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15 hours ago

Steep hike with amazing view


1 day ago

Hiked in on July 5th with my kids for one night. Hike wasn’t bad. The only challenging part was going over the pass and it wasn’t hard at all. Fishing wasn’t great. Caught one fish on a worm. 9 mountain goats walked through our camp. 6-7 awesome camping spots and a few more that are decent. By evening most were occupied. Two streams feed into the lake on both sides of the lake. Plenty of firewood within 80 yards of the bank. Breeze blows from the West most of the day and stops a little after sundown. Mosquitos weren’t bad, but we wore 100% Deet.. Perfect first back packing trip for my 4 kids (18, 16, 14, 11). Views are spectacular. Water is so clear. Would definitely go again.

2 days ago

Love this trail! Perfect for beginners! the lake is beautiful and you can continue on if you choose to other destinations from the lake. Tons of places to camp around the lake. Lots of trees perfect for hammocking too. We took our one year old and our friends brought their 18 month old. The kids loved it. Beware, TONS OF MOSQUITOS! Everything else was perfect!

Great hike. If you follow the AllTrails map for this hike, it sends you on the “Lakes Country Trail 216” which is marked. Its a bit confusing since it takes you past other lakes, but is a great hike past 3 lakes different gorgeous lakes! Took a 9 and 11 year old and was a great 3 mile in and back hike.

2 days ago

Great day for a hike. Easy trail. We went into Shepherd and Hoover lakes. Pretty lakes with great views of bald mountain. The wild flowers were spectacular

We didn’t leash our dog and didn’t see any on leashes (other than in the parking lot). This is a gorgeous loop with great variation—green, swampy meadows (wear bug spray), high lakes, and rocky, sweeping vistas. Not too challenging, other than a little push to the high point about half way through. I liked starting the loop by going towards Scout lake and ending by Kamas lake.

Worth the trip. Not the best fishing but a great view!

7 days ago

Super HOT in July! The 3rd bridge no longer exists. Made it to South Erickson Lake - check out my full trial guide with a map and photos:

7 days ago

Very pretty! Went and the parking lot was very crowded, the trail became less crowded the further in we hiked. Lots of dogs on and off leash. Bugs weren’t bad, but they were out.

Good hike with pretty lake views. The mosquitoes were terrible though. Very rocky trail most of the way. The fishing was great.

beautiful views. We saw some mountain goats on the way down. Lots and lot of mosquitos. Once you stop for a split second, the mosquitoes will all come and try to bite you. The most amount of mosquitoes I have ever seen. Very annoying.

This hike includes both the Upper Setting trail and the Big Elk Lake route. The route is well marked with rock cairns. As long as you don't go to far past the last cairn before you see the next one you will be ok. If you don't see a cairn just backtrack to the last one and look closer. Some cairn are only one rock. At Big Elk Lake be careful to watch for the trail heading directly east. The sign is in the trees about half way to the old breached dam at the north end of the lake at the GPS Coordinates 40-67654 -111.05024. The trail sign faces the lake and indicates a trail going left to Erickson Basin and right to Norway Flats Neither of these trails are visible at the sign because of lack of use. Most traffic follow the open space between the old high water lever before the dam was breached and the current water level.

Hiked the same loop as BJ. Burnt and downed trees from the 2016 fire are not as bad as the Smith-Morehouse portion of the trail

7 days ago

Hiked this trail down from the Island Lake Trail Junction. There is a sign a short distance with a "Warning" about the trail conditions mentioned in the previous review. It is much easier to follow the rock cairns when you can see them from above than hiking up. Currently the trail is more like hiking cross country because you have to walk around, over and under many burned trees on the trail. Currently requires advanced route finding skills which slows down the progress. It took us 4 hours to negotiate the trail going downhill. At our normal pace we would have completed the downhill portion of this trail in about 2.0-2.5 hours. Three stars only because of the large burned out sections and difficult travel. 4 stars when the USFS cuts a trail through the downed trees. FYI Crystal Lake it at the opposite end of the Lakes County trail at the Junction of the Smith-Morehouse, Big Elk and Lakes Country trail

