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We hiked it today 3-21-18, gate was open, and only 10 people were up there... we got to the top around noon and ate lunch then came back down, the snow is melting in some places so it's a little muddy at some parts... but the majority of the trail was either dry or damp... the water was really warm and nice :)

19 hours ago

Hiked this 3/20/18 with a friend. The trail is easy to follow and is fairly wide in places. Keep an eye out for all the awesome wildlife. We saw several buffalo, a herd of deer, and some great birds enjoying the March air up near some of the peaks. Take the Bone Road Trail to the trail head and then choose to go either on the South end or North end of the trail. We took the north end first. This is the more rocky part of the trail, but really awesome scenery. The south end of the trail is fairly flat with a long, steep climb up to the trailhead again. We measured the hike at just over 12 miles and it took us about 6 hours to do. If you're into Geocaching, there's several caches along the way that we found. Really good trail!

We hiked yesterday, 3-18-18. The gate was open, so we were able to park right at the trailhead. The pools are awesome!

Very pleasant hike! The slope is pretty gentle all the way to Elehpant Rock. There was quite a bit of fresh now on the ground on 3-18 but the trail was easy without the need for microspikes.

I snowshoe and hike this trail all year long...it’s usually pretty crowded and sometimes tough for mountain bikes to squeeze past the hikers. That said, I love the location, the ease of parking and getting right on the trail and the scenery. Elephant Rock isn’t the best reward after a long hike but it’s a great workout.

Went up to maple lake and camped the night there. The snow up there is untouched and we were probly the first people since November to be up that high. Beautiful this time of year. Had to start from the mouth of maple canyon though and the one journey took us about 7 hours. 12+ inched of powder once you get above 6,000 ft

Road there was a bit rough, but well worth it. We were the only ones there when we went. Spent a few hours along the trail, and got some amazing photos to remember our hike!

I drove to the trail-head location shown in the app. I could see the trail, but there was a sign (see photo) stating this trail-head can only be used by Tanglewood residents and all others must either use Adam's Canyon trail-head or one in Kayesville. I drove to Adam's Canyon and followed several small trails hoping they would lead back to the Webb Canyon Trail. You have to get into Adam's Canyon and take the turn onto the Bonneville Shoreline Trail that crosses the bridge. I didn't make it very far, but will update my review when I do. I just wanted to save others the hassle of going to a private trail-head. (03/13/2018)

Great birding yesterday! Saw 11 different birds.

Trail was pretty snow packed - I had coils on but you probably could have made it without. View at the top was unbeatable. Took me about 3 hours round trip!

Hello - does anyone know when the winter gate is scheduled to be open so that we can drive all the way to the trailhead? Trying to take a group of kids and the extra hike on the road is just too much for them...

I’ve done this hike several times in the past year, and I absolutely love it. I always bring my dog with me and he seems to love it more than I do. The trail is rocky, but not too steep. The top is absolutely breathtaking.

Overall very pleasant! Terrain is uneven in parts due to horse prints and hardened mud. Otherwise, it is a beautiful hike along the reservoir. Little bit of climbing but generally easy.

Sucked walking on the clear dry road so long before you get to the trailhead because of the winter gate. If I come when the gate is closed next time Ill bring bikes. Very crowded and heavily trafficked. I went early morning before much people headed up. If you go when cold than bring something good for walking on ice, its very slick. The springs were pretty cool. I would have preferred to go to it in lower light conditions as the water seems neater colors. Ill definitely go again.

Easy hike. Lots of mud today but easy to navigate through. Dog friendly. Lots of places for the kids to explore. Only made it up about a mile and then turned back.

Great trail! We have an issue finding trails where my pup can come that aren’t an hour out. So this was a great beautiful local hike for us that we’ll do many more times! It doesn’t have a super clear ending. But we joked about 6 Miles total. Going back and forth with the creek was great. We went with a little melting snow, I’d imagine spring and fall are beautiful!

We love this trail! Easy access, easy walk! Great for my old dog who is easily tired.

Fantastic work out

Beautiful! Worth the hike, we were quite sore with the added 3.8 mile walk on the cement back to the trailhead, and the 2.2 miles back to the springs. Overall it took us about 2 hours and 20 minutes to get to the springs, and 1 hour and 45 minutes to get back to the car from the springs. Watch out for slippery rocks and nude bathers ;)

The trail is not that exciting but the ending view is breathtaking. Perfect trail to bring dogs and older children. Last year, we took our 5 and 8 year old boys. The well worn trail ends at the cliff but you can walk along the cliff to get different vantage points. It’s one of those unreal vistas that feel like you are standing in a painting. One of my favorites in Southern Utah for sure.

Hiked this trail as part of the Figure 8 trail (7-mile) in the Park brochure. We hiked in March so there was still plenty of ice and snow on the ground in the morning so micro-spikes were very useful entering the trail as part of the figure 8 this is a moderate. We generally hike about 2.5-miles per hour but the scenery on this trail will slow you up for the photos. Also, we encountered far fewer people on this part of the loop (figure 8).

on Shingle Creek Trail

14 days ago

A good trail for snowshoeing. Went up a couple miles after a snow storm and enjoyed the winter scenery.

on Grandaddy Basin

14 days ago

The trail is a little steep and rocky at first, but this is a great hike with beautiful lakes. There’s a fair amount of traffic between the trail head and Grandaddy lake, but once you’re in the basin, the trails are easy going, and it’s a lot less busy.

Great trail and great time of year to do it. Second time doing this trail, the first being mid summer last year, that was miserable. Went last weekend before the snowfall, still had drifts up to ~3 ft to go through near the top but wasn't too bad if you have waterproof boots. I prefer to start on the left and have the majority of the elevation gain at the beginning. Would recommend.

mountain biking
17 days ago

Extremely fun trail going downhill, a doooozy going uphill! Best to ride during the summer

mountain biking
17 days ago

One of my all time favorite alpine trails. It has some steep climbs and extremely fun downhill sections!

Start on ridge-157 and make your way back in the Elk Camp trail. It makes for the perfect loop that’s challenging and rewarding with some great views. Occasionally you might run into some wild like - deer, elk, and especially moose (see photos)

Went yesterday to find we had the entire trail to ourselves from start to finish. Winter gate is closed which added about 3.8 miles each way. I felt like the trail wasn’t marked well to begin. Once you pass the bathrooms you continue straight on the trail until you come to the hot springs (about 2.5-3 miles) up the trail. I brought micro spikes but didn’t need to use them. It wasn’t bad going up the trail but pretty icy and slippery on the way down. Didn’t see a lot of trash.

Nice easy loop trail we added to the lame horse trail hike

18 days ago

Hiked the trail on snowshoes to the end of the trail and had enough time to take the Horse Flat Primrose Overlook and Horse Creek Trail to make a nice Loop. Outstanding views from primrose Overlook

Love this hike. I hike it winter and spring. Long haul when they close the road up to the trailhead but worth every step.

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