entering from Wire Pass to the Buckskin intersection then exploring the slot canyon in both directions to avoid the walk along the wash.

1 month ago

The perfect experience if you don't have too much time available to spend in this beautiful area.
The drive from the Hwy 89 to the trailhead is nice but pay attention because previous rain can create some very big bump. From the parking lot, the first part of the trail is quite easy, in a large wash with some interesting view of plants and little wildlife (expecially rabbits). The only problem is the heat: the whole section has no shade and we did it around 2 pm in september, temperature was very high so hat and lot of water is reccommend. The section when the cliffs become higher is just the prelude to the wonderful final part: a great narrow slot in the shade, very fun and atmospheric. There is a drop at a certain point, lot of reviewers rated it as easy, but at the time of our visit we had some problems (we are 1,60 mt tall) because some recent flood moved the debris used to go down, so we had to go back and use the alternate way, that starts in the same point of The Wave trail but follow another direction, just check the cairns. The confluence with the Buckskin Gulch is huge and pretty good to have some rest, take some photos, look at the petroglyphs and enjoy the silence of the place. We moved toward the left for a little walk in BG, but it was a little muddy and we heard some Coyote in the distance, so after one mile we returned back. Very reccommend place, hope to come back and walk through the BG for a longer distance.

Beautiful. Hike is very easy, the drop was too much for my dog but we were able to find the detour mentioned from other reviewers just look for the markers.

on Wire Pass Trail

1 month ago

Great pretty easy hike. It is a fee area so have some cash. $6.00/person.
easy walk along dry river bed leading to the slot. Small climb down about a 7ft drop. Then on to easy hiking. At the confluence of Buckskin and Wire Pass you can go left up Buckskin not far until it got to muddy for us. We went to the right down Buckskin and there are water crossing after water crossing. Much better than trying to cross mud.

Great hike. If in the area one should do it.

1 month ago

Loved the hike. Pretty easy trail with just one obstacle, an 8-10 for climb down. Some people did not hike past the obstacle.

1 month ago

This was an amazing experience...We went on a cold, rainy, somewhat snowy day in March. We are so thankful that we hired a guide out of Kanab who had a vehicle that could get in and out. Rain on clay is almost worse than ice in Minnesota. The weather did not dampen the experience and the weather cleared just as we arrived at the Wave. We are glad that we dressed in weather appropriate layers. We received our lottery ticket in the online drawing 3 months ahead....and there were almost 300 in line the day before. So it really is the luck of the draw.

Fantastic. Took a small 11 year old dog and he loved it. The pools at the end were to sticky to play in but beautiful slot canyons.

Hardly any shade the first miles but once you make it to the slot canyons it cools down and it's pretty amazing how long it goes.

2 months ago

Do not go without a permit. BLM and the sheriff check several times a day. The fine is huge not to mention federal court and the bad karma from doing the wrong thing to Mother Nature.

Protecting the wave and surrounding area is critical. It is fragile beauty.

It took us 8 months but we finally won a permit. The effort was worth it. No one can really describe the mind boggling beauty of this hike.

It is as though you are on another planet. Enter the lottery every month until you are awarded a permit. It is truly the golden ticket.

Sandy in areas which is exhausting. Take the detailed map you get with your permit. We used it way more than I thought we would. You are on your own out there.

The ranger will stop you and examine your permit. Writing down the details. They keep careful track of who is out there.

2 months ago

Fantastic view of a Canyon
Same view than Antelope and nobody on the pictures !


If your willing to endure some incoviences you'll be rewarded with views that are like no other.

