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One of the best snowshoe hikes in Provo Canyon. There was a ton of snow today. I wore my spikes, but wished I had snowshoes. I usually do this as a loop, turning left at the Big Springs sign, heading through a couple of meadows. I often see turkey up here.

The trail was snow packed and beautiful! It was easily doable without spikes or snowshoes! The gate was closed 1.5 miles out from the trailhead, but was a beautiful hike! Prepare yourself to have a towel and dry clothes when you get out of the springs!

Such a mellow hike through a lot of pretty canyons and dry river beds. The beginning wasn’t quite as scenic, but after about the first mile, it gets much more enjoyable. About 4 miles round trip - great family hike.

Such an awesome hike. Did it in two days one night, but spreading it out over another night would have been nice. Started in a Thursday morning and was back Friday evening. Saw other people out but we’re alone on the peak for most of the time we were up there. Starts out forested then opens into valleys with awesome views of the surrounding mountains, then over the pass and up to an epic peak.

My friend and I hit this trail yesterday. We walked 2.5 miles out all the way to the grapevine trail and then headed back not seeing anything. The tracks are right at the beginning, at the bottom of the first hill not far from the trailhead. We completely missed them going in. We laughed so hard. Despite the little sign talking about the tracks, we didn’t realize that was where they were located. Lots of sand covered the tracks. In fact the track in the first picture (the raised one with the interesting patterns in the rock) was completely covered. We had a blast either way. The entire trail is beautiful. Also the dirt road from the neighborhood to the trailhead was easy to drive in my 2WD truck.

A fantastic hike with incredible views. I went counterclockwise on the loop and at the top of the first climb there is a view that makes the entire hike more than worth it. Certainly a hard hike, with lots of up and down switchbacks, but “peakaboo” moments around every bend.

on Dino Cliffs Trail

4 days ago

Beautiful hike! I was hoping to see more dinosaur tracks along the hike other than those that are at the bottom of the first hill. I never did see the tracks shown in the first picture for this trail. Not sure where that track is located. The scenery is gorgeous and worth hiking the full trail out and back.

Follow-up to my post. It turns out the raised dinosaur track currently shown as the first picture for this hike is not actually a dinosaur track that is on this hike. It can be found a couple of miles from this hike at the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm. https://www.utahdinosaurs.com/

Lots of switchback at the beginning. Gradual climb to Elephant Rock. Trail well packed from heavy used. Didn't need to use snowshoes or chains

7 days ago

Great View! Connects to Sand Hill which connects to Elephant Arch.. Wouldn’t mind making a day out of that!

7 days ago

Awesome trail for the family.

on Yellow Fork Canyon Trail

8 days ago

Pretty in the snow. Would be a good spot to snow shoe, I was able to hike it today with just boots because the trail had been walked in already. I saw some wild turkeys.

There isn’t much elevation change-but it sure is a pretty walk with views all around. The name of the trail is fitting and it’s well marked. You can also bring dogs and the terrain isn’t rough at all.. my pup sure enjoyed getting out!

9 days ago

One of my favourite spots to backpack to. I did this in September, and it was lovely during the day, but pretty chilly at night. There are quite a few places to set up camp. My group went past Notch Lake and set up camp at Bench Lake.

11 days ago

This was one of the best hikes I have ever done. Did it a little differently than the description. Started at Sunrise Point and the heavily-trafficked Queen’s Garden Loop. Then cut off (on Navajo Trail) to join the Peekaboo Loop. Did half of that, then took the steep Bryce Point trail to the top of the rim. Then back down that trail and onto the other half of Peekaboo. Finally, back up the Navajo to Sunset Point. Every turn brought a new stunning vista. I took hundreds (literally) of pics. Lots of walking on snow and some icy patches, so putting some kind of traction aid on your boots will help. Total time: a little over five hours. (Leave off Bryce Point add-on for a shorter but still spectacular hike.) park at Sunset point and walk to Sunrise to start so that your car will be waiting for you at the end.

