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Hidden Valley Country Club Estates, Utah Map

Great hike for sunset. A handful of switchbacks, then you have the option to go either left or right-ish. Keep an eye for signs, they are very easy to follow. The left-most route is flatter at first, giving you a chance to catch your breath if needed, but both ways have some decent elevation to them.

Saw some sand crickets hanging out in the path, some guys paragliding, a couple dogs, and like I said, that sunset! The bridge is cool and fun - it moves quite a bit. A nice quick hike. Could be challenging for young kids.

Meh, not so easy with 4 kids...

Nice loop, hard at first due to the incline, but that does not last long. Well maintained trail and a cool bridge.

Nice loop hike with great views of the Salt Lake Valley

Fun hike, the suspension bridge is really fun, it's a giant bridge that sways and bounces! Great views along the entire hike.

This was a fun hike! Best to go in the morning or evening since there is not much shade. I was able to wear our 6 month old and our 3 and 6 year olds did well (with a little extra encouragement!). The bridge was really neat. Our older kids had fun climbing rocks on our way back down the trail.

Great short hike to the suspension bridge. Well maintained trails and marked. Great views of the city and the mountains.

Great views and lots of amazing picture opportunities. Signage makes you feel at ease that you’re going the right way, especially when hiking with younger kids. Speaking of, pretty kid friendly: clear pathways, some safety fences (my 5 year old completed it with some piggy back breaks from daddy). Facilities at the trailhead are very convenient: parking lot, bathrooms, water fountains, picnic tables. Starts out steeper than I expected, but eases up. Cell service the entire time which is good in case you lose your way (access to maps) or emergencies.
- September 8, 2018 around 10:30am -

Bridge is awesome and so are the views. Great sunset spot too. Only 4 stars because the trails themselves aren’t anything overly special other than the spectacular views

Great trail for kids and dogs. I have an incredible off leash dog, but when trails say “must leash at all times” I wish fellow dog owners would respect that. The bridge is truly a fun site and great photo op.

Great family hike. Wasn’t too hard for my 7 and 5 year olds. The bridge makes a great half way resting point. It kept the kids motivated to make it up the hills.

Such a fun hike with little kids. The bridge is awesome.

Took the family around 1000 on a Saturday morning. Trail was perfect for my kids, ages 7-13. Decent wildlife, with some birds and lizards. Trail would be great for running - we did see ppl doing this and biking. Easy to get to the trailhead, and the kids had fun playing on the little rock wall at the park before and after our hike. The suspension bridge was very cool. We had fun looking at the valley as we hiked, there are a lot of fancy homes just below the trail which were fun to gawk at.

Took the kids on this quick hike. The bridge Is super cool! All kids did great from 5 year old to 9 year old.

We went earlier in the morning & only passed a few people. Great hike for my 7-year old son & 14-year old dog.

This hike was gorgeous and comfortable. It starts out a bit steeper than I expected, but soon levels out with pockets of shade along the way. We left around 9:20 a.m. and it wasn’t too heavily trafficked and the temperature was perfect! Highly recommend- doable with children and dogs.

Great easy hike. Go early if you want shade. We started off around 9:30 am and still had a decent amount of shade along the way and it wasn't too warm. The hike is a gradual incline and not too slippery along the way. The bridge is a great break in the hike.

Great for kids. My 3 year old made it up with no problem.

We saw a rattlesnake on the horse trail about 200 yards south of the Orson Smith trailhead about 10 AM today.

It had about 6 rattles and slithered off into a small patch of scrub oak. It did rattle eventually inside the clump of brush but it wasn't coiled when we saw it.

I hike the trails in the area about once per week. This was the first rattler I've seen on the mountain.

GO early! very little shade and it was pretty warm by 930 am.
Easy hike... up hills and down hills. beautiful views.
bathroom in parking lot is clean. parking lot small, but if you go early no problem.
we used walking sticks and glad we had them. suspension bridge was a great photo opportunity. walk the trail past the bridge a mile or more and fun rock formation to walk through. fun for children.

Loved this trail. It wasn’t too hard to do even for a newbie like me and my pup. She enjoyed the views and getting out. Luckily I brought lots of water for me and her. Make sure you bring water for yourself and your dogs there’s not much to keep you out of the sun most of the trail so hydration is key!

trail is well maintained. easy to moderate. view and bridge is bonus at the end. best to hike in the early early morning!

I only gave this 4 if it was not for being in the sun most of the trail it would have gotten 5, took my 4 year old and 11 year old and they loved this trail. The bridge is very pretty and the hike it mild if you out of shape, going back is the easy part and relating of the trail.

I enjoyed this trail and found it easy. Others mention in their reviews that it is difficult. I think for those not used to hiking regularly this trail can be considered hard because of the elevation gain. The good part of this trail is that a majority of the trail surface is fine gravel, which makes it easier to traverse than the other trail that goes to the suspension bridge (Bear Canyon Bridge Trail, which I did in April 18 - https://www.alltrails.com/explore/recording/track-apr-14-04-32-pm--4). This trail is also about 80 ft less in elevation gain, so it took me 1 1/2 hr less time than the other trail to the bridge. One thing to keep in mind is that the shade is sparse on this trail, so it may be better to do during sunrise or sunset on hot days. This trail seems to have a lot of human, dog and occasional cycle traffic. The trailhead parking lot can get crowded, but it seems to have a bathroom. I did not use it, so not sure how it is. It had some kind of keypad lock on the door.

Quick little hike. Good to decompress after work.

Super fun, and not too crowded! I wore my chacos and my feet where killing me when I was done because the majority of the hike is in rough kitty litter like sand. Great breeze during the entire hike and surprisingly green at the suspension bridge!

Very easy hike with great views of valley. Getting to bridge was cool. Kids loved it.

Definitely not an easy trail for the out of shape, but not impossible. Even the old and overweight dog with the group in front of me was able to walk the full trail length, so I was not going to quit. In the end. the view from the bridge was spectacular and well worth the hike.

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