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Great, easy and flat hike to see some beautiful slot canyons! The hike starts out going through a river bed/wash area for about a mile then leads through several slot canyons. The hike ends with one last slot canyon opening into a grand open space area with huge rock walls- almost like a natural amphitheater and intersects the Buckskin Gulch trail. **NOTE: you have to drive about 17 miles down a bumpy, rough dirt road to reach this trailhead!! Be aware it may not be passable with a small/low to the ground vehicle (I made it with my Ford Focus but had to drive very slow). You also may need to purchase a permit at the self-pay station at the trailhead which is generally around $6.00 per person (must pay with cash).

8 days ago

Nice hike. Starting in River bed with beautiful wild flowers, then goes into a slot canyon. little traffic, enjoyed the quiet.

Nice easy walk with great views and interesting Bristlecone Pine trees.

Simple walk with Stunning views,

Unique story with the brothers carving out and living in the caves. Fun little detour when hiking the more challenging hikes in the ares.

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25 days ago

Three caves carved out of rock where two men lived.

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28 days ago

While coral sands dune state park is a beautiful place, the noisy, smelly and invasive ATV'S spoil the experience. Further it seems the state of Utah is escalating efforts to increase motorized usage of the Dunes. so, save your $8.00 entry fee...watch video online if the Dunes sans ARB noise and, hike elsewhere.

The Wave is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Our permits were for late March. The weather was perfect, it drizzled at times which kept the temperature perfect. We didn't use a compass or GPS... probably would've found it faster if we had. It was a rough hike for the non-hiker in the group.

Amazing! Easy hike but be very very careful with navigation, you can get lost easily.

This was a hike that was beautiful and a good workout that ended at one of the most beautiful natural shrines I have seen. A highlight on a trip full of great hikes!

1 month ago

Great Experience for a small group!!

on Wire Pass Trail

1 month ago

so we went today 3/29/18. Quite a bit of people with kids and a couple of dogs. there was alot of water pools. We ended up going 3pools in and went back and up the other smaller half which was absolutely beautiful and hardly any water.

Good short easy hike.

1 month ago

Really fun hike that we did as a family - mom, dad, twin 8 year olds and a five year old. Handled the drop with a little assist from 6’4” dad and then further into the slot canyon. The kids loved it. We ate a snack at the T junction then went up the Gulch to the left. A bit of loose sand and called it quits and turned back around after about 10 minutes. Others went to the right and found pools of icy cold water but navigated them okay. We opted to go over the hill on the way back instead of scrambling back up the 8 foot drop. Great views and kids had fun scrambling up the slick rock. All did great, with about 4.5 mikes total and 3 hours - although short legs and side track climbing make us a bit slow :).

Great introduction to slot canyons. Not for everyone due to one tricky 8 ft drop you go down then up. But we did it! Aged 9-45 and I’m a big guy. If u can do it the payoff is well worth it!

1 month ago

Loved this hike. Starts out rather bland, but there are the cool rock formations all over with the layered colors, stripes, etc, during the entire hike prior to the slot. Wire pass does include a slot canyon that has very high walls in a tight space. Go into the slot regardless if you can make the 8 foot drop. You can enjoy the awesomeness of the Antelope Canyon-like slot, and go back and go around the slot. As you are going toward the slot the walk around is on the right. My wife and I went around going down, as I believe going down the 8 foot drop is harder thatn going up. On the way back we went up the 8 foot climb up a branch that is wedged in place. Took some effort, but not bad. The ending is rewarded with the incredibly huge canyon walls at the convergance to Buckskin Gulch. No water anywhere in Wire Pass or at the convergence when we went in late March. You can go upstream at Buckskin without water or very little. But downstream, the deeper "puddles" waist high start at about 50 yards in. Worth going a bit upstream on Buckskin if you have time. You feel very small at the convergance area. Awesome stuff.

