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17 hours ago

This trail is Hard, not Easy. It is also 3 miles round trip, not 1.7. Both of these statistics are from the information at the trailhead. Some of the difficulty comes from the heat at midday in August. My husband and I are in pretty good shape, but this trail was strenuous with constant elevation changes to the dinosaur tracks, and narrow parts easy to turn an ankle on. We enjoyed the hike, but it would have been nice for an accurate assessment, especially since it was midday, very hot and with no wind able to get onto the trail. Furthermore, there is a marina directly across from the dinosaur footprints with a mere 100 yard paddle to the site. This information would have been exceedingly helpful before undertaking this endeavor.

Completed over two days but hits most of the high points and you get a pretty good appreciation with this drive. Obviously you’d wanna do the longer hikes (devils garden) early on in the morning but you also wanna do the shorter ones early to avoid the crazy crowds because of how accessible those ones are so you have to decide

3 days ago

Easy for kids and beautiful. I didn’t love the dirt road to get there.

It’s beautiful! Make sure to stop at the different turnouts. It’s worth a little delay.

Loved it!! Steep but you can do it and totally worth it! We went in the heat of the day and still loved it. Just bring water

I only give it three stars because the mine was fun for the kids to explore. Very steep loose dirt trails so very slippery. I made the mistake of going with my three young children and dog alone so that made it all the more challenging but even then I can’t imagine this trail being enjoyable without children. The mine is really cool. Bring flashlights or full charged cell phone lights. Really no shade on trail. Mine is nice and cool though.

12 days ago

I have been there but I am now told that tribal leaders no longer allow access even though you take county roads. It might only be the ruin itself. Be safe make sure in advance

Pleasant hike. Please don’t damage the footprints!

It’s cool. Not much of a destination, just a cool hike. Power lines following the trail are the reason for 4/5 stars.

This hike was a nice surprise. We couldn't do our originally planned hike because of a forest fire, so we chose this one instead because it was close. The trail started off pretty steep for a short time then transitioned into the dirt road portion... loose rock section, then BAM! Beautiful views!There appears to be many small trails you can explore up to the mine. I would do this hike again just explore the other trails that come off of this trail.

Super easy paved trail right off the road. I'm ridiculously out of shape and was able to make it easily. Waay cool petroglyphs too!

17 days ago

Great for kids. An easy hike with a fun bouldering trek to the tanks. Follow the stacked rocks and it wasn’t hard to find them. We went in July 2018 - not crowded at all. I recommend going in the morning if you’re here during the summer as there isn’t a lot of shade.

The map here is confusing or I missed something. It has you crossing a very busy road, and we all know Utahns don’t slow down. There is parking and a real trailhead on the other side of where it has you starting on the map. It’s fun for kids to Boulder, I wouldn’t rate it as Moderate by any means.

Incredible view of the Colorado River cliffs. IF YOU HAVE A FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLE , you should experience Toroweep at least once in your life!

This is a must-see if you need a slot canyon fix or want to get off the beaten path! There is no cell service, so make sure you have driving directions, inform your people of your plans, and have checked the weather before you leave the highway. The road to the trail head is an adventure in and of itself; a couple creek crossings, some soft steep climbs, gravel/sand/mud the entire way. We started around 8 am, walked out 2.2 miles and then turned back, seeing only two other hiking parties during the 2 hours we spent on the trail. Incredible photo opportunities, beautiful icy cold water, and every slot is a little different than the one that came before. Easily done with families, I would recommend a water resistant shoe; some sucking mud and clay, and a couple of deeper spots to cross. Water was just a few inches in most places on the day of our visit.

22 days ago

Pleasant walk, but I didn't find it all that interesting. Would probably be great as a family stroll thru Fruita

Beautiful hike but the path is very unclear at many points and is not good for kids, especially in a baby carrier as you need to balance and use your arms multiple times. Otherwise the hike is the perfect distance and mostly in the shade :)

23 days ago

My husband and I completed this hike on July 17. We went midday.... was about 100*, by we figured we could do a super-short hike like this.

Overall pretty enjoyable hike and easy to follow. However we did get lost for a few minutes before using the app to guide us back to the trail (hint: at the top of the stairs, make a sharp left!).

The endpoint had some mildly interesting historical information.

If you're looking to do a hike in the St. George summer heat, I'd recommend this one for its quickness and easy accessibility. But be warned that it is hot, and there is zero shade. Although it was just .8 miles, we still took our water with us, and we're glad we did!