Trail in the forest is easy to follow. Once you get above timberline there are rock cairns to follow. Most carins are easily within sight of the next except when crossing a grassy area just east of South Erickson Lake. The trail closure mentioned is primarily for the North Erickson Trail near area of the fire in 2016 because there are many burned trees that have follow on the trail. The Forest Service has started clearing the trail near the North Erickson Trail-head at Smith-Morehouse Reservoir

Actually hiked this in reverse from South Erickson Lake to the trail-head as part of the loop hike starting on the North Erickson Trail. Since I don't own a 4X4 this is the only way to hike this trail. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. Never did see any sign of the trail heading North between the two lakes on the pass. This trail doesn't doesn't exist on the USFS interactive map either.

We started out at the Crystal Lake trail head near the Smith and Morehouse Reservoir. It's unclear to me why it's the trailhead sign references Crystal Lake when you never see another sign mention "Crystal Lake" again as you're hiking. Instead, the wording changes to "Island Lake."

Obviously, most of it is still burned from the July 2016 fire. There is still a sign that says the trail is closed. Ground vegetation (bushes, flowers) have grown/are starting to grow back. There are tons of fallen trees on the trail. Some are easy to maneuver, some are not. You must be comfortable with losing the trail several times as you're hiking. You will be walking a nice, clearly-defined trail, then you'll hop over a fallen tree and POOF, the trail is gone. This got really old, really fast.

We never made it to Crystal Lake/Island (whichever it is) as we gave up looking for the trail after the 10th time of losing it. We did see a deer and a 3 moose on the way back: a mom and her calf, and then later a bull moose. So be aware.

I gave it 2 out of 5 stars because 3/4 of the hike is through burned forest the trail disappears constantly. On the positive side, there are quite a few wild flowers and you have a good chance of running into some wildlife.

Very pretty hike. Pretty easy and the climb at the beginning isn’t too bad. You run into a few different lakes and meadows. Make sure to check the weather, we got caught in the rain, but luckily had rain jackets with us.

Such a beautiful hike! No snow on the trail, ran into more people in the last mile or so but not crowded by any means. We bug sprayed at the beginning and middle and were fine for the most part.

Great hike. Beautiful campground at Booker lake. Did the loop from Wall lake to Clyde and back to the parking lot. Mountain sheep right in camp. If you are looking for seclusion, look somewhere else.

Starting at the crystal lake trailhead, we backpacked with 3 kids (6, 3, and 3 months) the 3 miles to Weir Lake. There are so many beautiful views of lakes, wildflower fields and rocky cliffs along the way with very little incline. This is a relatively easy hike with only a few switchbacks and elevation climb, but met with downward slopes after. Mosquitoes are INSANE- BRING BUGSPRAY!!!

Loved this hike! Wild flowers were beautiful!

Great hike! We did an overnighter and backpacked in, but this would be a great day hike. There were several lakes along the way, possible to go to further lakes, caught several fish, several water locations to filter, fair amount of shade on the first half, and even saw mountain goats on the west side.

Difficulty: 5/10.
Length was 6.5 miles.
Traffic: Mild/moderate on this trail but the parking lot was a joke.
Tips: Fish at Meadow Lake, fly and bubble or golden Jake’s worked well.

9 days ago

Great for first timers

Love loved this trail...butt kicking climb straight up and amazing views off all sides at the top! Can’t wait to go back ❤️

11 days ago

Amazing views of lakes, mountains, meadows, and streams. Even on the 4th of July it wasn’t that busy. Beautiful trail.

12 days ago

Both times we've done this trail, our Garmin watches said the distance was closer to 4.4 miles than the advertised 3.9. This trail is steep & rocky, hard on the body. Breath-taking views.

12 days ago

The trail was in great condition, and there were more than 10 species of wildflowers in bloom. The view along the majority of the trail was pretty nice, although there are a lot of dead trees mixed in with the live ones, which I thought detracted a little bit. You can see some pretty lakes below as well.

Amazing hike today. Winds had to be 35 mph +, but virtually zero wind at the top. 360 degree incredible views.

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