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3 days ago

This is a fairly strenuous trail. It gets confusing because hardly any of the trailheads are properly marked. I lost sight of the trail when I rounded the first goblin cliff. There’s a point where the trail splits and goes to the goblin valley and goes further around the cliff. To get to the Goblin Lair, you have climb down maybe 10 or 15 feet of rock. Be careful because everything is sandy and the desert floor is far below. Once you’re past, there are, I guess, dunes of crusted sand that will crumble if you’re not careful. There may be easier way to get to the lair by climbing down to the desert floor and just walking there. The lair is basically an amphitheater of goblins. It’s worth the exhaustion.

It was too hot today to complete the whole hike. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see the cavern, but we’ll definitely go back when it cools down a bit and we can enjoy hiking this trail without the harsh sun and heat. Regardless, Goblin valley is always a hit with our family!

1 month ago

The cavern at the end is fantastic and the views along the way are well worth it.

Be aware this is a very very exposed, hot hike. Carry plenty of water.

Crack canyon is such a unique slot canyon. Crack Canyon in the San Rafael Swell is such a fun diverse slot canyon.  It is so worth the drive down to Southern Utah to see it, but let me give you some hints to have a successful trip.

First, while you are at home, search for Crack Canyon Trailhead.  Then at the top left click on the 3 lines and go to offline maps.  Retype in Crack Canyon San Rafael Swell if it doesn't come up and download the map.  Do this for ANY and ALL areas you want to hike in the San Rafael, for when you get there you will not have any service, but if you have a downloaded map your mapping software will still work.  San Rafael is about 30 minutes southwest of Green River West of Goblin Valley State Park.  It is BLM land so there are lots of places to camp, there are some bathrooms in a few spots, and the roads while dirt are not bad dirt roads.  

Second, After you get to the trailhead make sure you save your parking spot.  The trail is super easy to follow and difficult to get lost while you are in the Slot Canyon, but from the Parking area to the start of the slot there are a few roads going different ways, so saving your parking area will help you get back that last little bit.

Third.  There are a few spots where they are a little tricky getting down.  Don't go down unless you can get back up.  There was a couple that got to one of the spots with the 2 logs and decided they could not get down or up that easily, but there was actually 2 other spots in that area that were easier to get down and up.  If you want to make it to the end of the trail, you might want to take a quick class on using a rope to get up and down a long 10-15 foot drops so you can get into the last 1/8 of the hike.    
 Fourth - of course take plenty of water!
For a cool 360 Sphere virtual hike and more cool pictures and videos you can check the link below.

2 months ago

We did the Crack Canyon to Chute canyon loop over 2 days/1 night over Memorial Day weekend. It was an amazing two days. While in the canyons (away from the trailhead) we didn’t see a single other person. Only a bit of scat from horses, what seemed to be cows, and possibly pronghorns (didn’t actually see any of these animals, though). Crack Canyon was really fun and rewarding - lots of great views, shade-providing and satisfying canyons, and a few more technical drops. We were 2 adults and a 40-lb dog and brought 4 gallons of water, which was exactly perfect for 2 days/1 night. We don’t have technical canyoneering experience and didn’t bring technical gear; just our backpacking packs and camping gear. There was one pool of water that was approximately 3 ft deep in Crack Canyon. We didn’t see a way around so waded through, which was fine and actually sort of refreshing. As stated in other reviews, the trail connecting Crack and Chute is very unreliable. I recommend reading all the descriptions on Summit Post and bringing a compass - GPS if you have one. We unfortunately got that point from 1-3 pm: it takes you above the canyon where there is no protection from the sun. We used the descriptions and headed southwest on trails as much as possible and eventually found the side wash. All told, the connection took us about 2 hours. We made camp in Chute Canyon under a tree, which was incredible. The walk out of Chute Canyon felt like an easy, well-deserved stroll after the previous day. The 2.5 miles on the road from the Chute TH to the Crack TH was a bit of a trudge, but took us less than an hour so no big deal. Would HIGHLY recommend this loop. It was amazing.

scenic driving
2 months ago

Beautiful coloration around the base of the geyser to the green river. There were a couple of people there that had been waiting for 2 days for an eruption.

2 months ago

The kids loved this trail! Especially the scrambling required to get down into the "lair". The cavern is beautiful mid-day with the light shining through!

Very satisfying hike. Going inside the cavern is easy. Take 2 sources of light if you want to go deeper in the crawlspace under the cavern. Don't do this if there's any chance of rain. That's where the rain water goes, you'll pretty much die. :)

Remote and gorgeous! I would say intermediate rather than difficult/hard. Although the last mile back out was steep! I would definitely hike this again!

