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16 hours ago

Backpacked past Ibantik and in to Meadow Lake at the beginning of August last year. Views from The Notch were amazing! Moderate hike with a few steep places but totally manageable. Wind was a bit fierce on day 2 but other than that, a great trip. Bring your fly rod.

11 days ago

Did this hike last August. Stayed 3 nights perfect weather. Hiked in on a Monday passed a few people leaving but only had neighbors one night. A few groups hiked by. Hiked to Meadows lake one day, beautiful had the lake to ourselves all day. Based on the reviews planned on a lot of mosquitoes didn’t get a single bite. Also didn’t get a lot of bites from the fish. Hiked the meadows lake for the day. A few mountain goats did pass right by our camp.

trail running
15 days ago

Nice challenging hiking and running trail. Clear to about 9000ft as of May 12, then snowy in the boulder fields. Thanks to whoever has been up there with a chain saw!

Did this hike 2 years ago at the end of June. Still some snow in places on the trail. A few steep places going in and coming out. Fortunately, that keeps traffic at the lake to a minimum. Slept in hammocks at the lake a couple nights. Caught lots of fish and woke up to mountain goats in our campsite every morning. There’s a lot of dead trees which made it interesting sleeping in hammocks, especially with the nightly storms. Writing this review as I get ready for another trip here this summer.

1 month ago

This hike is not for the faint of heart... Features stunning views and exhilarating hiking and bouldering. This is a Family favorite for my family and I. Just a note from us... Go around the west side of the false peak and there is a chute a few hundred yards north of that--that you can climb back up to the ridge before you summit. This hike requires a lot of steep bouldering and climbing. The hard work is worth it for the amazing view at the end.

on Shingle Creek Trail

2 months ago

A good trail for snowshoeing. Went up a couple miles after a snow storm and enjoyed the winter scenery.

Love it easy fun lots of water

4 months ago

Great place to say if you want to get away from the crowds

Nice area with lots of lakes

4 months ago

Easy hike that passes several other lakes.

4 months ago

Nice easy hike. Lake is prettier in the spring when the reservoir is fullest

Hiked with children

I loved this hike. Very rewarding, beautiful views along the way. Not hard. Very very green in the middle of the the summer. Great escape!

Gorgeous views, fabulous greenery when I went in July. Would definitely do it again

6 months ago

Lots of snow up above the beaver ponds and icy in patches below them. Didn’t quite make it all the way up this time but it’s worth coming back to complete. Might just wait until late Spring though!

6 months ago

Snow on the trail, other than some slippery spots and occasional concern we had lost the trail...beautiful hike! Felt the elevation so took it slow. Went yesterday (Wednesday) and we didn't see anyone else along the trail or at the trailhead.

Extremely easy hike to the lake. Good views.

7 months ago

Awesome views... did it in July and there was still some snow on the pass before the drop down to lofty lake. We did it counter clockwise passing Picturesque and Scout lake first. It was an easy route but I had my wife and 10year old who were new to hiking. And coming from Florida where our highest elev. is about sea level, the altitude got to them quickly. In hindsight I think it's 50/50 on going clockwise or counterclockwise from the trailhead. Either way you gotta climb. Our hike was somewhat rushed due to trying to get to Vernal by nightfall but I think it took about 4/5 hours if I remember correctly.

The views at the pass, Lofty lake, coming out to the overview looking at Cuttthroat lake and Kamas lake are amazing! I have to say I really wish we could have spent more time and maybe fished at Kamas. Anywhere would be an ideal lunch spot.

The trail itself is in pretty decent shape. The only moderately sketchy part was coming off of Lofty and heading towards Kamas. There are several trails meandering about but as long as you have a basic map and know your directions it's pretty obvious which direction to head with using the mountains as landmarks. Sooner or later you will pick up the trail again.

There were several people (not too many) on the trail throughout the day so that put my little one at ease that we weren't lost. All in all, an awesome adventure! Highly recommended.

7 months ago

Great hike! About 13 miles total, with steep sections, and lots and lots of mud and water on the trail, but definitely doable. We hiked this pretty late in the season, so about a mile from the lake, we hit some pretty deep snow and lost the trail. We kept trekking, though, and made it to the lake about an hour later than planned. The snow was a lot of work! Definitely will do this hike again, but probably earlier in the season, like early September. The good thing about going later, though, was that we didn't see any other hikers at all until the end of the hike when we got back to the parking lot.

One of my all-time favorite hikes! The picture moments just keep coming.

7 months ago

Amazing Hike!
Requires a recreational day pass for overnight parking. I usually buy my passes at the Chevron located in Kamas outside the west entrance to the forest. It cost me $6 for a 3-day pass. (Closes at 9pm)

Difficulty: It can get rough at times. Incline the entire way. Very steep sections.

It has many rivers/creeks running through multiple areas so you don't need to worry too much about water. (I recommend Iodine and neutralizer tablets you can buy at Walmart for $7, water tastes great with those)
If you are hiking off-trail from Salamander Lake to Ostler Lake on the West side of the basin, there aren't very many water sources, be sure to prepare for that section.

Our dog loved this trail, and did fine. Horses are welcome as well.

Recommended camping places:

If you stay on-trail, Waypoint 2 or Waypoint 3 are a great places to camp. Amethyst/Waypoint 4 is with the tree line so wood will be scarce there.

Off-trail Camping spots: The small pond/lake south of Salamander on the south side has a great little meadow area. Very comfy. Moose love that pond. Be sure to 100% camp at Ostler Lake!!! Beautiful place! Best spot there is on the south-west side near an open meadow along the tree line. Lots of wood to burn.

By far one of the best hikes!

By the way, here are my route details. Each waypoint has comments/recommendations.


Questions? E-Mail me at JoshuaTravisFryer@outlook.com

An annual hike that we do counter clockwise. We like starting early in the morning and we always bring Deet to fend off the hungry mosquitoes! Wonderful views of many lakes, including Mirror Lake. Great hike!

We hiked this trail on September 30th, it was 37 degrees and snowing. The trail was a little messy from snow days earlier, but beautiful, scenic and very enjoyable. We will definitely visit this trail again, perhaps in the spring.

8 months ago

Caught 6 trout on a fly with bubble and 2 with powerbait. Great spot.

gorgeous hike through breathtaking views. one of my favorites in Utah!!!

Close to the end of the trail, where you get up on the last ridge before descending to Big Elk Lake, I came across a Trail Closed due to fire conditions sign.

My original goal was to use the Upper Setting Trail to link the Shingle Creek Trail with the Big Elk Trail, but I didn't want to push through a trail closure.

8 months ago

Beautiful hike, did it counter-clockwise. We hiked trail to Lake Ruth and back to Lofty Lake trail, added 1.4 m. Rugged in a few places up and down. Eat lunch at Lofty lake and seemed to stop every bend or rise to take pictures. With pics and lunch and Ruth: 5 hour hike for us.

This trail is also accessible from the trial lake trailhead parking lot. (Gps photo attached) Perfect hike for an overcast and cool day. Rarely see anyone. You'll hike past multiple lakes before climbing to the top of the mountains. Then hike over the mountain tops before dropping down to Big Elk Lake. Hiking the last stretch on a hot and sunny day is exhausting.

amazing hike! many more lakes than listed in the description. it's about 3 hours home for me, without stopping for the views.

8 months ago

It's great up here right now. The cooler weather is keeping most of the crowds away and you can still find wild raspberries and gooseberries to snack on the whole way!

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