The time to get there is long, you've gotta "dangle" the carrot in front of you the whole way as the dirt road is long and only gets worse as the miles roll on. Were not talking 5 miles of dirt road either...try 40 miles. BUT, once you get to one of the 3 locations to start your hike in, things get progressive better real quick! If you do water tower route which we did, it is a short but not very well marked trail into Gulch via a "ramp" or "giant slab" that you must scramble down. Bring climbing gear to rappel in...but chances are there will be a rope already hooked up. ***WARNING*** This is a very steep slab down and up and with gear on your back it is very dangerous to acend or decend safely with gear in place....if no gear is already hooked up, you better have some of your own. A fall here could be fatal. If there is a rope set, don't count on it when you come back out either. For people not afraid of heights, and have climbing experience this won't be an issue. Now, with the warning out of the way...please enjoy this fantastic and amazing hike or backpacking trip. If you come from either east or west entrance, the slab is not an issue and you can just hike all the way thru for many miles(15 plus). You will tho have to shuttle cars which can take even more time to get set up for the trail route. More info on others that have posted to see these routes so please see those links for details. The arch is accessed very quickly if you go water tank route, hence why we went way. We didn't have days to explore canyon, but in hindsight I wish we did.

3 months ago

Did this trail 2 years ago. A wonder! It’s the untouched backyard that mysteriously brings you back to the dinosaur era. 20 people per day are permitted, which means you won’t see any other human most of the time. Complete wilderness without any man made sign, so you have to notice the landscape then roam freely!

3 months ago

The road to get to the trails is easy to miss. I came during mudslide season. The road is currently damaged, and signs warn that this road is impassable when wet. Emergency response is slow. Plan your trip outside of the rainy season, know the weather, and know this area is proceed at your own risk.

trail running
3 months ago

I started from the Wire Pass trailhead, which has bathrooms but no water. As a warning to those who may be driving there in a small rental car like I was, the gravel/dirt road to get there is in fairly poor condition, and I had to drive slowly and cautiously to avoid getting a flat tire. I didn't have too long to spend here, so I just did 8.5 miles. The first mile+ is in direct sun with no shade, so make sure to have enough water to survive the heat and get back to your car. It was 81 degrees when I left my car and 111 when I got back 2 hours later. The narrow canyons were pleasant and fairly cool, but the canyon does intermittently open wider and is hot in the sun, so just make sure you carry enough to drink if you go in July like I did. I don't think it had rained at all recently when I went, so I did not have to go through even a drop of water. There were a lot of sections of dried mud, so I could tell where there is typically water. It was definitely an easy trail in these mud-less and water-less conditions, though it was still not entirely runnable due to thick dune-like sand in some places and incredibly rocky uneven surfaces elsewhere. I definitely can't relate to previous reviewers who rate this as hard, but the difficulty is clearly entirely dependent on the conditions, and I obviously went when the conditions were incredibly favorable. It's a beautiful and incredibly memorable trail, and I would encourage anyone to take at least a couple hours to explore it.

nature trips
3 months ago

A wonderland!

3 months ago

Simply stunning.
Permits are difficult to obtain though and you will lucky to get one.
The pre hike talk by the ranger can be a bit daunting too for the inexperienced hiker. You are warned about getting lost and the possibility of an overnight stay until you are found, wildlife, etc.
My better half almost never went but in the end relented.
Think it was the best decision she ever made. Take plenty water and go early to make a day of it.
Also, anything less than a SUV down the 8 mile dirt, potholed road from the interstate to the trailhead is likely to leave you with under carriage damage.

3 months ago

An easy hike into the magnificent Buckskin Gulch slot canyon!

on Buckskin Gulch Trail

3 months ago

Amazing trail but expect it to be hard, not moderate. Our route was Paria Canyon to Big Spring, back-tracked to Buckskin Gulch and exited at Wire Pass.

Wire Pass is very hot with a 7 ft boulder jam to traverse half way through.

Buckskin had calf-deep mud that will keep your shoe, ten waist deep 55 degree water holes about 20 to 50 feet long lots of sections with technical river rock hiking which can be tiring with a heavy pack.

Expect 50/50 exposed vs shade with temps ranging from 70 to 100.

Camping spot was great with lots of tent spots ready.

Amazing trail with lots of visual apeal. Very memorable and worth the effort.

4 months ago

great short hike, nice slot canyon. road in a bit of a drive but keeps the crowds away. if you're into rocks and geology, a interesting walk.

Pretty accurate until you get over the sandy hill at the end to get to the wave. Once in lifetime experience!

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