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By far, one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.

The drive to the trailhead was about 3 hours from Moab, with the last 30 miles on dirt road. Due to heavy rains the previous 3 days, spots were very muddy but passable with an AWD crossover vehicle. I would highly recommend contacting the Hans Flat ranger station for road conditions. If wet, you will not make the trailhead in a two wheel drive, low clearance vehicle. It took us well over an hour to cover the 30 miles, but in a decent 4WD, you should be able to cut that time a bit. Also note, there were about 3 spots where the sand blows across the road and dunes build up and get deep. So again, check with the ranger for road conditions.

Once we made the trailhead, we lucked out when we met a NPS Volunteer who had been holed up in his camp for the previous few days due to rain. He was eager to hike in with us, and we ended up with a guided tour through the canyon to the Great Gallery. He was had a wealth of knowledge of the history of the panels, canyon, and geography.

The hike itself is not very difficult, and even with the river running it was still fairly easy to find you way. There are a few spots where there are additional smaller pictographs, petroglyphs, and dinosaur tracks to spot. We didn't follow our notes since we had an impromptu guide, but reviewing them later they are pretty accurate.

The pictograph panels along the way were almost a teaser to what laid waiting at the Great Gallery. What you will see there is beyond words for me.

We only saw two other folks out there that day enjoying the great weather just below the trailhead.

This is definitely a hike and an experience I will never forget!

Surprising slot and very, very accessible — right off the highway. Does get quite narrow and requires a bit of creativity in places, but is not considered technical!

27 days ago

Beautiful! Went early on a weekday and encountered very few people. After walking from the parking lot for about 10-15 minutes you’ll reach the canyon. The trail is not clearly marked, follow brown sign up and to the left. After about another 5-10 minutes you’ll reach the sign for the trail split. In September there was no water.

I just spent the last week hiking in Utah and Colorado and this hike was my favorite hike! A must do if you are in Goblin Valley!!

The hike has great views, some decent shade from the afternoon sun and a great ability to explore the area around the trail. Will definitely be doing this trail again in the future.

Stay at Goblin Valley Campgrounds if you can - great spot to camp, with plenty of room, showers and a cool little visitor center with some nice treats to buy.

The pictographs were amazing and worth every step!

This trail was incredible. I braved the unpaved road before sunrise to beat the heat (and watch the sunrise over Canyonlands...stunning!!) Getting in and really, out, is a bit challenging especially in August so bring plenty of water and seriously go early in the day. The trail along the wash is nice and shady, there are amazing views of the rock art and if you’re lucky, some visits from the local deer and wild burros (and speaking of the burros...beware the excessive amounts of dung that these invasive species are leaving along the trail!) It’s definitely a schlep from Moab but 100% worth it and totally doable as a day trip if you’re in the area.

2 months ago

This isn’t an easy trail. I’m not completely sure I did this trail. I never saw a trailhead. It goes through a natural wash that gets confusing fast. Don’t start from the goblin valley side. The trail is only marked from the campground side, so I got lost in different parts of the wash. Luckily, the park isn’t big and I could just climb up to the goblins to see where the right trail was. I marked it as best I could on the way back.

2 months ago

This is way shorter if you hike from the turnout on the road. It’s over sand the whole way.

2 months ago

This is a fairly strenuous trail. It gets confusing because hardly any of the trailheads are properly marked. I lost sight of the trail when I rounded the first goblin cliff. There’s a point where the trail splits and goes to the goblin valley and goes further around the cliff. To get to the Goblin Lair, you have climb down maybe 10 or 15 feet of rock. Be careful because everything is sandy and the desert floor is far below. Once you’re past, there are, I guess, dunes of crusted sand that will crumble if you’re not careful. There may be easier way to get to the lair by climbing down to the desert floor and just walking there. The lair is basically an amphitheater of goblins. It’s worth the exhaustion.

It was too hot today to complete the whole hike. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see the cavern, but we’ll definitely go back when it cools down a bit and we can enjoy hiking this trail without the harsh sun and heat. Regardless, Goblin valley is always a hit with our family!

