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Road there was a bit rough, but well worth it. We were the only ones there when we went. Spent a few hours along the trail, and got some amazing photos to remember our hike!

Easy trail with many creek crossings. A few too many people for my taste.

Really easy trail with amazing views and up close ruins.

They are so close to the road that you can stay in your car to see them. The petroglyphs are well preserved.

Great place to really get away from it all. I had the fortune to travel here with a 4x4 crew and spent to weekend taking pics and having an awesome time. Views are incredible.

30 days ago

Fun hike that was interesting in contrast to Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde. While I'm no expert on the ancient ones, Hovenweep seems to be a great addition to Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde in a journey to learn about the ancient ones. The trail circumnavigates a slot canyon that is rimed with various ancient-one watch towers and ruins, and then the trail descends into the little canyon and back up the other side to complete the loop. Well-marked trail that is dog friendly.

Delightful. There is a trail guide that corresponds with numbered posts. There is a sign at the end that points out where the dinosaur tracks are. There is little shade and it’s uphill on the way out so keep that in mind. Did it on a Monday afternoon in October and didn’t see another soul. It was perfect out!

Finding the tanks brings a little bit of adventure to an otherwise very easy flat hike. There is also a small arch behind the largest tank of water. Fun to play around up there; walking through the gorge is really pretty as well. A good hike to end the day on, especially if you choose to do something a little more difficult first.

We actually drove the entire park route the previous day, but I have uploaded the photo with this recording. There is a lot to see from the road itself. We had planned a few grand hikes, but as the weather turned to sleet and snow, we decided to drive through the park and do a few easy hikes. It was actually very relaxing and made us stop to see more of the roadside attractions/rock formations we would have otherwise drove past to get to trailheads. And, now that the road construction has been completed, there are more pull offs to stop and take photos from different views. If you don't want to do hikes or want to only do short hikes, you still get to see a lot of awesome sights in Arches!

1 month ago

Good stuff did this at sunset, bring lights for the trip down

1 month ago

The trail is well maintained other than just a couple areas that are seeing erosion. Those really weren’t an issue and I felt confident on this trail with my kids. It is a good climb with a great payoff at the end. There is a bench to rest and take in the views about half way up and at the top. Not much shade, so I imagine that it could be a hot one in the summer, but in the cool of an unseasonably dry February, it was very pleasant.

1 month ago

Found amazing color and design of native paintings.
you must explore.

Please explore explore explore this side of the combs is FULL of sites

off road driving
1 month ago

If I could describe this trip in one word it is remote. 3/4 of the drive you could not see an sign of civilization. The views are incredible. The terrain changes so many times through the drive, you really get to see everything this area has to offer. We started on the 109 from Fredonia. Once you are on the dirt road, it starts out very groomed and wide. This continues for the first hour of driving. The gets a bit rocky as you get closer to the overlook. Some sections have some decent wash boards that will shake down your vehicle for any loose bolts. Once you've reached the ranger station. You're just under 6 miles from the overlook. This section is rough and slow. 2 Miles from the overlook there is a place to park for those without high clearance vehicles and 4WD. The last 2 miles are a crawl. I never had to engage 4WD, but it might be necessary for some. Once you've parked you have some of the most incredible views you may ever see. It is also silent, we could not hear anything. No airplanes, traffic, even people. It is truly a remote location. There are a few picnic tables and a restroom. The drive out required 4WD just to help get up some of the rocks. We were driving a 2017 Toyota 4Runner with larger tires and a small lift. It would be a challenge for anything that is not a pick-up truck or SUV. If you choose your line right I doubt you'd really need 4WD, but being this remote it's probably best if you have it. For the drive out we took the 5, which its a left turn after cattle guard just after the ranger station. This route takes you through Mount Trumbull and all the way into St. George, UT. The sun was setting and it was getting dark. Our 4Runner has a 40" light bar that made the night drive a lot easier, it would have been a little bit harder without any auxiliary lights. This route starts out as a very well groomed road. Wide enough for two cars. We drove through some snow patches along the way. We were only able to drive this route during the winter due to the lack of precipitation in the area this winter. One big storm and this road would be a challenge and there are signs that warn of this road being impassable during winter. The road gets a bit narrow when you begin to decent out of the mountain. Once you're out of the mountains, it's smooth sailing along a wide dirt road for the last leg. This was an incredible trip, so much to see. I recommend an early start so you can take advantage of as much daylight as possible. It's a little over 150 miles in the dirt, so keep an eye on your fuel. The rangers are very friendly and truly have a passion for the area. They do an outstanding job at maintaining this spot for all to enjoy. This was my first trip to the Grand Canyon, and wont be my last. I am really glad I made the journey.