24 days ago

Easy trail suitable for families. Not as much shade as you might think, especially at midday. Wear your water shoes and enjoy!

This was an awesome hike. We started from Lake Powell on a boat and hiked up. Then we hiked back down. It isn’t a marked smooth path though. And the rocks get very hot, painful for dogs little paws so be aware. I felt chills many times as I hiked up to the top. Wonderful history and a bit hard for me but worth it. I loved it.

Very fun hike my 8 yr old enjoyed every bit of it the drive is a 6 mile dirt road not a bad drive though fun slot canyon the slot canyon is relative short but fun ....

Beautiful hike; very doable and fun - also with kids due to water element. Would wish it was clearer where the end of the trial is (maybe add some signage). Trip to parking lot with car was fine (first hill is steep and lots of ditches; but AWD did fine). Highly recommended as only a few come here and you are truly in the middle of beautiful nature. Be sure the wear shoes that can get wet and dirty (hiking shoes recommended).

This is a great hike. Just remember you are following a creek up the canyon, not going straight up the mountain. There is a sign that points to the trail going up the mountain but this trail turns left at that point and starts going down into the canyon to the red bridge. Our kids loved it. There are some steep places, not dangerous but have to slide down a little bit. The water is cold and refreshing.

Of all the trails I’ve done in the past, this may be the hardest and boring trail I’ve been on. I didn’t quite make it to the end because the narrow ridge scared me. I probably only had about a 1/2 mile left of hiking, but I was done after hiking uphill for 2 hours. The wild flowers are cool, but I like the flowers better at Stewart Falls. I won’t do this hike again. It wasn’t fun nor was it exciting. I’m also the person that chases waterfalls, so don’t trust me with this review. I’m also a slow hiker so that’s probably why it took 2 hours and I still didn’t finish.

This was a fun, sandy trail. Lots of rocks for kids to jump around without my fear of plummeting (as many other local hikes have steep cliffs!). The end was really cool, identifying the dinosaur tracks...but the biggest tip...the end comes out on the shores of the reservoir! WEAR YOUR BATHING SUITS for a quick dip! There was a group already there when we arrived that was jumping in and having a great time washing off the sweat from the hike in, and my kids were completely bummed not to have their bathing suits! None of my reading material mentioned swimming or even water located at the end of the hike! So, FYI!

Easy, beautiful hike. My 4 yr and 7 yr old loved it. We all wore water shoes which was the perfect footwear for this hike in July. Passed several hikers in hiking boots and they were hot and envious of our cool wet feet. Take lots of water to drink. Saw a huge bear print in the mud just before the second slot canyon and a snake on the trail. The sandy hill climb at the beginning of road in was a piece of cake for our Jeep Wrangler. Hike is a must see.

scenic driving
1 month ago

We did this drive on 7/6/18 and I enjoyed it. We didn't make it out to the Devils Garden end, but will do that another time. I was blown away by how crowded this place was. Crazy amount of people. Could not even find a parking place at the Windows area. And was disappointed to see the amount of people climbing all over the rocks at Double Arch. I think the park service needs to re-evaluate where they let people go. It was not cool in my eyes. You could not get a picture of the arches without people in your pic. I will return here some year at an off season time, and hope to see less crowds. There should be a limit on vehicles allowed in too, there clearly is not enough parking for all the cars they let in. Not even close. The line went on forever when we were leaving. Great pics to be taken, but I think some things should be done to manage the crowds.

My family really enjoyed this trail. Almost all roads in the Grand Staircase are dirt/sand. There is a hill you must drive up on the way in that is bit tricky. I recommend a 4x4 vehicle if possible. Once you get to the trail, it is very easy and beautiful. We went on a Monday and had the canyon to ourselves most of the time. We only passed a handful of hikers during our hike. We love the Narrows in Zion too, but Willis Creek was a lovely way to experience the beauty of a Slot canyon without all the crowds.

1 month ago

Wonderful “easy” way to experience slot canyons. The water was about 4 inches deep when we went today. Perfectly fine for the hike. The less sure footed of the group appreciates walking sticks as the creek is muddy and you can’t see what you are stepping on.

Two tips:
- On the outbound trip, when you see the creek plunge down a hole, look right for a path that will take you down to that lower level. There’s also a path on the left — passable but a little trickier on the ledges.
- If you go beyond the end of the trail described here (keep going down past the confluence), there are amazing sheer high walls about 3 miles in.

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