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Great hike. Not many people. I saw deer both times I went.

Nice view of Salt Lake valley

Nice view of Salt Lake valley

Short hike with steady climb along a ridge

Nice area, but lots of horse poop. If you're on foot and are terrified of stepping in horse poop like me, this trail isn't for you!

My first time there today. It was challenging but great. Very nice views when on top. Many people on horseback, I’m not sure it’s great for bikes though. For hiking, definitely it’s a go :)

Awesome trail which now ties in to Eric's trail. Good for biking

I have hiked this area probably close to 60 times in the last couple of years and have found the trails to be whatever I wanted them to be. I want solitude I can find it because of all of the branch offs that go up different draws. If I want strenuous, it is there. If I want leisurely, it's easy to find as well. I almost never see other hikers on mostvof the trail branches that I have hiked. There are lots of deer and other animals including cougars so keep your eyes open. :)

The road up is easy. It’s a good workout going from the road up the trail to the ridge and taking the loop around to come back. Good for trail running. I would not recommend the loop trail for people with bad knees or little kids. Steep going up and coming down.

3 months ago

There are many trails and roads you could take as out and backs or loops from the Rose Canyon Trailhead. I don't think many of the descriptions here are actually of the loop shown on the map. I went up almost to the radio towers on the way to Butterfield Peaks, mostly on the road, which worked out to 10.6 miles and 2700 ft of elevation. If I had known I was almost at the peaks, I would have kept going. There were some fantastic views walking along the ridgeline, but it's still very hazy everywhere from the fires. Good view of the copper mine in the distance. Some ATVs, trail bikes and pick-up truck traffic on some of the roads, and cows in random places. The trailhead has space for a lot of parking, and it was all full when I finished at 10:30 AM on Labor Day.

Great trail if you’re just starting out doing trails. Me and my daughter did the loop in one hour and 15 minutes we hope to be our time next time we go

Great views of the Salt Lake Valley! It has a number of options to make it shorter or longer, easier or more challenging, depending on your mood or time available on any given hike. I love it!

I've done this twice this week and loved it both times. Hiked up the south side and ran down the north side of the loop. The run was through the trees in soft, powdery dirt. So much fun! Make sure to cut into the trees when the full downhill starts, otherwise you'll miss the powder and will be stuck on a rocky downhill.

Good for beginners and dogs!

I wouldn't call it easy it's not gravel like in the picture now it's really rocky but still really fun for mountain biking

This trail is one of my go-to trails because it’s close to home. I love that it loops so that you don’t go back the same way you came. There’s always quite a few horseback riders and mountain bikers so it’s not for you if you’re really looking to get away! I wish there was more water toward the top because it’s pretty dry and hot this time of year. Would recommend!

This trail was awesome! I saw a ton of cows in this area and we were basically alone the whole time (plus there was service). Difficult, but doable. I'll be visiting this beautiful area again, hopefully soon!

This is not a trail. its not even the idea of a trail. The path in the app is basically straight up a rock face with scrabbly hills and no trails.

First time hiking to see what kind of mtb trails are around. I'll definitely bike it next time. Easy, mostly exposed trail so wear sunblock or come early, though parking could be tricky before 8:00 am.

Really fun trail to run or hike. Just started trail running and this is a good one for my level. I’ve hiked part of it before on my way to Flag Peak, but running it is fun to. Nice parking at Blackridge Res.

5 months ago

Really enjoyed biking, going down was my favorite.

Pretty good hike, fairly easy but still a good work out

This was a great hike, however it says kid friendly which the terrain and the struggle of going up hill made this hike very difficult for my 4 year old. I personally wouldn’t take my child on this hike again just cause it was difficult for her.
Also the DiamondBack reservoir was pretty cool and did not seem to cold.

Nice climb on my mountain bike

We visited on 5/26/2018 and hiked about 1.5 miles up the trail. There was some horse poop along the trail but ultimately it’s not really much of a bother. We saw 2 small snakes near the trail and 2 small deer in one of the clearings. Overall we loved it and will definitely go back to hike further

I love this trail. Great for hikes and mountain biking. There are so many options/connections trail wise. On weekends it can sometimes be busy, but compared to BCC and LCC, it’s nothing. The views aren’t dramatic as some hikes in BCC and LCC, but definitely worth checking out.

As everyone else has mentioned there’s only game trails on this side of the mountain but in the other there’s a dual track 4 wheeler trail I highly recommend if you don’t want to forge your own trail, climb a cliff of boulders, etc. this was sooooo much fun but I’m glad I went solo because I don’t know anyone in my family that could have hacked it. Mountain goat DNA is a prerequisite here. :). That being said, I can’t stop smiling because it was so much fun :D

Nice little Sunday hike, trail is pretty clear. If in doubt for the big loop hang right. Besides that the meadow at the top is peaceful and coming back down is as tranquil as can be.

7 months ago

finished this hike yesterday. a nice hike with little elevation gain. Looking forward to taking my family on this one.

7 months ago

We didn't finish more than 1 mile because my kids were starting to get tired. Hike was nice, and the scenery was beautiful, but there was way to much horse poop. We had to really watch where we stepped. There was a great breeze and the mile we did was easy for my kids ages 19, 6 and 4.

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