The drive to the trail head may take a while and is best suited for an SUV, but I saw a few sedans at the parking area. Only saw a couple of people during my short hike on some of this trail. Gorgeous slot canyon and the water was fairly low on the day I went hiking. Worth checking out if you are in the area!

Just FYI - I was there three days ago and creek is frozen solid with water running under ice coming from Bryce.

Also - I entered coordinates into 2 different phones and was a little surprised to see the directions send you at least 200 ft passed the parking area and trail head.

The TH is marked and parking area clear so not sure why coordinates are overshooting.

Visited the Quarry and camped at the campground with family.

Nice side trip when at dinosaur.

2 months ago

Next to the river. Pretty cool. Had about a 4 foot eruption.

Me and my wife carefully counting all creek crossings, it is 63 times each way, so total should be 63x2=126 times; some of them are in and out the water on the same side, those should be considered crossing too; a lots of snow on the surface of creek, it makes our crossing easier without touching the water.

Ice on the creek. Fun little drive up and slow going on the ice

Best part ... we had the whole trail to ourselves on 12-28-17

This isn’t a hike at all. Cool little museum but really not much to see here. The full Pueblo is a replica but there are some ruins that are cool to see and think about. $5 entrance fee per person and comes with Passport stamp station for the state park and Escalante Grand Staircase which you may want to make the stop for.

2 months ago

The road to the trailhead was better than expected... some of the road was graded rock and other area gravel or dirt on bedrock. We drove in in a Volvo station wagon... lower profile cars can be difficult. Be careful with the bushes on the side of the road that can scratch your car! I tried to upload pictures here, but it’s not rendering. Check my profile. The ruins are amazing!

The AllTrails map is good. One blog suggested to go up the slick rock and climb into the ravine. Not sure how to do that. We initially tried that - which is not the AllTrails map, then turned around..

Note, after finishing the hike I’ve read a few blogs. The blogs say there’s another ruin in the cliff above the one on the ground...we missed that (maybe one can see this better if walking up the slick rock hill?). Those blogs say there’s also hand tools, Mano, petroglyphs and corn cobs in or near the site. We missed seeing any of those in the ruin. Maybe they’ve been moved? The pictures of the ruins in some of those blogs from 2013 or so looks a little different than what we saw. Maybe they are restoring? But the ruins all look like they have only window entrances .... no doors....

Note it is on BLM Land. There was a sign in station but we didn’t see a pay station.

There is a short walk to see the ruins from across the gorge. It would be more interesting to take the trail below to get closer to the ruins.

2 months ago

It was a good trail and I loved it! Such a cool place to go.

really nice. you can see the first granary standing on the southeast corner of the bridge from the blacktop, so this would be one of the four wheelchair accessible ruins in the area (along with the overlook west of Escalante, the Anasazi Museum, and the roadside granary east of Capitol Reef towards Hanksville) - second granary by the river not wheelchair accessible

2 months ago

park in the Escalante River parking lot, look west. there's a private house with a split rail fence, walk towards the fence and stay OUTSIDE their property, on the right/north side of the fence. trail should become immediately apparent, which doesn't mean it's easy - it's a bit of a scramble getting up. DO NOT TOUCH THE ROCK ART - someone's already vandalized one lower petroglyph panel, they're very susceptible to damage. fortunately the Hands are too high up to get to. if you want to see the 100 Hands but don't feel like hiking the trail, you can see them using binoculars from Boyton Overlook across the way.

nice little museum, free wifi, good place to hang on the grass and ask locals about the area, unlisted trails, etc. awesome little town. now with food trucks.

scenic driving
2 months ago

road past Spooky / Peek-A-Boo turnoff is ROUGH

Very nice and fairly easy trail through some very historic sites

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