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trail running
1 day ago

I started from the Wire Pass trailhead, which has bathrooms but no water. As a warning to those who may be driving there in a small rental car like I was, the gravel/dirt road to get there is in fairly poor condition, and I had to drive slowly and cautiously to avoid getting a flat tire. I didn't have too long to spend here, so I just did 8.5 miles. The first mile+ is in direct sun with no shade, so make sure to have enough water to survive the heat and get back to your car. It was 81 degrees when I left my car and 111 when I got back 2 hours later. The narrow canyons were pleasant and fairly cool, but the canyon does intermittently open wider and is hot in the sun, so just make sure you carry enough to drink if you go in July like I did. I don't think it had rained at all recently when I went, so I did not have to go through even a drop of water. There were a lot of sections of dried mud, so I could tell where there is typically water. It was definitely an easy trail in these mud-less and water-less conditions, though it was still not entirely runnable due to thick dune-like sand in some places and incredibly rocky uneven surfaces elsewhere. I definitely can't relate to previous reviewers who rate this as hard, but the difficulty is clearly entirely dependent on the conditions, and I obviously went when the conditions were incredibly favorable. It's a beautiful and incredibly memorable trail, and I would encourage anyone to take at least a couple hours to explore it.

nature trips
4 days ago

A wonderland!

7 days ago

Great short hike. Would recommend this hike for anyone staying in the area.

Great views over the least polluted area in the lower 48. Very easy for almost all ages.

I would have rated this trail 5 stars because it's beautiful, and very easy to follow. However the trailhead was not easy to find. There are signs marking Bristlecone Trail but none that show where Riggs Spring Loop Trail is. It took me a few tries to figure out that you start on Bristlecone, head down the Under the Rim trail, and then Riggs Spring Trail branches off from there. It would have been nice to have signs in the parking lot to tell you which way to go. The campsites on Riggs Trail were nice. There was water running at Riggs spring, approximately a quart per minute. I only ran into one group of Backpackers and two hikers. Very little traffic on this gorgeous route

13 days ago

Simply stunning.
Permits are difficult to obtain though and you will lucky to get one.
The pre hike talk by the ranger can be a bit daunting too for the inexperienced hiker. You are warned about getting lost and the possibility of an overnight stay until you are found, wildlife, etc.
My better half almost never went but in the end relented.
Think it was the best decision she ever made. Take plenty water and go early to make a day of it.
Also, anything less than a SUV down the 8 mile dirt, potholed road from the interstate to the trailhead is likely to leave you with under carriage damage.

13 days ago

An easy hike into the magnificent Buckskin Gulch slot canyon!

Easy walk. Good views.

Super easy. Good views

on Buckskin Gulch Trail

19 days ago

Amazing trail but expect it to be hard, not moderate. Our route was Paria Canyon to Big Spring, back-tracked to Buckskin Gulch and exited at Wire Pass.

Wire Pass is very hot with a 7 ft boulder jam to traverse half way through.

Buckskin had calf-deep mud that will keep your shoe, ten waist deep 55 degree water holes about 20 to 50 feet long lots of sections with technical river rock hiking which can be tiring with a heavy pack.

Expect 50/50 exposed vs shade with temps ranging from 70 to 100.

Camping spot was great with lots of tent spots ready.

Amazing trail with lots of visual apeal. Very memorable and worth the effort.

22 days ago

great short hike, nice slot canyon. road in a bit of a drive but keeps the crowds away. if you're into rocks and geology, a interesting walk.

Minor hike but the views are awesome!

Was a nice hike up the canyon. My wife made it up slowly with 4stops. Nice views and yellow mountain was worth it. Carry lots of water. First week of June was 100degrees. Be careful on cottonwood road. Lots of blind curves and surprising amount of traffic.

Pretty accurate until you get over the sandy hill at the end to get to the wave. Once in lifetime experience!

1 month ago

IMPORTANT: Please read and truly understand every word and the map that is provided with your permit.

Entered Houserock Valley Rd north off 89 via Page. Houserock is washboard rough rd for 7 miles south to parking. SVU is best esp is there has been rain.

Amazing hike but very poorly marked. Use the veridical slot in the mountain as your destination when you turn south. Very easy to miss the fist turn off for the wave trail head off wire pass.

1.5 mile point. As soon as you cross the sandy wash there is a marker post on a dune to head east. Follow that path up the side of the mountain “the saddle” as they call it. Very easy to miss.