1 month ago

This is not a difficult hike, except for the length. There is no significant elevation gain. It is about 4.5 miles to get to the featured attraction, which are the hoodoos in two side canyons off to the left. I recommend asking for maps and information at the BLM office in Kanab, or the one in Big Water, or both. I might not have known where to find the hoodoos if I had not talked to the BLM staff in Big Water. It is a bit unusual, in that you are walking down a wide wash with no marked trail and the location of the hoodoos in not necessarily obvious. Someone has placed an arrow made up of rocks at one point, but you could miss that if you were on the wrong side of the wash. You also have to figure out how to get through the fencing across the wash at the beginning, which is not that big of a challenge. I saw a couple of other people and cows here and there, but was by myself at the hoodoos. There was virtually no water in the wash the day I went, even though it had rained a bit. It takes about an hour to get to Big Water from Kanab and the trailhead for the Toadstools is nearby.

Definitely a beautiful hike if you can get a permit through the lottery! Went at the end of February 2 years ago and even with the cooler temps, it was still hot. There is no shade so take more water than you think you need!

Fun little none-strenuous hike with an amazing view by a storm shelter.

Close your eyes and take in the sounds of the wind at the lookout into the canyon and you might hear something beautiful like I did!!

Keep an eye out for diving birds in the canyon.

The ancient bristlecone pine is worth the hike!

Did this hike march 14... crampons for the boots were a good idea, however the hike is do able without.

Would be great for kids!

Nice slot that conveniently merges with buckskin gulch. Use the alternative way around the 8ft drop which was nice. The drop wasn’t bad but had a lot of camera gear and didn’t want to chance it

2 months ago

Exceptional hike, very easy until the 7’ foot drop. But it looks much harder than it is! An easy climb up and down and we had a dog with us. Buckskin gulch was amazing. We only hit one patch of water but easily passed using the rocks. Very little traffic.

2 months ago

There's a boulder and about a 7 foot drop halfway down the first slot. I didn't think I could do it alone with just my dog but it's easy to hike back to the opening and go up to the right and bypass it. This hike was my consolation prize for never winning the wave lottery month after month.

I wasn't able to complete this hike due to crossing the river (didn't have the right gear) however I will be back!!!

This is a great day/afternoon hike that offers an incredibly diverse view. We ended up doing this hike, per recommendation of a local, on our way out of page, AZ. Cottonwood canyon road is an easy dirt road that can take you close to the “head” of this trail. Note* there is know Trail sign that will let you know where to start. We parked at the junction of cotton wood canyon and the other dirt road/path that comes from the east. If you’ve driven up to hackleberry canyon trail, you can hike from there as well you just have to head south to get to the point where you hike up to yellow rock. If you can make your way to the base of the mountain (through river bed (maybe an inch of spotty water when we went in mid feb), you can kinda see a dirt-rock path that’s been carved out that heads straight up. It’s not scary (unless you’re afraid of heights) and this trail doesn’t have steep drop offs- id say its a fairly friendly trail. There is loose rock and dirt heading up/down from the creek bed so just be careful there, other than that it was easy and you really can’t miss yellow rock! It’s like exploring another planet. We did the trail in 2 hours, hiked up in less than 20/25 min and enjoyed our time on the rock. Saw some antelope and some mountain lion foot prints! Pretty cool!

A girl from Montana was intrigued by the slot canyon & beautiful colors. Great easy hike & warm, sunny weather. A bit hard to find railhead but we persevered & found it!

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3 months ago

This was easy access into this area. Great dirt road. Ran the dirt road in and out..I think it was more miles than what was on review. But really amazing rock and slot canyon.

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4 months ago

We enjoyed this hike.. for the most part it was easy except one 8 foot drop inside the canyon. Keep in mind that inside Wire Pass (after the turn off for Buckskin Overlook), there is an 8 foot drop that is a challenge. This can be by passed by going up on top of the canyon. Both ways can be a bit tricky if you're not used to it. Dec. 29, 2017


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