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favorite hike so far!!!

if you are doing this trail, then do the entire loop.

beautiful trail. one of my favorites!

3 days ago

My wife and I went on our first backpacking trip to Wall Lake. She is a few months pregnant and the trail was easy for her with a few breaks here and there.

3 days ago

Fun hike! Was fairly easy with a beautiful payoff at the end. So many lakes that can be seen!

Great hike, a lot of fun going from lake to lake. Entire family really enjoyed this trail. And the scenery is amazing!

3 days ago

It was a great trail for my kids and us to walk. Did explore a lot around the lake and a ton of rocky areas my kids climbed the afternoon away.

4 days ago

Quick easy hike. Caught and released a few Brook trout at Hoover lake.

very beautiful and very well trafficked.

A hard hike, quick elevation gain with many scrambles! But totally worth the challenge! Very rewarding and we saw goats!!

on Wall Lake

6 days ago

Wall Lake was awesome for swimming. There are some really fun “cliffs” to jump off for our younger kids. The trail was pretty easy as advertised. The only drawback is that there are a lot of people. If you are looking for solitude. This may not be the best hike for you. We will go back!

90% uphill but the hike is worth It, the whole time we were pretty much on fucking grind time. We almost we got fucked up by a 500lb Bear, to dark to tell what kind of bear It was. Plenty of water to go around if you have a filter, there are a couple of natural springs to stop by and fill up as well. But the whole time we had to watch our fucking ass. But the grind was really worth It. Fishing in Jean lake is incredible. Last time we were up we fishing along the Rocky Mountain base, and silver spinners worked amazingly. Fly fishing wasn’t very hot at jean lake.

Just finished hike to Blue Lake. Round trip it’s 12.8 miles not the 11.9 in the description. To Morat lake that distance would be about right. Despite length, this is a relatively easy hike other than the short but steep ascent to each of the lakes. First mile is downhill. A fun hike with a good pay off.

Great trail with amazing views. For the time and distance, the top is very worth it!

7 days ago

Awesome trail and a great backpacking trail if you just want a quick backpacking trip and to get out on a weekend!

8 days ago

I did this about 3 years ago and there was some snow on the alpine section. This time, of course, no snow, so I was able to see more of what the landscape looks like. I had hoped to escape the smoke, but even the high Uintahs had smoke. A great, short, easy hike with some precarious-looking edges for those of us who are afraid of heights. Too many stupid-looking cairns at the top.

This was my first hike to the summit of a mountain and I agree it is good for a beginner! I would not consider it hard or difficult. Definitely moderate. I only had to pause briefly closer to the top because of the oxygen level I suppose. Some parts were a little steep but much of it was very easy to walk. Hiking sticks are a huge help. Beautiful views at the top!

We loved this saw Provo river falls on the way to the lake then walked the trail around the lake

11 days ago

Great hike with the most stunning views we’ve seen yet. We took our 4, 8, and 10 yr old kids and they did great. Our little guy walked the whole way - loved climbing the rocks. The heights were a little scary toward the top, but well worth the views. Our gps said it was a little over 2 miles to the top and the round trip took us about 3 hours, but we were taking our time with the kids. Highly recommend.

12 days ago

Personally much harder and steeper than I expected for a trail that AllTrails rates as “moderate”. That said, the views from the summit were amazing! Hiking sticks are highly recommended, especially for the way down.

Beautiful lakes. I went around 5pm so not many people, great for my dog. Casual hike.

13 days ago

This was a great hike for our dog and an ‘Out of Shape’ backpacker (me). We hiked to Fehr, Shepard, and Hoover lakes. We spent time playing around at Hoover and Shepard lakes then hiked back to Fehr lake to camp overnight. Fantastic weekend trip including one of the best lightning storms we had seen in a long time. Fun times!

14 days ago

Previous posts have said it all. The trail is fairly easy. Hiked it in an hour. Overcrowded doesn’t begin to describe this lake. One group had 30 in their gang and another had 45. Add to that the small groups of 5-10 and there were at least 200 people this morning. Those were just the campers. Add to that the day hikers. Unfortunately, the large groups don’t have any outdoor or trail etiquette and leave you wishing you were somewhere else. One of the large groups was set up right at the cliffs, and wouldn’t make room for the rest to enjoy. Gotta do it at least once, but know what awaits you and don’t be disappointed. If it’s solitude and serenity you seek, turn left and go to Marjorie, Weir or Duck lake.

The parking lot is ridiculous. Too small. So many people that both sides of the road coming into the trailhead parking lot were lined with cars. Unfortunately, the road is marked “no parking.” The Forest Service wasn’t shy about leaving orange warning stickers on every single car. If you don’t want one of those, get there early and avoid the weekends.

Other than that, get out and go hiking! You’ll have a great story to tell.

14 days ago

This trail is much tougher than some of these reviews would have you believe. Check the elevation charts and you'll see what I mean. It's also the only time I've backpacked in the High Uintas and had to deal with multiple large groups of campers. That said, there is a reason it's so popular and busy. The mountains, lakes, and meadows are absolutely stunning. I prefer solitude, so I'm not sure if I'd go again, but it's a beauty for sure.

Good hike great views.

Great hike, not too crowded, hiked pass 16 lakes. That’s cool.

on Bourbon Lake

14 days ago

Did some fishing, too. Caught a few small brook trout.

on Big Elk Lake Trail

16 days ago

didn't actually make it to Big Elk Lake. Rating 3-stars b/c is currently the average review.

Went up 35 in a Subaru Tribeca based on reports of Outbacks at the top. Great example of the deep fried shirt: 'i didn't say he couldn't, I said *you* shouldn't.' Quit about a mile from the top. Hiked with the kids for the last mile of the road, but it was getting too late to attempt the trail to Big Elk Lake. The kids enjoyed it and there are some small ponds and overlooks that are nice in that stretch.

On the way down, my left front skidded off a rock and the sidewall got punctured. amazingly, the spare made it down. Great adventure, but I don't recommend it to others. Bring a serious vehicle. I'm newly considering such a purchase.

16 days ago

We hiked to Fehr Lake and then to Shepard Lake...or what we thought was Shepard Lake but must have just been a pond now that we have WiFi and cell and can look at the map. LOL! With one of my kids having some stomach troubles, that was really as much as we were able to do anyway. Gorgeous trail with beautiful lakes, views, and wildflowers. We’ll definitely need to go back and to the whole thing when everyone is feeling well!

One of the best hikes in Uinta mounatins! It could be a bit steep but manageable. To anyone who says it’s a really difficult hike, then maybe you should reconsider since a 3yo and 55yo was able to make it or you’ll miss the amazing views up there.

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