What a beautiful slot canyon! Went there at the beginning of June. Weather was 60’s when we started our hike at 8:00 AM. We went about 2 miles up LWH and were shaded for most of the hike. When we got back to the trailhead it was about 85 degrees. Took us about 3 1/2 hours with a few stops and a leisurely pace. Definitely want to do this one again and do the full loop. Although rumor is the bell side isn’t that spectacular.

My favorite slot canyon hike yet. Bell Canyon wasn't all that interesting. Little Wildhorse was amazing. The next time I do this hike, I'll just go up Little Wildhorse and turn around at the top. I'd rather see the amazingness of Little Wildhorse twice than drudge through Bell and the connector trail.

Be aware there is a lot exposure to the sun in parts of this hike. Bring plenty of water.

3 months ago

The cavern at the end is fantastic and the views along the way are well worth it.

Be aware this is a very very exposed, hot hike. Carry plenty of water.

We hiked this trail with nine 14-15 year old boys and they had a blast. Little Wild Horse was great and the loop back down through Bell was easy. Definitely recommend hiking it the direction we did; easier in the scramble parts to go up rather than down.

4 months ago

We approached the Henry range from the southeast on UT95. If you use your smartphone for mapping, ignore any route with "Granite" in it. We were in a 4WD and that route wasn't much better than a rock path. If you come from the SE, you will want to find Sawmill Basin Rd. Much better road. Also, the Lonesome Beaver campground looked very nice. The hike was nice. Quite exposed. We went all the way to Mt. Ellen Peak, which was very tiring on the return portion.

This was so much fun. The trail is not well marked at the beginning. Go up the left side by the brown sign to get to the split point for Little Wild Horse and Bells. We had 2 tween/ teen girls and went in Little Wild Horse 2 mi and back out.

Holy Ghost panel alone is worth the hike

Awesome trail with spectacular views all around. The drive to the trail head is insane. You definitely need a truck or Jeep to get there - the road is known to pop tires so make sure to have a spare! The hike itself is slightly challenging but doesn’t take long to complete. Well worth the hassle of driving up there!

Excellent, beautiful hike and a great introduction to non-technical slot canyons. We were two adults with a 40 pound dog and consumed about 1.5 gallons of water on a hot, late May day. We started at 8 am and finished around 1 pm, with stops for snacks and lunch. We went up LWH, which was a fun and beautiful slot canyon, and down Bells. The middle part was more open and definitely exposed to the sun, so keep that in mind for water and sunscreen rations.

This was such a fun trail! We did the entire loop with our 6 & 8 year old, and they were just fine. Some water in LWH, but it was only about 2 ft deep. Not too strenuous. More like a long walk. We loved the canyon stretches best. More to climb on.

4 months ago

The kids loved this trail! Especially the scrambling required to get down into the "lair". The cavern is beautiful mid-day with the light shining through!

Nice Hike first Trail sandy.

Hiked this for the first time yesterday (May 5) with my dogs and it's by far one of my favorite trails. Little Wild Horse was the toughest part, containing several sections of scrambling and a few narrows with standing water that required wading, the deepest of which easily surpassed 3ft. Carried the dogs through the deeper sections. Would definitely recommend some waterproof shoes and a dry bag for valuables. There's a long, largely exposed (no shade) stretch between LWH and Bell. Bell Canyon was much easier - no water here - but there were a few scrambles that topped 12ft. Had to lift the dogs up and over. Overall a great, moderately difficult hike. Be prepared to wade, pack plenty of water, snacks, and a change of socks.

Very satisfying hike. Going inside the cavern is easy. Take 2 sources of light if you want to go deeper in the crawlspace under the cavern. Don't do this if there's any chance of rain. That's where the rain water goes, you'll pretty much die. :)

Little Wild Horse has water sections, deepest goes to your belly button. I stemmed 2/3 of them.

Get started early, beat the heat and the yammering kids. :)

Returned and did this slot again with family. Just a simple fun slot. Great for a starter slot. doable by most any.

5 months ago

One of my favorites in the early spring! Also a great “entry level” slot canyon for people to experience!

Fantastic hike! A must do AND NOTE LOOP DISTANCE IS ACTUALLY 11 Miles Not 8.

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