I am giving this 4 stars, but only to create this post. Be forewarned, the gravel access road is susceptible to sand dunes on windy days. You should assume you need a high clearance four-wheel drive or you may not get through. We were driving an AWD Honda CRV and had to turn around after 20 miles. There are signs warning of this, just know it could be true! The dunes are cleared with a road grader, so it can be a matter of timing.

5 months ago

We left early enough in the morning that there were hardly any others on the trail with us. Beautiful landscape and the cave at the end kept the kids engaged for a good hour. Such a beautiful place to see for it being mid February.

6 months ago

Great hike! I agree with others, that winter is the best time to visit. The weather is cooler and there are no crowds. We took two dogs on this hike, they loved it. They did not go all way to the bottom of the chamber, but were able to scramble up the rocks with human assistance.

7 months ago

Next to the river. Pretty cool. Had about a 4 foot eruption.

A bit of a short hike but beautiful. Winter is the best time to go!

8 months ago

We found Crystal Geyser after looking for a place to stay on a road trip. Just before sunset, the drive toward the geyser felt like a journey on a different planet. Once at the geyser, the environment was very serene and the orange travertine gave a warm dimension to the moment. Drive with caution since the road is really rough and rocky. I was able to pull it off with a two-door Civic.

This area is mostly isolated, with the exception of people possibly driving by. Also a nice place to camp, if the weather is clear and dry. Overnight, I felt like a critter was sniffing around the tent, so keep in mind that may be possible. The geyser itself merely gurgled until the next morning before heading to Moab. It erupted for over half an hour.

If you're looking for a place to boondock and don't mind the drive, this site is great.

9 months ago

I enjoyed the quiet lair more than the valley of hoodoos simply because of the amount of kids running around yelling and climbing on everything. After the lair I look the Carmel Canyon side trail then back to the road.

Monday, July 31, 2017

the loop does NOT take you to the Lair!! if you are ONLY going to the lair; take the trail UP and to the left. The trail to the right and down will take you straight into the goblin valley; with no way to see the lair without starting over. THERE IS NO SHADE!! bring tons of water & sunscreen. LAST CLIMB UP A MOUNTAIN TO THE LAIR IS HARD, BUT WORTH IT. we suggest going to both parts of the park; but do it EARLY.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nice easy walk to a cave but the goblins are really the main attraction. Roaming around in the park with the hoodoos is really fun! Yay, Galaxy Quest!

scenic driving
Sunday, July 23, 2017

This drive was fantastic! The variety of rock formations, colors and vast scenery are well worth the drive. Roads are well maintained but we could see deeper tracks from when it was muddy. We traveled this trail to the wedge overlook which is highly recommended! There are several other sightseeing attractions along this road.

Monday, June 26, 2017

The rock formation ma were coops but I kinda felt like once I saw about 5 minutes of it, I'd seen it all. Would have been much better had it not been so hot. Don't got in the heat of the day, cause it's like burning in hell....gonna make sure I live right so I don't go to hell after knowing how hot it could be

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Super fun to play hide and seek

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Always a family favorite to play hide and seek amongst the goblins.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Too much traffic for my taste. Some interesting rock formations. However, it would be great for kids.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Fun hike the end was the best. We stopped to run up and down the sand as well

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dogs are not allowed on this trail. It is managed by the National Park Service.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pretty good trail. well marked until paint ends before getting to dino tracks. not exciting but our dogs really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Goblin Valley is an amazing place. Unfortunately people are allowed to roam anywhere in the park..You can imagine the havoc brought about by loads of unsupervised children. That said, the Goblins Lair is relief from the crowds. A nice trail around the other side of the valley that is sparsely traveled. I only ran into to a pair of women who were looking for the "lair." Not a difficult hike, mostly flat with a scramble up to the lair. As in most hikes that are more remote, it is better to have some company.. I didn't, but I am careful when climbing or descending scree slopes. Was lucky enough to get some interesting light from the top. Like some others on this site, this was combined with a visit to Little Wild Horse Canyon.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Went hiking with our dog on the Mega Steps trail, (2.7m) with beautiful scenery towards the end of that trail, then looped back the Baby Steps Trail (1m), then the Dino Flow Trail (1m). All trails are very clearly marked. There are many other trails, primarily for biking but also great to hike. Parked our 31ft Class C on the main parking lot and walked a short biking trail about 0.7m towards the start of the Mega steps trail. Amazing biking and hiking trails.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Crack Canyon

Saturday, September 17, 2016

One of the MOST AMAZING spots ever! i couldn't do little wildhorse slot canyons due to the 20% chance of rain... next time!
Goblin Valley is like an alternate universe. Profound!

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