Great hike! The trail is fully covered with snow once you get back into the canyon, crampons would be ideal, I was fine in my normal hiking boots, with some sliding in places. Waterfall is mostly frozen over, but still beautiful!

Lots of snow, some mud, gorgeous views.

The trail was traveled enough and the snow was so packed that we never used our snowshoes. Hiked a little past the Mud Springs Trail junction. Started just as it was getting light and watch the sunrise lite up the mountains behind us. The morning light made the mountains look incredable

13 days ago

We hit this trail toward the end of October and it was superb! There was a snowfield to negotiate when making it to the saddle. Other than that it wasn’t very difficult. On top the views of Tooele county and the Great Salt Lake were on point. It was a little chilly but that was to be expected. The dogs loved it. Ran into a few hunters, so beware of that it going up during hunting season. Looking forward to doing this again in the summer.

15 days ago

Perhaps it was a mistake to do this hike the day after visiting Zion, but this trail was a let down for me. There are tons of tripping hazards in the form of volcanic rock (more so, it seemed, than other hikes in Snow Canyon). The only view is the wall of Red Cliffs, but that is unchanging throughout your hike. Most people we saw on the trail were actually over on the Johnson Canyon route - maybe there is a reason it is more popular. We enjoyed looking at the nearby neighborhood because at least it was something different than the monotony the trail otherwise offered. We were so disappointed by this trail that we turned around before making it to the cave. The trailhead for this one is before the Snow Canyon State Park entrance; I’m thinking they know it isn’t worth paid entry!

15 days ago

Breathtaking 360 degree views. One of the best 1 mile hikes you’ll find.

I loved this trail, even though it's not one where you're getting scenery all along the way. I just happen to enjoy walking among the pinion. I would rate it as Easy, it's well marked and the rocks are easy to get around. We did it on Dec 31 so the temperature was great, though a bit windy. A scarf would be good to bring along. Curious dogs got a snootful of cactus thorns but they were fairly easy to pick out.

Beautiful hike with an amazing view at the end! Mostly sand and sturdy rocks, but it's an easy trek. Loved that I could bring the pups!

horseback riding
16 days ago

Love the 360 views of Pine Valley and Snow Canyon!

17 days ago

Bottom to top and then skied down willow hollow. It’s rough right now with all the snow and fallen trees but an awesome trail.

So beautiful in the winter. Only 1 spot with a little ice. Perfect winter hike!

We stopped through on our way to Boulder from Kanab. It’s definitely a great stop, and we had the trail all to ourselves. More than worth the $8 entry fee.

Beautiful hike!! We did this hike on Christmas Eve and, at that point, the gate was closed adding an additional 1.5 miles to the trailhead. I would highly recommend yak tracks, spikes, snow shoes or something to help with traction. Most the of the hike is icy and I can’t really imagine doing it without them. The hike itself (with spikes) was relatively easy, only a small elevation gain. Pack a lunch, you burn enough calories that you’ll be hungry at the end. The hot springs are beautiful and so much fun! We wore out suits in under our clothes, brought flip flops, towel, and plastic bags to put our suits in on the way back. Highly recommend this hike!

We went in mid December (this month) and we brought snowshoes. Turned out we didn’t really need them but I would have liked micro spikes for the way down. There was a meadow that we did snowshoe through. There were quite a few wide-tire bikes on the trail and that looked fun.

virtually no water in the wash today, very easy to move quickly through. love the open, "pick your own trail" approach, makes it really feel like you're exploring. we had the hoodoos to ourselves, and saw maybe a half dozen people all day. took us about 4.5 hours with a quick lunch and exploration at the hoodoos. we also had no issue getting our 2wd rental sedan to the furthest trailhead, but as others have warned it looks like it gets very soft and muddy if it's wet at all.

18 days ago

This was a fun little hike with a great photo opportunity at the end.

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