From there you will head south bearing to the right along the mountain sides. The wave is in the distance at the base of the coin slot crevasse white mountain.

Annotated photos uploaded.

1 month ago

The deep sand made this a brutal hike. Great views made it worth the effort.

Hiked this trail in the early morning and it was nice. Definitely take water!! I am a heavy water drinker and ran through 4L over the course of the hike at 96 degrees F. There is no shade and no elevation differences as you hike in the wash the entire way. There is a 2WD parking before the wash crosses the road, and a 4WD about 0.5mile up the road. Either works but just be wise and be prepared for the elements. Hoodoos on the west side but beautiful features on the east side.

This is not an easy hike considering you are trudging through sand on a a slight grade. And then there is steep uphill in sand.
Once you reach the base of the throne and continue around to make your way up, the trail is not marked and is difficult to find.
We did not make it to the slot canyon. And, after reading other description (besides all trails) I learned that there are at least two rappelling involved.
There is no way this is kid friendly hike.

Nice hike with my Jack Russell she loved the adventure.

1 month ago

There is a way around it up above but you need to know where to go I came back through the upper half since it was windy and I was getting covered in sand in the slot canyon. The drop isn’t bad but not for everybody

1 month ago

Great views of Bryce and beyond. Easy and short. Nice drive to the top as well.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail and easy for all skill levels. The trail is rocky but flat and has some great views.

Nice walk on a good packed in trail. At points you get some good views. Pretty windy out at the south point on the trail.

We did this trail as part of "Rainbow and Yovimpa Points Plus Bristlecone Loop"

1 month ago

We would highly recommend doing this hike if you're in the area. It's fairly easy and is mostly down a dry riverbed. Towards the end, you go through a couple of slot canyons and you have to scramble at this one drop off point. We heard someone say there was a way around but couldn't figure it out. Once you get through the two slot canyons, it opens up into a confluence with Buckskin Gulch and the area is simply amazing. There's petroglyphs on the rock wall too. This is the best part of the hike so don't quit before you reach the end.

1 month ago

A wonderful hike and beautiful geologic feature. While The Wave was the main event for the hike and certainly worth the effort, the out and back hike and wandering around the area is fascinating. The views are endless.

Hiked this with a bunch friends via wire pass trailhead. It was quite muddy & stinky but still a beautiful slot canyon. Little bit of scramble & down climb in spots. Got wet up to our knees & thighs in a couple spots. Did this as an out and back and tracked it about 12 .5 Miles or so. Check the weather before you enter, flash floods can occur. Next time we’ll drop a car at Paria whitehouse and hike the whole thing

1 month ago

Outstanding area to hike and backpack. Stunning scenery. It has it all for the desert lovers

1 month ago

A LOT HARDER than I read or any YouTube video showed. I went in 2015 with 2 other guys I was in the Marines with. The gulch was a hell of a lot of fun, incredibly beautiful but we did it in high heat of July and we went through over a gallon and half of water each. This section took us literally all day. Our plans were to turn right and hike all the way down to Lee’s ferry but on night 1 we were strongly considering hooking left for the shirt route out.

We took an easy day to go 5 miles and refill water so actually finished at Lee’s FERRY BUT NONE WAS AS HARD AS buckskin. It wasn’t horrific, definitely doable but ensure you have the right mindset for it. We did not understand what we headed in to and this were not quite mentally prepared.

As for the hike- stunning. Incredibly satisfying. The entire gulch is carved from heaven. It’s simply one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in 26 countries.

DO NOT DO IT IN JULY. lol. I recommend doing it in cooler weather.

1 month ago

Stunning hike, great views, offers everything could expect out of Escalante.

Great, easy and flat hike to see some beautiful slot canyons! The hike starts out going through a river bed/wash area for about a mile then leads through several slot canyons. The hike ends with one last slot canyon opening into a grand open space area with huge rock walls- almost like a natural amphitheater and intersects the Buckskin Gulch trail. **NOTE: you have to drive about 17 miles down a bumpy, rough dirt road to reach this trailhead!! Be aware it may not be passable with a small/low to the ground vehicle (I made it with my Ford Focus but had to drive very slow). You also may need to purchase a permit at the self-pay station at the trailhead which is generally around $6.00 per person (must pay with cash).

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